French Motorcycles

GL Motorcycles (G.L.)

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured from 1919 to 1920 in Argenteuil by Georges Levy and Maurice Le Pen. It is believed they were fitted with JAP engines.

After the death of Le Pen, in 1920 the company was sold to Orial in Lyon which changed to MAG engines and branded the machines as their own.

1919 Circuit de l'Eure à Vernon - Sidecars 750cc 1st Huret (G.L.), 2nd Le Pen (G.L.),
1920 Grand Prix de Lyon at Circuit de Saint-André-de-Corcy - Sidecars 500cc 1st place, Jean Borgotti (G.L.)
1920 Grands Prix de France du M.C.F. at Fontainebleau - Sidecars 500cc 1st place, Catella (G.L.)

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