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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured in France from 1919 to 1937.

Société Nouvelle des Motos Soyer
116 rue de Paris

An early production was a 250cc two-stroke provided in Sport, Touriste and Dame models in 1921.

Their most famous engines were overhead cam "face-cam" units, as fitted to the 350cc O8 and 500cc O11 models.

In addition to using their own very handsome engines, the firm employed a variety of powerplants from other manufacturers.

The 1929 Soyer 350cc had a Chaise engine, and some Soyer machines were fitted with Raleigh and JAP engines. They also fitted Sturmey-Archer engines of 350 and 500cc in SV and OHV formats.

Soyer engines were supplied to other manufacturers, including Dilecta.

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Paris Salon 1921

The only full-powered lady's motor cycle in the exhibition - the Soyer. It is of very pleasing design, exceptionally well made, and the tank forms part of the frame. The engine fitted is a two-stroke having a detachable head.

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Sun Dec 13 2015
chrisparrett1 at sky dot com
Soyer 1922 2 1/2 HP (250cc)
If you're interested I have photos of my brother's 1922 Soyer 2 1/2 hp (250cc) - it's an unrestored, one previous owner bike that still runs beautifully, despite looking like a 93 year old bike would be expected to look. It was in almost continuous use by the original owner until around twenty years ago and stayed in his family. When my brother bought it a few years ago, all it required was a new tyre, a new belt, and new brake blocks. It starts first kick almost every time (If you know the procedure) and pulls like a train.

Sat Oct 03 2009
esselink at

Soyer type 07 de 1928 ? moteur Jap 350cc

The bike above is apparently not a Soyer. (JAP-350-France-3.jpg image removed)

esselink at writes:
The motor on your site has a single frame and the soyer 07C has a double frame. The frame underneath the saddle is differently than the Soyer 07C.

If you read the story of Jean Claude on the site (404)

You will see that it is an other motor
see type Soyer 07c

Groeten Leen

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