German Motorcycles

Busse Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Production dates: 1922-1926*

Busse Kraftfahrzeug AG of Magdeburg designed and built motorcycles with strong frames with engines of 150cc to 175 cc from Grade and DKW, and also produced one equipped with a 200cc PaquĆ© engine. There were also some machines with a 140 cc two-stroke engine of their own design. 

Total output of the factory was around 1100 machines.

*Notes: GTU & Ozebook agree on dates, Wikipedia says 1923-1928

Sources:  GTU Oldtimerservice, Ozebook

Tue Jan 10 2017
scbusse65 at gmail.com< br>
where do I start to find a 1920-1930 Busse [german] motorcycle?

New Jersey

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