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Chaise Motorcycle Engines

A Brief History of the Marque
53, Rue August Lacon Paris
Manufactured by Omnium Métallurgique et Industriel, 1921-1939

Maurice Chaise began his career with Rhone (later Gnome et Rhone) where he worked from 1907 to 1921

One of his engines was a narrow-angle 14° V-four, not dissimilar to the much later Lancia Fulvia. This engine was initially built to power the Majestic, and was eventually produced in capacities varying from 500cc to 750cc. It also powered another of the Delachanal marques, the Dollar.

Chaise engines were used by many motorcycle manufacturers including

Chaise Engines include:

  • "B" 100cc 2T (1937 Dollar D2)
  • "B1" 100cc 2T (1937 Dollar Model D3)
  • 175cc 2T
  • 175cc Sport
  • 200cc Sport OHV
  • "G" 250cc OHV dual exhaust (1937 Dollar Models P2, P3, P4, P35, P36)
  • 300cc Sport OHV
  • "K" 350cc OHV (1937 Dollars R2, R3, R9)
  • "J" 500cc OHV dual exhaust (1937 Dollar model S3)
  • "L" 500cc OHV dual exhaust (1937 Dollar models S3, S4, S4 Sport)
  • "N" 350cc ACT OHC (1937 Dollar)
  • "O" 500cc ACT OHC 87.7x85mm (1937 Dollar)

The factory also produced a variety of horizontally-opposed fours for nautical and aviation use.

With the onset of war in 1939, production ceased.

Sources: Cycle Memory

leeandmark at
Chaise 175
I have a Chaise 175. Engine no 1029 l a have looked for the frame no but with no luck. Any ideas.
Mark Dawson
Essex. Uk
Wed, 24 Jan 2018
paulleeds73 at
Chaise 1930

Hi, I am trying to find out information about an old engine I have found in our barn. It's a chaise motor K, which I believe was made in the 1930's. They appeared to be made for the Dollar brand of motorbike. Can you help direct me to an owners club, or the best place to advertise the engine for sale. Thankyou
Paul leeds
Limousin France

Tue Apr 04 2017
j.birenbaum15 at
Chaise motocyclette
Chaise bicycle
I purchased this motor bicycle. I think it is pre 20's. I got the motor running but it seems to have a fouled plug. Where can I get another of these spark plugs? Any information would be a huge help. Thanks!
CA, United States

  • The machine could be one of many brands utilizing the 100cc BMA engine, or it may be a Chaise-built machine. The tank shape should certainly help to identify it - it is quite similar in many respects to the Bretti Bros machine of 1926 in the gallery. Your image of the spark plug is not very clear, but I suspect there will be French and Italian-made replacement plugs available as these engines were built in considerable quantities.


Fri Sep 02 2011
cdomini1<at>volvocarsdot com
Chaise engine
Chaise K2
I've got an old one cylinder Chaise standing on top of my bookshelter at work. I got it from my father when he passed away many years ago and it has followed me since. Now, could you bring some light into what it is, what it was fitted into etc. I keep it at work because it's technical value, integrated gearbox together with open flywheel a.s.o.
I would appreciate to hear from you
The type is "K2", Serie "8" and no "43950"

Fri Dec 25 2009
wdbasson at
chaise V engines
Chaise V4
Are there any pictures of the V type Chaise engines available and a description of same plus bore and stroke and V angle
Adelaide South Australia

Mon Oct 05 2009
rubycasa at
my friend has a very old motorbike with a Chaise engine but although I have checked in internet I can't seem to find exactly what it is (maybe it's a Soyer or maybe a Dollar) and what it can be worth.I will try and take a photo to attach next time I write. Can you help or give me another address where I can look up this info? where can i get some technical details too please? thanks very much
Wed Oct 07 2009
Have now got photos of the engine part of the motorbike but still can't find anything. Can anyone help me?
Chaise, Italy

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