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Derbi is a subsidiary of Piaggio.
(Nacional Motor S.A.)

When Derbi entered 50cc racing, the factory team fielded extremely light and small motorcycles, rather fitting considering the name is derived from the phrase "Derivado des Bicicleta"

"In 1963, the Derbi Sport fitted with a proper expansion chamber was cleaning house in the sport class as well as the specially prepared Kreidler Florett of the French distributor Leconte, driven by the late Claude Vigreux. In the Corse ("GP") class, the Derbis were untouchable."
Philippe de Lespinay, 2007.

Angel Nieto had a long history with the company. Between 1964 and 1972 he gained five World Championships and two second places. The factory produced a racing machine in his honour in 1973, the Angel Nieto Replica.

Earlier Derbi models include:

125 Super
350 Twin
49 Junior
74 SG
Scotmatic 49cc 1968 Moped
Sport Coppa 80
1972-73 Coyote 49cc
74 Sport Coppa
Mulhacen 659
Senda 50 SM/R X-treme
Atlantis Bullet 50
Rambla 250
Derbi Boulevarde 50 2T
Derbi 2004 GPR50 Replica
Derbi Manhattan 1998, 1999 scooter
1999 Derby Atlantis 49cc
Derbi Predator - 1999

Derbi models of the 1950s had Jawa engines.

In the early 1960s they built their own engines based on the Sachs 65cc. These were of 49cc and 74ccc.

Later Derbi models include:

  • Atlantis 100 2000-02 Scooter 100cc

  • 2004 Derbi Senda R/SM DRD Racing Motard 49cc

  • 2008-11 DRD Evo 50 SM Motard 50cc single

  • 2005-08 DRD limited edition Motard 50cc single

  • 2006- DRD PRO 50 R Motard 50cc single

  • 2003-08 DRD RACING 50 SM Motard 50cc single

  • GP1 125 2006 Scooter 124cc single

  • GP1 250 2006-07 Scooter 250cc single

  • GP1 250i 2007- Scooter 244cc single

  • GP1 50 2002- Scooter 49cc single

  • GPR 125 4T 4v 2009- naked sports 124cc single

  • GPR 125 Nude 2005-08 naked sports 125cc single

  • GPR 125 Racing 2005-08 naked sports 125cc single

  • 2004-07 GPR 50 naked sports 49cc single

  • 2004-07 GPR 50 Nude naked sports 49cc single

  • 2004-07 GPR 50 Racing Replica naked sports 49cc single

  • 1995-03 Hunter Scooter 50cc single

  • 2008-11 Mulhacen 125 naked sports 124cc single

  • 2006-09 Mulhacèn 659 Enduro 659cc single

  • 2007-09 Mulhacèn 659 cafè naked sports 660cc single

  • Mulhacèn Cafè 125 2006- naked sports 124cc single

  • 1996-00 Predator 50 LC Scooter 49cc

  • Senda DRD SM 50 2003-04 Motard 49cc

  • 2004-07 Senda R Enduro 124cc

  • 2004-08 Senda R 50cc Enduro 50cc

  • 2004-07 Senda SM 125 Motard 124cc

  • 2003-07 Senda X-Treme 50 SM Motard 50cc

  • 2007- Terra Enduro 124cc

  • 2007-08 Terra 125 R Enduro 125cc

  • Derbi logo

    stuartpossnett at icloud.com
    Derbi coyote 1973/4
    I think age is around that. I am looking for a frame number but can if I'd one where would it be thanks
    Stuart Possnett
    Spalding Uk

    Wed Nov 09 2016
    angusbain2000 at yahoo.com
    Derbi service manuals
    Derbi Boulevard 50 2T
    Hello, where can owners buy (pref) oem Derbi service manuals, no answer from Piaggio. This seems to be a global problem.

    This page lists sources for manuals.

