French Motorcycles

Baggi-Samyn Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

81 bis, Boulevard de la Republique, La Garenne-Colombes (Seine)
1924-1925, and possibly later.

A 1924 Paris Salon issue of a French magazine and a 1925 issue of Motocyclisme magazine included Baggi-Samyn, listed as having a two-stroke LMP engine with 52x58 bore/stroke, a two-speed Picard gearbox with kickstarter, and belt drive.

An advertisement from the same period lists two machines, one with a 250cc Moser and Burman gearbox, and the other with a 350cc LMP and Burman box. It also mentions that they employ Blackburn and J.A.P. engines.

Sources: zhumoriste.over-blog.com

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