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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1953-1954, Oggiono (Como)

The company attended the 1953 Salone del Motociclo di Milano where it displayed the Automotoscooter Bersagliera 200, designed by Pietro Vassena. It was fitted with a three-cylinder engine housed in a pressed-metal frame, with bodywork by Ghia.

Another of his designs of 1953 utilised a horizontally-opposed twin cylinder 150cc two-stroke engine mounted in an unconventional tubular frame. The fuel tank extended ahead of the steering head to house the the headlight, somewhat reminiscent of the Wooler. There was also a version with a 175cc flat twin and saddle tank housed in a tubular loop frame, with the model name

  • La Bersagliera, and a four-stroke 120cc scooter named Speluzzi of 1951.

    Vassena designed the engine used in the Amisa

    Carniti was best known for their marine engines, particularly racing outboards which included a V-four. These too were designed by Vassena.

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