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CP Roleo 1929 D5 Sport 500cc OHV
Photo by Hans Denzel

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: Ets. Rollet, rue de la Folie Méricourt, Paris (1925 - 1932)

The firm was established in 1897 by L Rollet, whose son began motorcycle manufacture in the mid 1920s. (1)

Tubular and monocoche style pressed-metal frames were used in conjuction with engines of 247cc to 498cc from Harrissard, JAP, Voisin, LMC, Staub and Chaise.

The JAP engines were French-built under licence.

After 1930, when Roleo left the firm, the marque's name was abbreviated to simply C.P.


  • 1928 Type A1 175cc Touriste
    1928 Type B1 250cc
    1928 Type C2 350cc
    1928 Type Super-Sport 500cc
    1929 M3 350cc Staube. The engine was a modified JAP, referred to as a Staube-JAP, and it had a 3-speed gearbox with tank-mounted selector, France magneto and Marchal lighting.
    1929 D5 Sport 500cc OHV
    An LMP-engined machine is in the Collection de Maurice Chapleur

Competitions: 1st place 350cc Bol d'Or 1928

1. Sources vary - both 1925 and 1927 are given as first year of manufacture.

Sources: zhumoriste, moto-collection.org, et al

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