French Motorcycles

Barriere Motor-Tricycles

The Barrière firm was located at 22 Rue Saint-Sabin Paris

They built tricycles with a 2hp engine of their own construction in 1898-1899

These were exhibited in Britain at the 1899 Motor Show held in Cordingley on the stand of The Automobile Association, Ltd., 1, Prince's Road, Holland Park Avenue, W.

Among the motor cycles a novelty will be found in the Barriere sociable. This is built on the same system as the Barriere tricycle, which has already been fully described in our pages, but two saddles are fitted side by side with a long adjustable handle-bar in front. By mutual arrangement either rider can steer or drive, whilst comfortable footrests of respectable dimensions are fitted. This should meet the views of those who object to trailers or tandems.

The Barriere carrier tricycle is also to be seen. This is the same as the single, but with a much longer wheelbase, so that there is room for the goods box behind the rider. In this class will be found the Autocycle motor, which is sold at eighteen guineas, as well as the one and three-quarter horse-power tricycle fitted with a similar engine at seventy guineas.

The Autocar, 24th June 1899

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