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Manufactured in Belgium 1923-1934

La Mondiale of Vilvoorde was a well-established producer of machine tools. Their first motorcycle appeared at the Brussels Show of 1923, an inverted 300cc two-stroke single in a pressed-metal frame, something very unusual in the day. It had a chair rather than a saddle and looked rather like a scooter. Later models replaced the chair with a more conventional solution.

By the late 1920s their machines were doing well in competition, and a 500cc OHC model joined the ranks. The first had a Chaise engine in a pressed-metal frame, replaced in 1930 by an OHV unit from the same manufacturer. They were excellent engines but rather heavy, and British engines were substituted.

La Mondial motorcycles were constructed using JAP, Sturmey Archer, Villiers and Blackburne engines, along with Chaise and those of their own manufacture.

Le Salon Belge

La Mondiale. — Avec chassis en töle emboutie d'un bel ensemble assurant protection des organes de la machine et du motocycliste. Quatre types : luxe (300 cmc., deux temps) ; grand sport 350 cmc., culbuteurs Jap ou Blackburne ; sport deux temps 350 cmc. ; sport quatre temps 350 cmc., Jap ou Blackburne, soupapes latérales. Moto séduisante et d'un ensemble offrant une belle rigidité.

La Mondiale. - With sheet metal frame stamped with a beautiful assembly ensuring protection of machine components and of the motorcyclist. Four types: Luxury (300cc two-stroke) ; Grand Sport 350cc., overhead valve Jap or Blackburne; two-stroke Sport 350cc ; four-stroke Sport 350cc, Jap or Blackburne side-valve. Attractive motorcycle and an ensemble offering excellent rigidity.

Le Salon Belge, Moto Revue December 24th 1927

The marque is unrelated to Mondial

Sources: François-Marie Dumas, oldtimermuseum-be

Sat Sep 17 2016
zyggy28 at volny.cz
La Mondiale Jap 500
Hallo, i have for sale motorcycle La Mondial with engine JAP 500 OHV, year of product (1929). If you are interested, or if you know somebody who wants buy this motorcycle mark. Please let me know.

Thanks, regards to Belgium,

Daniel (Czech Republic)
Ostrava (450 km from Prague)

Thu Oct 25 2007
johan.schaeverbeke at versateladsl.be
la mondiale motorcycles
2 stroke 350cc in our museum
Hallo for your information: we have a la mondiale 350cc 2stroke their own engine in our museum. La mondiale was from Vilvoorde (close to Brussels) and We had a visit from the grandchildren, and got some beautifull pictures of the family and the factory, I have also a book about this company that made form long time machines (leith)
Hallo here a foto of the red La Mondiale in the museum: this one of from 1931 two stroke 350cc and their own engine, however they used also: JAP, Sturmey Archer,Villiers, Blackburne and French Chaise.
The company was involved in making machinery, and only 10 years in motorcycle business. There factory was in Vilvoorde (Flemish part of Belgium,close to Brussels). 

I had the grand childeren on visit in the museum with lots of copies of the company, family but he had no motorcycle at that moment, these machines are very rare.
Our website: oldtimermotorenmuseum.be
greatings johan schaeverbeke Oldtimer Museum, Belgium

I have attached a picture of my grandfather on his "La Mondiale". The picture was taken sometime in the early 1930's. (That type of license plate was introduced in Oct. 1930, the 'K' stands for KĂžbenhavn (Copenhagen, Denmark)). That is all the information I have been able to find on this bike.

If you have any information on "La Mondiale" or where to find out more, you are welcome to contact me on widell at mail1.stofanet.dk .

Here is the only link I've found with Mondiale-info (and it's not much):

users.globalnet.co.uk/~bikedoc/belgium.htm [404]

Hope you find any of this useful.
Jesper Widell -- widell at mail1.stofanet.dk

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