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Peitro Trespidi built motorcycles from 1925 to 1929, and then from 1944 to 1962 under the Ardito brand. The company was quite successful in the sporting field taking speed records in the 50cc class. Their production machines were available with both two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Engines were supplied to other manufacturers including Amisa

More information: Alpino History

Sources: Henshaw, et al.

Models include:

    48cc 1954-1962

    2C 48cc 1949-1954

    2T 48cc 1950-1957

    4T 48cc 1957-1960

    Catena 48cc 1949-1954

    Magnete 48cc 1944-1946

    Rullo 48cc 1949-1954

    Volano 48cc 1946-1948

    75cc 1954-1962

    100cc 1950-1962

    125cc 1950-1962

    150cc 1954-1962

    150 Export 150cc 1960-1962

    175cc 1950-1962

    175 Export 175cc 1960-1962

    175 GT 175cc 1953-1958

    Alpe 50cc 1950-1955

    Alpetta 50cc 1950-1955

    Alpino 2T 50cc 1953-1957

    Alpino 4T 50cc 1957-1960

    Piuma 48cc 1949-1954

    Piuma 50cc 1955-1960

    Roma 50cc 1955-1959

Alpino Scooters

    Scooter 75 1950

    Scooter 48 1950

    Scooter 50cc 1954-1957

    Scooter 75cc 1950-1952

    125cc Scooter 1950-1952

    Scooter 125 1951

    Scooteretto 48 1953

    175cc Scooter 1954-1962

    F48 1954-1956

    F 75 1954

    F 125 1954

    E 48 1956

    E 75 1956-1957

    E 125 1957

rentalhound at
Alpino stradella motobiki
Hi, I have a pushbike with motor I am trying to find more information on. I have pictures.
Damien Crowe
Rhodes Greece

Mon, 26 Feb 2018
info at
ccc alpino 125

good morning. I am looking for the front and rear brake shoes of an Alpino 125. They are equal to the brake shoes of the 125 Mondial. Can you tell me where to find them?
Dario Rossi
varese Italy

Mon Jun 13 2011
meys8 at
alpino 200 cc 200
hola, acabo de adquirir una alpino 200cc, nose nada de esta marca. Necesitaría si me pueden ayudar con informacion y fotos, muchas gracias
santa fe

Mon Mar 28 2011

alpina 1948
Tengo una moto alpina modelo 48 original traida de italia tengo todos los papeles y la quiero vender saben cuanto puede salir gracias
bs as

Fri Nov 19 2010
wdwilly<at>hotmail dot com

alpino 175 2t año 58
hola amigos necesito si tienen informacion de alpino 175 2t modelo 58 me haca falta al manual de despiece
cordoba argentina

Sun Jul 11 2010
fredy.rouge AT
Alpino engine
Alpino 50 cc - 12954 ?
I purchased a second hand 50 cc engine in the year 1954 and built around it a frame with Earles Fork (Like the MV 4 cyl racing machine !)
I still have all parts to rebuild it, but do not know if some engine parts are still available.
Thank You for Your answer.(french, english or german)
Best regards
Frédy Rouge

Wed Apr 14 2010
joseluisbrizuela<at>live dot com
alpino 125 de lujo
soy jose luis de tucuman argentina. tengo 1 alpino 125 de lujo año 1956. mi consulta es que mi moto tiene 1 motor sachs televel. asi venia? por que me es dificil ubicar 1 igual en la web, la moto funciona y tiene papeles esta impecable. podrian mandarme algun modelo de como venia original y los colores para pintarla. igual quiero saber como es y donde va emplazado el simbolo en el tanque gracias.
I'm Jose Luis from Tucuman Argentina. I have 1 luxury Alpino 125 year 1956. My question is that my bike has 1 sachs televel engine. so it came? because it is difficult for me to locate 1 equal on the web, the bike works and has papers this impeccable. could you send me some model of how it came original and the colors to paint it. I still want to know how it is and where the symbol is located in the tank thanks.

Sun May 31 2009
rolowey at
Moto Alpino
1957 250 bifaroles (due faroli)
Buenas, soy Roberto de Argentina. Tengo una Alpino 250cc bifaroles, necesito saber si esta moto fué fabricada o ensamblada en Argentina, o si eran importadas de Italia. Tambien necesito cualquier informacion que me pueda ser de utilidad ya que intentaré restaurarla a original.
La foto que les envío es de mi Honda Dream 305 del 64.
Muchas gracias.

