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Intramotor Gloria Mopeds

A Brief History of the Marque

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer 'Gloria Intramotor manufactured bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds and tricycles from 1976-78. Gloria Intramotor mopeds with 50cc capacity included the Blanco, Dream, Kid, Scout, Super Scout, Mini Kid, Pinto, Verona and Gipsy, which were equipped first with Minarelli engines, and later with Sachs engines. Some models are equipped with a Verona engine. Models with 125 cc likewise had Sachs engines (with 6 or 7 gear transmissions), like the 125 cc Enduro and the legendary motocross Panther with 25 HP. Most mopeds (including the Scout) manufactured by Gloria Intramotor have Morini Franco Motori or Minarelli engines, both of which are two-stroke.

Sources:  The Moped Army

Sat Feb 16 2013
points and condencer
Intramotor Gloria
I need points and condenser for this moped.It has a Morini Franco 50cc motor made in 8/1977 Vin# 06689

Wed Apr 14 2010
intramotor gloria spa blanco verona
need repair manual and any other helpful information

Tue May 19 2009
intramotor-gloria g1 arcole veroia
own a 1975 intramotor-gloria cant find any info help greatly apprichated thanks


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