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Amersfoort Autocar and Motor Cycle Works

D. H. Eysink, of Amersfoort, Holland

Eysink at Amersfoort began building automobiles in 1897 and continued until until 1920. They made two-, four-, and six-cylinder cars and started in 1919 the production of a small car or a cycle-car, which wasn't a success so they concentrated on motorcycles which they had been building since 1898 with bought-in single and twin cylinder engines mainly from Belgium (Kelecom, well-known Sarolea and the well-established Minerva). From 1923 to 1927 they also produced machines with 500cc boxer engines from well-known British Coventry-Victor. Until WWII, Eysink made small two-stroke-bikes with Villiers engines and four-stroke-models of 250 cc to 500 cc with JAP and Python (Rudge) engines. After the war they only made two-stroke machines up to 250cc, again with Villiers powerplants. Production of motorcycles ceased in 1956 with the possible exception of mopeds.

Eysink won the 125cc TT at Assen in 1946 and 1948, which was one year too early to be a Grand Prix victory.

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