Tue Jan 13 2009
antoniosilva- at
Alpino 125 cc
I would like to know all the features from this bike, to legalize it. Thank you

Tue Dec 18 2007
darenolsen at hotmail dot com
Alpino Motobici 5A-RL
Hello, I am hoping to find out what this bike is wirth. If anyone knows about it can you please email me.
Calgary, AB, Canada

Wed Jan 17 2007
rodolfogalbusera at
Rodolfo Galbusera
Alpino 175c.c.
Atte. Srs. Sheldon´s EMU: El motivo de mi consulta es tratar de obtener información (manuales, despiece,fotos,etc.) sobre una Alpino 175c.c. de tiemposmodelo 1958 o similar, estoy restaurándola y me cuesta vastante ya que las piezas del motor estan totalmente deterioradas y neseceto adaptar lo que se pueda,
En Argentina no existen bases de datos a las que recurrir y esto me limita bastante,les agradecería mucho si pudieran colaborar conmigo enviándome material sobre la moto.
Ademas me permito sugerir, ya que he visto muchas consultas similares que publiquen las respuestas, creo que eso les facilitaría la tarea de contestar personalmente cada consulta.
Cordialmente, Rodolfo Galbusera

Translation: The reason for my question is trying to get information (manuals, cutting, photos, etc.) On an Alpine 175c.c. of tiemposmodelo 1958 or the like, I'm restoring it and it's hard vastante as engine parts are fully damaged and neseceto adapt what you can.

In Argentina there are no databases to draw on and this limits me a lot, I would greatly appreciate if they could work with me by sending me material on the bike.
I also would suggest, since I have seen many similar queries publish the answers, I think that would facilitate the task of personally answer each query.

Tue Mar 13 2007
pallas at
moto alpino 75
I have the only classic scooter and light weight motorcycle meuseum in new zealand I am desparate to find a piston and other parts for my alpino 75 please help
nelson nz

Tue Sep 19 2006
eze-firmatense at hotmail dot com
alpino 200
hola soy poseedor de una alpino 200 el cual no puedo conseguir informacion sobre esta.
les escribia para pedirle algun tipo de informacion como fotos, manuales, desde ya muchas gracias

firmat,santa fe, argentina

Translation: hello I own an alpine 200 which I cannot obtain information about. I request some type to him of information like photos, manual. thank you very much

Wed Aug 16 2006
liciniocardoso at gmail dot com
Licinio Cardoso
Alpino Cidadella? 48cc
adquiri recentemente uma alpino cidadella? de 48cc de 1963? e gostava de saber onde posso arranjar manuais e fotos dos originais para a restaurar

Translation: I acquired alpine cidadella recently? of 48cc of 1963? e liked to know where I can arrange manuals and photos of the originals to restore

Sat Aug 12 2006
panchi-175cc at
alpino 175cc 2 tiempos 1958
hola! soy eduardo de santa fe, argentina. tengo una moto 175 cc dos tiempos del 58, creo que es rodado 19.. Me gustaría adquirir manuales o fotos ya que no hay mucha informacion de este modelo. les dejo mi contacto,  muchas gracias saludos!!!
santa fe

Translation: hello! I am Eduardo of Santa Fe, Argentinean. I have one moto 175 cc two stroke of 1958, I create that it is rolled 19. I would like to acquire manual or photos since there is not much information of this model. I leave my contact them, thank you very much greetings!

Mon Feb 20 2006
gustavo-c57 at hotmail dot com
Alpino 175
hola mi nombre es gustavo Cibelli y tengo una moto alpino 175 cc,me gustaria saber si hay planos del motor o algun manual tecnico ya que se poco de esta pudieran darme informacion seria muy bueno mi e:mail es gustavo-c57 at hotmail dot com .desde ya muchas gracias.
Chivilcoy, Provincia de Buenos Aires,Argentina

Translation: hello my name is gustavo Cibelli and I have an alpine motorcycle 175 cc, me gustaria to know if there is plans of the motor or algun manual tecnico since itself little of this motorcycle.if could give me informacion serious very good my and: mail is gustavo-c57 at Hotmail. com. since already many thanks.

Tue Jan 17 2006
otirbe64 at
Desejava recolher mais informacao sobre todos os modelos alpino a fim de poder restaurar varios modelos.

Translation: It desired to collect more informacao about all of the models alpino in order to be able to restore varios models.

