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A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured 1948-1955

Gloria moto d'epoca

Il micromotore Gloria, costruito dalle officine meccaniche di Alfredo Focesi in viale Abruzzi a Milano, è un due tempi con trasmissione a rullo di aderenza sulla ruota posteriore.

Sembra che un primo modello avesse cilindrata 40cc poi aumentata a 48cc aumentando l'alesaggio da 35 a 38 mm.

Oltre al micromotore è disponibile anche il ciclomotore completo nelle versioni: normale, lusso e sport.

Viene realizzato anche il bicimotore che impiega sempre il micromotore a rullo ma ha il telaio in lamiera stampata con serbatoio incorporato nella travatura.

Questo modello, aggiornato, viene poi commercializzato col nome Pulcino.

La produzione col marchio Gloria si amplia con il ciclomotore a tre marce e le motoleggere turismo e sport con propulsori a quattro tempi di 100cc.

The Gloria micromotor was built in the workshops of Alfredo Focesi in Viale Abruzzi in Milan. The firm was established in the 1920s as a bicycle manufacturer trading as AMF Gloria.

It is understood that the first model had a displacement 40cc which was increased to 48cc by changing the bore from 35 to 38 mm.

In addition to the micromotor, mopeds were built in Normale, Lusso and Sport versions.

They also built a micromotor-powered machine with a pressed steel frame, marketed under the name Pulcino.

The production of Gloria continued with a three-speed moped and Turismo and Sport light motorcycles using four-stroke engines of 100cc. These were fitted with a dual seat, deeply valanced guards and a headlight nacelle blending into the tank.

Focesi had been a strong supporter of fascism. This did not help him after the war, his fortunes abated, and he died by his own hand in Milan. [This is not completely accurate - see the excellent article at icenicam, linked below.]

"For the 1954 exhibition in Milan, Focesi introduced a new 160cc four-stroke engined motor cycle, with swinging arm rear suspension and an Earles pattern front fork.

The choices linked to the expansion of the business, however, failed to return its investments in time because of insufficient sales and, on 21st February 1955, the Milan court declared the AMF Gloria business bankrupt. Production ceased in 1955." ~ icenicam.org.uk

Sources: Moto di Lombardia, Wikipedia, Henshaw, icenicam.org.uk

N.B. This firm is not related to Intramotor

keithmorton663 at gmail.com
Gloria 160 1955
Hi. Just bought a 160 Gloria in need of restoration. Any ideas if a manual is available at all ?? Thank you keith
Keith Morton
United Kingdom

barry.crosby at btopenworld.com
1955 Gloria
Hello , can you possibly identify this motorcycle .? it is suggested to be a Gloria of 1955 , but the actual model is unknown . the engine capacity is also in doubt .
barry crosby
United Kingdom

    The image sent matches the description in the article quoted above, and also matches the image from the two machines from the Klepper collection.
    Gloria image posted to Comments

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