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Dick Eysink managed the Eysink firm during the Second World War but left to form his own company around 1951 after a family spat. The new firm was based in Soest, 5 or 10km from the family's company at Amersfoot. In time the rift was healed and his firm adopted the name Eysink Renata.

Renata Tandem

This was a tandem motorized bicycle with each person having seat, pedals, and handlebars. They were available from 1951 in various guises - Model A had a Berini engine over the front wheel, and Model B was fitted with a JLO FM48E centrally mounted. There was also a luxe model, and another, apparently, with the engine adjacent to the rear wheel on the left side.

A Renata delivery tricycle (bromcarrier) was produced in 1956 (and possibly other years) with two wheels at front, engine centrally mounted, and chain drive to the rear wheel.

Renata used GermanJLO and Victoria two-stroke engines, a variety of Italian Berinis, and probably the VAP from France.

It is unclear when production ended, with sources giving dates of 1956, 1957 and 1958. These dates possibly refer to the change of name to Eysink-Renata, which happened around 1958. Certainly the Eysink brand remained until at least 1968.

For more information see Eysink.

Sources: Lane Motor Museum, Wikipedia NL, mo-ped.se, et al.

Wed Nov 29 2006
themicronut at aol dot com
Eysink Renata
Please do you have any information on the Eysink renata Tandem Model B. In english
Hampshire UK

Wed Oct 25 2006
alex at taylor22.fslife.co.uk
eysink renata

I have just purchased an Eysink Renata fitted with a JLO type FM48E engine Frame number 71289 or 7/289. I would like some information on it also where to buy spares and tyres please and the tyre size. I need a tail light lens, head lamp lens and speedo cable. Thanks

Thu Aug 17 2006
s at blanche.nshc.co.uk
renata tandem
hi i was trying to get some information on the tandem as i have one gathering dust in my workshop and would like to get it on the road again.
lancashire uk

Sat Oct 08 2005

carorem at tiscali.fr 
Renata tandem guten Abend k├Ânnten Sie mich sagen welches sind der genaue Name dieses Tandems? vielen Dank
Tr: Renata tandem good evening could you tell me what are the exact name of this tandem? Thank you very much.

Ed. Renata Model B circa 1954

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