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A Brief History of the Marque
40 Great Eastern Street, London
332 Coswell Rd., London E.C.

1896 The company was registered on 16 October, to take over the businesses of cycle fittings manufacturers of William Bransom and Co and the St Georges Cycle Co.

1901 Royal George motorcycle produced between 1901 and 1902 by Bransom, Kent and Co of Goswell Road, London. The machine was an early primitive based on a standard gents' bicycle. It had its 1.25hp engine inclined and hung from the downtube. It also had direct drive and rigid cycle forks.

1904 The BK was very short-lived marque of motorcycle which derived its name of BK from the initials of Bransom, Kent and Co. The firm, of Goswell Road, London, had previously produced the Royal George.

In 1904 they exhibited their own machine, with an upright 2.75hp Minerva engine, at Crystal Palace. It did not enter production.


Motor - Minerva 1903, 2 h.p., with mechanically operated inlet valve, spray carburetter, and improved silencer. Built with long wheelbase, extra strong head with duplex front forks, weldless steel tubes throughout, back stays cranked top and bottom to give ample clearance for back driving rim. Extra wide mudguards with plated stays and special adjustable links, allowing wheels to be adjusted and mudguards to still follow the curve of the wheels. Wide flat handle-bars, parallel with top tube, and made with extra strong T lug. Finished best black and lined green and gold, and all usual parts best plated. Dunlop special motor tyres. Special front rim brake, with special Bowden back motor brake.

Sources:Graces Guide

Tue Jan 31 2017
Pelsey at pt.lu
Branson Kent Royal George?

During the 1980s, I was given a set of engineering drawings dated around 1902, showing a beam engine powered motorcycle, with a lot of detail, from a company based in Great Eastern Street, East London. I remember giving these drawings away, to a classic enthusiast, with whom I have lost contact. This site shows that the company was probably Branson, Kent & Co. I can't remember the model, or cc, but your site insists that a model is identified.

Have you any link to a source which could confirm my memories?
Peter Elsey

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