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A Brief History of the Marque

Difazio produced around 50 hub-centre steering motorcycles.

Archive of the history of the marque from the now defunct http://difazio.co.uk.

Wed Aug 10 2016
tim at tabwood.co.uk
Difazio rebuild
Difazio (BMW) R75/6 difazio

Fri Jun 27 2014
tosh at arvicola.com
images of Difazio bikes
Hello, been reading your pieces on Difazio motorcycles. I have a Difazio R90S which is being rebuilt so I'm interested in seeing the image your had on the website, but this link doesn't seem to work, at least not for me. Any chance of seeing the image?


The image is posted above. Ed.

On 23/01/2014 12:10 PM, Tim Tucker wrote:

  • Hi Right! We may of spoken briefly back in 2008 on this subject but was unable to pursue it further. The Difazio Hub Steered BMW motorcycle which I built back in 1975 was bought by Robert Jameison and took it to Australia, his wife went with him as she returned her Difazio Suzuki as she couldn't cope with it. I believe you must of acquired the BMW around 1979 as Robert retuned to the UK and picked up a std BMW R100 and took that back out to Australia. He is still around but I have as yet not been able to speak to him. So if you were the second owner did you upgrade the engine to a 100/7. Have you been able to find some photos of the bike? Finally can you recall where the bike went and maybe where is it now or ways of finding out!!! I have put an elert out to some of the bike clubs and had some feed back but no one has seen the BMW. It's the only bike of ours in Australia so it is important to us to locate it. I have just been speaking to another owner with a similar bike that I built in the USA who is contemplating upgrading the engine to a 100/7. I have also just located another bike a Difazio Suzuki 750 which I built in 1974 and was shipped to Canada and now is in Birmingham AB USA. We also shipped back a Suzuki 500 Falcon from the USA for restoration. We now have quite a collection back in the UK most of which are still ridden regularly. I am the only one around from the original Team that built these bikes but have great enjoyment helping towards restoration and attending shows. It would be great if you are able to help me on this matter and look forward to your reply. Tim Difazio Motorcycle Interest Group UK

Hi again, Tim.

It must have been 1981 or possibly 1982 that I bought the bike, as that shop was not in that location til then - 69 Wentworth Ave, Sydney. I think it was sold in 82 or 83, no later. The engine I just cannot recall, but I think it was 100/7 - I didn't get to ride it as much as I would have liked as I was extremely busy with my business.

I'm sorry, I have no recollection of where the bike went, and I don't recall any feedback from the new owner.

I've expanded the Difazio section on the site and hopefully it will get more attention, so someone may contact one of us.

I have not found an image of the bike but I have bought a professional scanner so I'm actually a little closer to getting on to that task.

Fri Apr 01 2011
turnerja<at>supanetdot com
Difazio Hub-steering Motorcycle
Difazio-Suzuki 350
Wondered if anything was known about this bike that was built for me by Jack Difazio in the 1970s. It used a Suzuki 325cc engine, that had originally been destined for a racer. The registration number I have unfortunately forgotten, but the year letter was P.

Dec 09
It must be a year or so we last chatted about your old HS bike. I wondered whether any other memories or photos have come to light as we are still searching for that bike.

  • ............
    Here's another reference to a Difazio BMW in Australia. I suspect it's the same one as the article refers to "Iain" and the name rings a strong bell.
    http://www.bmwmocb.asn.au/mocb/magazine-files/September.pdf 404

<tt007s8919 at blueyonder.co.uk>
Sent: Monday, September 01, 2008 8:48 PM
Subject: Difazio BMW

Thank you for replying.

I attach another picture of the BMW (UK Reg OXB 75P). Its sister bike was a Suzuki 500 which i built also, was for a couple in 1976 who lived in Adelaide Australia and took both bikes out there soon afterwards.
I wonder whether you took any pictures of this bike as i would like any copies if possible to add to the records.
If there is anything else that you can recall about this bike i would be very grateful.


I bought the yellow BMW from a chap in about 1981, and fitted it with a 1000cc BMW engine. I sold it a year or two later, in Sydney. image above


I don't recall the name of the fellow I bought it from, but I rather thought he was from Victoria rather than SA. I do very vaguely recall mention of a T500. I promised the previous owner that I'd contact him if I sold the bike, but when I did so there was no answer. It turned out he'd been overseas, or had moved perhaps - he was upset that I'd sold it, anyway. Interesting chap, collector of Aboriginal art long before there was any recognition of it by the general art world.

I do have photos, I believe, but they are buried well and truly and there is only the remotest chance that I will find them.

The engine I used was something like an R100RT 1979 with square tappet covers. Nothing wrong with the R75 (or was it an R60/5), just wanted more grunt.

It was the best handling boxer twin I ever owned, by far, until the 259 series came along. The R1100GS felt quite familiar after having ridden the Difazio.

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