Huin Elie Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Elie Huin
27, Rue Champeil, Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dome)

Circa 1950 models:
NH1 125cc Stainless 2T 3 speed.
EH 125cc AMC and EHbis, both 3 speed
GH 125cc AMC 4 speed
AH 175cc AMC 4 speed

Circa 1954 models advertised were Type GHTS 125cc AMC and Type AHTS 175cc AMC, both 4 speed four-strokes.

Around 1000 motorcycles were manufactured during the firm's short tenure.

Sources:, period literature, correspondence.

bob.r.4594 at outlookcom
Elie Huin 1949
HELP. I have one, no electrics. Need wiring harness.
bob ratcliffe
Bury st Edmonds
Wed Oct 15 2008
huin motorcycle price
huin 1951 ?
I have been offered a 1951 huin motorcycle with a amc engine, in original livery but I would like to know the rough price for such
la creuse.france

Yes the spelling is correct, HUIN ELIE with a 175cc AMC engine, made in 1951 in a place called Clement Ferrond in France.
I am now the new owner of this bike, and its a booty.
All intact exept for the stand.

On the cart grise (log book) its Make Huin Elie type AH the 16th made in 1951

I will take it to the local garage for a couple new tyres-innertubes and ht lead. Then we will if it still works??.

I will let you know any facts we find out about the bike in the future.

Bonne chance John

ps I am off to england for a week from today

More info on the Huin, I put in Huin Elie Motorcycle into google, then went to Lva moto-forum/la marque elie huin.

The bike I have is the ¨¨grand tourisme¨¨ model.

I am looking for things like handbook, what the missing stand looks like,why is there a foot change and hand change for the gears??

There are more questions than answers at the moment?.

Bonne chance John

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