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Ardito Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Italian Marque

Prior to WWII Pietro Trespidi (1897-1976) had founded Alpino and also built motorcycles under his own name which had some success in competition. He parted ways with Alpino and created the S.I.ME.S. (Industrial Society MEchanical Stradella) concern in October 1950.

The first product was an auxiliary bicycle engine, model 49B, which has a two-speed gearbox.

With the same engine they built the bicimotore 48 in various versions including deluxe.

They then marketed a model with a 73cc engine and three-speed gearbox with dry clutch with components bought from different manufacturers.

They also built a motoleggera 75 M, followed by light sport motorcycles with 100 and 125cc two-stroke engines, and a 175cc four stroke.

In 1953 the catalogue listed the Scooterino 49, and there is an unverified record of an Ardito Lusso 49 scooter, which appeared rather similar to the Parilla, listed for the same year.

Competition laurels for machines piloted by Paolo Perotti were a welcome boost for Ardito's popularity, but it was not enough. The company declared bankruptcy in June 1954.

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