    Fri Jun 13 2014
    Brian4086 at Yahoo.com
    Derbi Atlantis fuel pump
    2003 Derbi Atlantis
    Could I have the part number and contact info to purchase a fuel pump
    Maine USA

    Sat Nov 23 2013
    email removed
    Derbi forks
    Derbi Boulevard 50 2T
    Hi, the oem fork springs of the Boulevard two are extremely light progressive wound, the valving is pretty hopeless as well, the tubes are 32mm. Does any body know of a fork upgrade, off another Derbi or scooter in general that will fit with maybe only changing the head stem bearings, i want a sports fork like showa or better and i keep the Derbi oem front wheel and speedo drive. My scooter goes extremely well for what it is and the front suspension lets it down, hope some ppl have some ideas for me, thankyou.
    Sydney Au

    thanks for the reply, while i dont have a photo of the forks apart, i have a photo of the scoot and also with the forks out, wont mean much but they are ''just photos'' the two ways i can go is find a automotive compression manufacture that can make small enough fork springs with a max OD: 23mm, total free length 250mm (this is the problem at the moment) or better still another set of forks that can be swapped out and upgraded with from another scoot or an aftermkt set, problem ive found so far is that the fork has a small outside dia (32mm? i think i dont have written in front of me) and all other forks from Piaggio are bigger than 32mm.

    The oem forks are rubbish to be quite honest, so a upgraded fork and maybe a head stem that can fit would be best.

    look forward to seeing what ppl can offer in advice.

    ps. its a not ''sports scooter'' but by tweaking the motor it can be turned into one, but then the front end isnt up to the task.

    Wed Oct 26 2011
    Derbi GPR 50 Replica
    I have a broken GPR 50 Replica, and i dont now what kind of plastic used in the bodywork.

    Fri Aug 05 2011
    lowering kit
    derbi gpr50
    does anybody know if you can get a lowering kit for the derbi gpr50? my daughters struggling to touch the floor .Any ideas ? cheers Darren
    nottinghamshire UK

    Tue Jul 12 2011
    Sticks and color
    Derbi Gpr 50 2005
    Hi, i have a derbi Gpr 50 witch the color is getting pretty bad, i want to paint it som i wonderd if ther red color on the bile had a spsifik name. But if i paint it i alsow need the orginale sticks for the bike ! Can enybody help me with that?
    Oslo, Norway

    Thu Jun 02 2011
    ronpranglen <at> yahoo.co.uk
    Buying new
    Derbi SendaDRD Xtreme 50cc
    Is this bike going to take my weight 115kls (18stone) would like a nice lightweight for a second bike just for fun.
    Bracknell Berkshire

    Sun Jun 05 2011
    cjshafer<at>woh.rrdot com
    derbi bullett
    I need parts for a 2003 DERBI BULLETT 50CC,where can I find a dealer

    Mon Apr 04 2011
    Bore & Stroke please
    Derbi Predator scooter 50cc 2003 air cooled
    Brian from Australia. Anybody know the bore and especially stroke for a 2003 Derbi scooter 50cc Predator scooter?

    Cheers Brian

    Sat Mar 12 2011
    ken195751<at>yahoodot com
    trying to find out about this scooter
    2002 Derbi gp1
    what can you tell me about this scooter
    las vegas Nv

    Fri Nov 05 2010
    drive belt
    derbi predator
    can anyone tell me what Im doing wrong, Ive fitted 2 new drive belts on my derbi predator scooter but they break within a day of fitting
    manchester uk

    Sat Jul 31 2010
    repairing derbi blvd scooter
    derbi boulevard
    I need to find a repair and parts manual for my derbi blvd scooter. Once the problem is diagnosed I will then need to find parts. Please help!!
    Woodland, CA

    Thu Jun 03 2010
    vstat615<at>gmaildot com

    Derbi 2005 Senda SM xtreme
    Hello.I Have a 05 Senda SM Xtreme and i would like to know if an 03 Derbi Gpr50 speedo/tacho clock will work on my bike? if not 03 year , then maybe some other year model? I dont have the money to but an original clock and i fund a Gpr clock realy cheap, so that why im asking this. Any information is welcome.
    Thank You :)

    Sun May 23 2010
    lisette.goldstein<at>medot com
    Need Derbi Scooter Muffler
    Derbi Manhattan
    We need a new muffler for a Derbi Manhattan year 1998