Mon Nov 21 2005
horalupe at
Alpino 125
Please I need the electrical installation for an Alpine 125, especially how to connect a bobine that goes with the light Thanks

Thu Jul 21 2005
ilfester at
alpino 250
possiedo un alpino 250 bifaroavreste una foto grazie anticipatamente!

Hi, can you send me some alpino 250's fotographs? I need a spare catalogue too. Do you have it?
Reguards Max

Mon Apr 11 2005
adamsfamily at
alpino 125cc
ho una bicicletta del motore come rappresentata ma nei
componenti, Ho avuto felice documentazione/le informazioni e fotografia

in anticipo ringraziamenti

I have a bicycle of the represented motor like but in the members, I have had happy documentazione/le information and photography

June 4, 2003
Hola, mi nombre es Alejandra Martínez (Argentina) y tengo un amigo con una Moto Alpino 200cc ( 1952-56 aprox) que desea restaurarla y tenemos dudas de si el asiento es doble o simple. Si uds pudieran ayudarme con una foto o información , se los voy a agradecer. Desde ya muchas gracias.

Hello, mi name is Alejandra Martínez (Argentina) and a friend of mine has a Moto Alpina 200cc ( 1952-56 aprox) and he wishes to restore it and we have doubts about its seat : if it is double or single. If you could help us with a photo or information, it would be of great help. Thanks a lot. Regards,

María Alejandra Martínez -- amartinez at

From Sheldon: Maria included her own translation. Many thanks.

April 21, 2002
21 de Abril : Hola, me llamo Leonardo y poseo una Alpino 48, 250 c.c. y quisiera que se comuniquen conmigo los posedores de motos alpino y si tuvieran alguna informacion si no es molestia me la mandaces mi mail es: leonardofagnano at .Muchas Gracias

From Sheldon: What?? Did all these bikes go to Argentina?
Hello, my name is Leonardo and I have an Alpino 48 c.c. and I'd like it if others with this bike would communicate with me. I'm looking for information. My e-mail is: leonardofagnano at hotmail dot com Thank you

April 25, 2001
Estimados Señores, me llamo Damián Imhoff y soy de Argentina. Me comunico con ustedes debido a que acabo de adquirir una moto Alpino 75 italiana posiblemente del año 1957, me gustaría mucho recibir la mayor información posible y saber también que posibilidad existe de obtener piezas que usar como repuestos. Les saludo muy atentamente y espero prontas respuestas.

Sheldon's translation: Dear Sirs, My name is Damián Imhoff and I am from Argentina. I communicate with you because I have just acquired a Moto Alpino 75, 1957 for which I need information and where I might be able to obtain parts. Thank you and I await your quick answer.

January 27, 2001
Me llamo Marcos Sebastián GHIANO, soy de la ciudad de Rafaela provincia de Santa Fe república ARGENTINA; el motivo de este e-mail es porque me regalaron una moto ALPINO 175 C.C. modelo 1954 y la quiero restaurar y no tengo información sobre la misma, quisiera saber si hay en Internet alguna página dedicada a esta moto, o si me pudieran enviar información de la misma, mi dirección de e-mail es marcosghiano at Toda información que me puedan brindar será de mucho valor. Desde ya muchas gracias y los saludo muy atentamente.

Sheldon's lame translation: My name is Marcos Sebastián GHIANO, I am from the city of Rafaela province of Santa Fe Argentine Republic; the reason for this email is because I've been given a 175 C.C. 1954 ALPINO motorcycle, and I want to restore it. I do not have information on this motorcycle and wanted to know if there is some place on the Internet dedicated to this brand, or if information could sent to me. My email is: marcosghiano at All information that can offer me will be of great value. Thank you very much.

December 27, 2000
Hola: me llamo Alejandro, soy de Argentina, y los molesto porque me regalaron una moto Alpina 125 que data aproximadamente de 1956. Tengo junto a un amigo ganas de restaurarla dado que se encuentra muy deteriorada. Me gustaría saber (tal vez ustedes sepan) donde puedo encontrar en la web información sobre dicha moto.
muchas gracias.
alejandro -- alejandror1999 at yahoo dot com

From Sheldon: my best translation:
Hello, my name is Alejandro, I am from Argentina. Someone has given me a motorcycle, Alpina 125 about year 1956. I and a friend would like to restore it since it is now in very bad condition. I would like to know where I can find more information on this motorcycle on the web. Thank you very much. -- Alejandro -- alejandror1999 at yahoo dot com

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