Baier Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Built a range of two-stroke singles, some of unit-construction, thou latterlay a sole 492cc double-pistoned single.


1924-1928 Engines & Apparatefabrik Wilhelm Baier, Berlin
1928-1930 Baier-engine GmbH, Berlin

Baier brand was one of the great congregation of Berlin's two-stroke manufacturer that were available first as shapely 198cc and 249cc single-cylinder models with engines block and from 1927 with double-piston engines. The 500cc two-stroke, single-cylinder model with dual-piston engine was very unreliable and inefficient in operation. Manufacturer was the motors & equipment factory Wilhelm Baier, which was later renamed Baier GmbH. In 1930 the production of motorcycles ceased.

Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice, Henshaw

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