    Sat May 01 2010
    Need Derbi brake shoes
    Derbi 1973 Variant SL
    Where can I get rear brake shoes for old Derbi moped. Part # on the old ones is 3112220. hub size is 105 mm
    NH, USA

    Mon Feb 01 2010
    eric19 at hotmail.co.uk
    vin number
    derbi boulevard
    can anyone please tell me how to find the vin number of a derbi boulevard 125 cannot find it anywhere thanks eric

    Wed Jan 06 2010
    shaleaf at twistedrootsdot com
    Derbi GPR need keys, parts and any info
    Derbi GPR
    I was given a Derbi GPR and my friend lost the keys. I need to find the paperwork but think it is a 2003. VIN is VTHGPRRBBYH135173.
    I have been trying to contact Derbi n Spain but they wont return my messages. I NEED KEYS. they were lost. Were can I get some or even a blank so my locksmith can cut. The bike also needs repair, I need to know of a place to get parts and also a repair shop in the San Francisco, CA area for the repairs I can't do myself.
    Thank You
    San Francisco, CA

    Fri Nov 27 2009
    slemmel at comcast.net
    gasoline sending unit for Derbi Manhattan 1999
    Derbi Manhattan 1999
    I need a replacement sending unit for the gas tank on my 1999 Derbi Manhattan. Can you help me, please.
    Seattle, WA USA

    Sun Sep 20 2009
    calihowlys at hotmaildot com
    Derby Senda Papers
    Derby Senda 50
    I bought a Senda and I dont have the paperwork. Is there any way I can get the paperwork?

    Mon Sep 07 2009
    physio.thiel at web.de
    old derbi badge
    derbi mulhacen 659
    where can i get this "oldstyle" round derbi badge? it is possible to order?

    thanks and regards, martin
    Luebeck Germany

    Tue Feb 10 2009
    tips-9 at yahoodot com
    derbi logo
    I wanted old sticker derbi Logo or old derbi Logo .

    Wed Oct 15 2008
    robert.martin at cicc.org.au
    derbi predator fuel cock for 50cc watercooled scooter
    Derbi Predator
    Can any one tell me where to buy the fuel cock for my derbi predator 50cc 98 model scooter, it surges all the time and I think it could be this part ? Any ideas? has anybody had this problem with this model before ? also the oil light stays on all the time as it was low but I then filled it, the oil light wont go out now. Does the oil light mean the oil is low in another part of the scooter? cheers Rob from Australia.

    Mon Sep 29 2008
    yelloperil at tiscali.co.uk
    Derbi Terra
    Hi i have a Derbi Terra 125cc brand new (3weeks old) and have a problem with the clocks.
    twice now while riding the clocks have stuck/stopped at 7000rpm and 44 or 57 mph. in order to get them working again i have to remove the fuse which forces them into a complete reset so i loose any milage or service int.
    Can anyone tell me if this is a commen problem? also i'm guessing this bike is restricted in the ECU... how easy would it be to derestrict it?

    I do have pics on my mobile this time if anyone wants them
    Cheers Rob - Derby
    Derby, UK

    Thu Oct 02 2008
    susan-kucia at hotmaildot com
    coil and wire
    Atlantis Derbi Scooter
    I am looking for a coil and wire for a Atlantis Derbi Scooter. Can you help Thank you

    Sun Sep 28 2008
    stackas at hotmail.co.uk
    Derbi Starter Motor
    Derbi GPR50 Nude
    I have had 3 starter motors go on me so far. In each case the spring in the bendix has been mashed. Is this a know problem and how can it be rectified. Many Thanks

    Fri Sep 26 2008
    rnbell45 at aoldot com
    derbi moped
    1979 derbi moped variant
    need a fuel shut off valve
    highspire pa 17034

    Wed Sep 10 2008
    jcbnozuka at comcast.net
    Owner's Manual Wanted
    1999 Derbi Manhattan
    Looking for an owner's manual for a 1999 Derbi Manhattan.

    Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

    Sat Aug 30 2008
    jcbnozuka at comcast.net
    Recommended lubes
    1999 Derbi Manhattan
    I recently purchased a used Derbi Manhattan without a owner's manual. I like to replace the gear oil and need info on type and brand best and what is the recommended oil change interval?
    Central California

    Fri Aug 22 2008
    codanelectric at sbcglobal.net
    1999 Derby Atlantis scooter parts 49cc
    Derby Atlantis
    I need a gas petcock for this unit ,can you help...?

    Fri Aug 22 2008
    bmxvet at hotmail.com
    need engine
    derbi derbi
    something happened to my bike i just bought from a friend. it wont turn over. i rode it for about 3 weeks and one day it just died and wouldnt start up again

    Fri Aug 01 2008
    marcdx at gmail.com
    Derbi Predator - 1999
    Hello, I am looking for the coil/CDI and front brake pads for a 1999 Deri Predator. Does anyone have these parts or know where I can find them?

    Thank you,
    Marc Dreihaupl

    Wed Apr 02 2008
    tomgarnham at aol.com
    need parts
    derbi senda r 100
    hi i need a new piston and head can you help were i can find ,many thanks tom.
    ipswich uk

    Thu Mar 06 2008
    sylvia.slater06 at btinternet.com
    Derby 125 CrossCity
    I have just bought a 125 (2007) but need a handbook.
    Wales, GB

    Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

    Mon Feb 04 2008
    neoskaterbcn at yahoo.es
    Derbi GPR Nude
    Derbi GPR 50 Nude
    I send you some images of my motorbike. I live in Sabadell, Bacerlona (SPAIN) i hope you like it for your web, if you want, you can visit me at www.derbigprnude.tk (404) I hope your answer!.


    Mon Feb 04 2008
    austin.wakt018 at gmail.com
    Analog Tachometer
    Derbi gpr 50
    If any one can help me, I need an electronic tachometer for one of my bikes. I am unable to locate on here in the states, so now I am looking beyond. Any one that may have one for sale please contact me.
    Florida, U.S.A
    I dont have any pictures to send of what this tachometer looks like. I do know that is comes on all the gpr 50 motorbikes that are sold. This one tachometer does come with cable or electronically driven options. The one I am looking for is electronic or analog. The tach reading on the face of it will hit about 15, thousand rpm's. Maby this helps. I do hope so. Thanks for your response. Austin.

    Thu Jan 17 2008
    LTRJC128 at aol.com
    derbi for sale - as is
    2003 Derbi Revolution
    at this time I am fishing to see anyone would be interested in buying my son's bike which got backed into by a car.. front fork bent and minor damage to the rest of the bike when it fell. bike will be sold as is and must be picked up..
    New Jersey USA

    Mon Jan 14 2008
    thanhlongdao at yahoo.com
    Derbi GP1
    can you tell me if this scooter have a chip in the key or not? I bought this a while back and lost the key to it. thanks much
    California, USA

    Thu Dec 27 2007
    kauten.1 at netzero.com
    I'm trying to find an ignition key for a Derbi Atlantis/city VIN vthatlaa9yg151434. Can anyone help me?
    Iowa, USA

    Sun Dec 02 2007
    casswta at sbcglobal.net
    Owner's manual for GP150
    Derbi GP150
    I am looking for an owner's manual for my Derbi GP150
    Also - any location for Derbi products here in Texas or Arizona
    Arizona and Texas

    Tue Nov 20 2007
    registerj at comcast.net
    spark plug
    2003 derbi atlantis bullet 50cc
    I lost my manual , can you tell me the gap for the spark plug
    jax. fl.

    Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

    Tue Nov 06 2007
    mwrightphotography at gmail.com
    derbi parts
    derbi 89 variant sport
    Hello, I ran across your post in a forum....I have a 89 derbi variant sport that I just picked up. Myron's Moped said it would run, but the engine needs to be cleaned out...derusted and It looks like it may have a rusted crankshaft. I am now considering selling it as parts in the USA seem very hard to come by for this bike. Before I sell it for parts though, I was hoping that you might be able to direct me to people or buisness who may have access to such parts and be willing to sell/ship to California?

