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Paul Martin (Founded by his father Joseph in 1898)
122 av. Lacassagne LYON (Rhône)

From 1926 to 1957 New Map built numerous models with engines from Chaise, Blackburne, MAG, AMC, Aubier Dunne, JAP, Mistral, Sachs, Opti, Ultima and Zurcher of 48cc to 998cc capacity. These included diminutive mopeds, commuters, minicars, scooters, semi-enclosed "bathtub" styled motorcycles, high-powered tourers and racing bikes.

Established as a bicycle manufacturer in 1898 by Joseph Martin in Lyon, the firm built wheels for automobiles and aircraft landing gear during the first war. Joseph's son Paul had become an aircraft engineer during the war and, as became common in France at this time, ventured into the world of motorcycling. The fledgling marque's name was chosen, it is said, because it had an English ring to it and included the initials of its creator.

Many of the components were manufactured in-house as the machinery and techniques to do so had been under development for decades in the Lyon factory. Outsourced components were chosen more for quality than cost and the end result was very satisfactory.

The first machines were presented in 1926, six different models in all - three 175cc varieties with Madoz two-stroke engines, along with 250, 350 and 500cc machines powered by LMP and Anzani.

At the 1927 Paris Salon the New-Map stand displayed no fewer than eleven models - the Madoz two-strokes, LMP OHV models, and several with JAP sidevalve engines up to 600cc. All the machines had drum brakes front and rear when the majority of the competition were fitted with rim brakes.

There were also motorcycles by the same firm sold under the Paul Martin marque, small cars branded New Baby, three-wheel utilities named Solyto and also sold in Spain under licence as Delfin.

The P. Martin machines were fitted with Zurcher engines and were only available for one year ¹.

In the early 1930s they entered an agreement with MAG of Switzerland, the result being that they shared a letterhead and the New-Map and Motosacoche-France factories were next door to one another.

Shortly before the war they were asked to produce munitions for the French armed forces. Then the Nazis marched in and had them make grenades for the Wehrmacht, which must have been galling.

Postwar production began in 1946 and continued through to 1957 with mostly 125 and 175cc models. Competition in this sector was fierce, and with the advent of cheap cars they were forced to pull the pin at the end of the decade.

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1. says they were cheaper machines, with little chrome and all-black paint.

wiolusia6 at
Hello. I'm looking for information about the new-map B25 motorcycle. Do you have any knowledge about it? pictures, brochures, parts catalogs, technical data, years of production?
Four-digit frame number: 787x.
Eng. No. PL S35 N°30590
I wanted to find out if it is the original or some kind of folding, for sure the fenders are from another morocycle.

    It appears the model was first presented in about 1934, and possibly only for one year only. There is little mention of it anywhere. The advert you provided also shows what appears to be a JTS2 given as a 200cc JAP. Everywhere else the JTS2 is described as a 250cc JAP.
    Images posted to Comments

Tue, 23 Jan 2018
claudegourgas34 at
new map 125 engine AMC type C4T 142

Good day. I have buy a motorcycle NEW MAP type C4T 142 with a engine AMC. Can you say me the year of production ? it is necessary to know that to have officials papers. thank you for your help
st chely d'apcher 48200 France

Fri, 01 Dec 2017
gondar.joao at
New-Map 350cc JAP engine

Hi, I have a New-Map from 1928 with a 350cc JAP engine but this is the only information I have. Can you give me more information about this model in particular? João Gondar
João Gondar
Porto Portugal

Wed, 04 Oct 2017
ollerheadjj at
New MAP Possibly 1947 AMC 108cc model

Hi recently found a slightly poor example of an AMC engine MAP 108CC machine in need of a refurb. Engine number B862 and an unusual registration number 88 N 63. If you are able to help with any information or copies of manuals etc that would be most helpful, there are several parts missing completely but it is a possible that this machine could be restored with information.
Jim Ollerhead
Aberdeenshire United Kingdom

Wed, 27 Sep 2017
votypka88 at
New-Map 1926

Hello, i have the New Map moto with LMP 350 ccm motor, I am looking for a more informations about this model and this motor (drawings about motor, prospects of moto, or motor, photos of other bikes - this model ) Please do you know which production year is this model and what is it's (model's) name? If You know some links with informations about them, or if you know some book titles, which can i buy about this model/mark/motor, i would be very happy. Thank you for feedback. PV
Nov... Bor Czech Republic

Thu, 27 Jul 2017
aquaman at
new map / zundapp ??

Hello. Can you tell me did some early 1930's New Map motorbikes have a part cast iron frame that was shared with early 30's Zundapp motorbike? Regards, Jon Candy
Jon Candy
Frome United Kingdom

New-Map-Zundapp-Forks-JCA.jpg posted to Comments

I can find no evidence of this, but that's not to say it's not possible. Why do you ask? Ed.

Sat May 20 2017
Sadiec at
Please could you tell me what year, CC and model this new map bike is. And if you have any other information relating to it. Many thanks

    Ed. Appears very similar to 1947-49 models - the engine appears to be AMC, but the logo is not standard. Anyone know what that engine logo represents.

New-Map-c1949-AMC-qq-Sadiec-Detail.jpg posted in Comments

Sat May 20 2017
mackenzie-steve at sky.con
New Map AMC New map S100
Hi, looking to see if you know where I can get parts for a New map S100, fitted with the AMC 108cc engine

    Cannot find any info on an S100 New Map. Is there another model type it may be known as, and have you any more shots of the bike, particularly of the engine &/or engine number, and an ID plate if it exists? Ed.
    New-Map-1947-S100 image posted to Comments.

Sun Mar 27 2016
robin.downing at
Aubier et Dunne engine no. 21228
New-Map 100cc moped CA1933 P. Martin Lyon, Cadre No 51365
I recently bought this lightweight 100cc bike with A&Dunne engine. I'm anxious to date this engine and bike and why it has P.Martin, Lyon on the headstock instead of New-Map. It has been suggested he was a main dealer. Both brake backing plates are marked New-Map.
Any help/suggestions much appreciated. Thanks, Rob
Wales, U.K.

I attach (I hope) a few pics of my bike. The link you gave suggests that P. Martin owned the New Map company, probably at the time this bike was made. Perhaps he made a few machines with his name on the headstock . It has "New-Map" on both brake backplates the typical pierced fork links, and the large diameter rubber mounted rear sprocket I have noticed on a few other lightweights by this maker. Note, it has an incorrect front wheel on it at the moment and the petrol tank is not the original. Any info, especially on the year of manufacture, would be much appreciated.

Paul Martin is mentioned in an article on Motosacoche France.

Sat Feb 13 2016
bill.dilworth at
new map 99cc
Hi. Have seen 1938 New map 99cc 2 stroke. Has twin exhausts but not sure if twin cylinder. 2 speed hand change. Has French registration. Do you have any info and some idea of price range

Mon May 26 2014
smspendiff at
info on new map new baby motorcycle
new map new baby
Any idea why new map badge has p martin on it instead of new map
isle of wight , uk

Sat Jul 18 2009
jank at algatecdot com
typ JAP
could you help me - what kind of bike is it?

Fri Jun 12 2009
jan.snoeijs at
new map
new website = (404)

Sat Sep 13 2008
paulinealancross at
new map bl3
hi I am looking for a magneto slip ring for rb magneto on chaise engine or a good magneto for this engine thanks alan cross

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