    Mon Oct 22 2007
    kadocharles at yahoo.com
    derbi gpr 50r race replica 2003
    Hi my name is Charles i bought this bike from a friend but i need some parts can you help me because i really would like to ride this bike.Thank You

    Mon Oct 15 2007
    bikerboy201090 at hotmail.co.uk
    derbi senda
    derbi senda 50cc or a 125cc
    hi im looking for a derbi senda 50 or 125cc if u know any1 selling 1 or a dealer plz let me know

    Wed Aug 29 2007
    Msstutts at charter.net
    Speedometer cable
    Derbi GP1 50cc.
    Need to purchase the speedometer cable for the above bike
    Illinois, USA

    Tue Jun 19 2007
    rcosby at cox.net
    Front forks
    Derbi GP1 or GPR
    I'm in the U.S. and trying to find someplace to help me get a set of fork seals and wipers for a set of Showa 35mm inverted leading axle forks from a Derbi scooter. They are on a mini-bike I built. I have included a picture if it helps. Can anyone out there help me?

    Fri May 25 2007
    a-yonis at hotmail.com
    150cc derbi boulevard scooter
    solo 2003
    i lost user manual wana get book Or copy if you have dealer in austaralia

    Thu May 24 2007
    bill at ecopower.com.au
    Front brake master cylinder overhaul
    Derbie 100 yr 2003
    Can I buy the equivalent Piaggo parts to overhaul the Derbie F Brake M Cylinder and what model is it equivalent to?
    Melbourne Australia

    Gowanloch in Sydney should be able to help with the appropriate Brembo mastercylinder overhaul kit.

    Sun Apr 29 2007
    adamdelorenzi at hotmail.com
    derbi gpr125 gear lever
    derbi gpr125 o6-reg
    i need a gear change lever for an 06 derbi gpr125
    new or second-hand
    cant find any dealers or contact numbers
    can anyone help?
    adam 07724 321 653

    Mon Mar 19 2007
    willis2006 (at) btinternetdot com
    lock set for derbi gpr 125
    Can you get me a lock set for my derbi gpr 125

    Mon Mar 19 2007
    mash4077theswamp (at) yahoodot com
    derbi parts
    12-1999 derbi manhattan
    im looking for a owners/repair manuel,all the drive components on the output shaft and the drive belt,the left/right turn signal lens for the rear and the headlight lens.if anyone out there has any info

    Sun Mar 04 2007
    bln008 (at) list.putin
    DERBI GP1 2002
    I look for complete of rear lenses (left, right & stop) for DERBI GP1 2002

    If you have a clue where I can find these

    Thu Nov 30 2006
    peter (at) vintage-motorcycle.co.uk
    Derbi 250cc
    I am looking for a parts book. I believe the bike was made sometime in the 70's.
    Please help. a photo copy would help

    Sat Nov 25 2006
    adoyle3737 (at) yahoodot com
    97 GPR50R Stator
    Derbi 97 GPR50R
    I'm looking for a statior for my GPR and am not really having any luck. Anybody have a Idea or clue where I can get one?

    Sat Nov 18 2006
    fullnicklegrizzly (at) hotmaildot com
    03' 49cc Derbi Senda
    Need factory parts for my 03' Derbi Senda. I need seat cover and will consider any plastic body work you have. Thanks for any help!!...
    Central Florida

    Tue Nov 14 2006
    maceastern (at) aoldot com
    hi can you please tell me were the frame number is stamped please

    Sat Nov 11 2006
    mizzm (at) hughes.net
    local repair/distributor
    Derbi GP-1 (2003)
    I need to know if there is a dealer or repair place in the Las Vegas or Henderson area, in Nevada, please.
    United States

    Sat Nov 11 2006
    sguelmi (at) aol.com
    Derbi Predator 2000
    I'm looking for a front brake pump [master cylinder] for a Derbi Predator 2000
    Miami, FL

    Wed Oct 04 2006
    aaron-jefferies87 (at) hotmaildot com
    key for scooter
    2001 derbi predator lc
    i was wondering if anybody knew where i could purchase a key for a derbi predator as im tryin to sell the scooter and broke my key and country will do cheers

    Mon Oct 02 2006
    h.verheijen6 (at) chello.nl
    Derbi FDS Savannah

    hello i am restour a derbi fds savannah and i need a new compleet sticker set in red-purper the bike is whit -red
    please can someone help us greating hennt
    from holland
    doesburg -NL

    Thu Sep 28 2006
    lmackerron (at) adelphia.net
    1999 derbi manhattan parts
    We are interested in knowing where we can order parts for our 1999 Derbi Manhattan Scooter/Moped. Thank you
    Boston, MA

    Thu Sep 07 2006
    joel-clouts (at) hotmaildot com
    Parts Breakdown
    2003 Derbi Gpr Replica
    i need a parts breakdown
    Calgary Canada

    Wed Sep 06 2006
    mrca.co (at) netzero.net
    2006 Mulhacen 659
    My name is Mark, I was wondering if any of these bikes are being imported? would love to be a dealer.

    Sun Aug 27 2006
    streetrazer91 (at) hotmaildot com
    Derbi Gpr
    2005-06 Derbi Gpr 50 racing
    I would like to know where I can find a gpr 50 racing. I need one in New Jeresy, USA or around it would be ok.

    Wed Aug 16 2006
    dust9898 (at) hotmaildot com
    HeHeHe.... Where can I get one? I'm on the west coast United States and am seriously interested in finding one of these bikes. Any leads would be appreciated.

    EMU Contact Form:
    Tue Aug 15 2006
    hurley546 (at) hotmaildot com
    Derbi GPR 125
    GPR 1235
    I was wondering if the GPR was for sale and street legal in the US.
    United States

    Sat Jul 22 2006
    adj (at) monro.co.uk
    derbi gpr 125cc
    how do ypu derestrict a derbi gpr 125cc bike?

    The GPR125 has a 6 speed Minarelli engine - it's possible that there is a restictor baffle in the carb inlet manifold, but it's more likely that the restriction is in the CDI which means you'll need a specialist - try your local dealer. Ed.

    Fri Jun 09 2006
    shep0101 (at) yahoodot com
    I need to finfd a starter for my Derbi, can you faind me one?

    What is the year and model of your bike. Ed.

    Fri May 26 2006
    BTHOMAS1 (at) frontiernet.net
    Derbi Boulevard
    Boulevard 150
    I am looking for a windshield for my derbi boulevard its a 2003

    Sun Apr 23 2006
    zanutto (at) junodot com
    Classic Derbi
    GTS 4V 125CC
    Hello, I would like to contact someone who has information about my 1972 GTS 4V. It has only 617 original miles

    Fri Apr 21 2006
    preb (at) tiscali.co.uk
    I have a 1985 (I think) Derbi 250 motocrosser. I want to restore the bike but I am having trouble sourcing parts. Does anybody know anything about these bikes and if spares are available.

    Fri Mar 31 2006
    howie1 (at) videotron.ca
    Derbi Motorcycles 50 cc

    Would you know a Canadian or Montreal retailer of 50cc Derbi Motorcycles/Scooters?
    Thank you. HRozen

    Wed Feb 01 2006
    paulq (at) global.co.za
    derbi senda tuning
    got a derbi senda,(75cc) it has a terrrible flat spot on initial pull away sounds like 4 stroking once you get the rev's up it goes ok any ideas (elevation 5500'above sea level.

    Tue Oct 25 2005
    ahauer (at) flash.net
    Hi, I have this Derbi Serial # VTHGPRRBBYH135188 and need the starter and front upper fairing whit head ligts.
    Also can you tell me what year and size is thi bike.

    November 13, 2000
    Dear sir,
    My name is Rafael Escofet, I work for Derbi America, subsidiary company of Derbi Spain. I am glad to provide you with our web sites:

    Please don't hesitate to contact me for further information.

    Sincerely yours,

    Rafael Escofet
    Assistant Manager
    Derbi America Corporation
    2655 Le Jeune Rd. #806
    Miami, Fl 33134 USA
    Tel. 305 774 6960
    Fax. 305 774 6405
    rafael at derbiamericadot com

    If you have a query or information about Derbi motorcycles please contact us