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Aubier & Dunne Engines and Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Founded by Georges Aubier and his American son-in-law John Dunne in 1921 at Saint-Amand-les-Eaux in north-western France.

These engines were used in many marques including

The firm also built aviation engines including inverted twostroke twins and triples used in light aircraft such as the Flying Flea.

Aubier & Dunne motorcycles were produced from 1926 to 1929, most of which were powered by their 175cc two-stroke, but there was also an advanced four-stroke OHC unit-construction twin produced in 1929. The firm continued to build BMA machines of 100 and 125cc. In the early thirties the Italian engineer Giuseppe Remondini joined the firm and designed a range of engines which were very well received.

John Dunne married Suzanne Aubier whilst based in France at the military base in Libourne after WWI, and after a short stay in Magnolia Illinois they returned to France.

The marque was absorbed by Automoto in the early 1950s.

Aubier-Dunne Engines

    125RS 1955
    175TS 1955
    AK 1951
    AL 1951
    AM 1951
    BD 1951
    BX 1951
    DX 1951
    F 1951
    K 1951
    R 1952
    RS 1952
    RS 1953
    RS 1954
    TS 1953
    TS 1954

Smaller engines
  • Type 100 C
  • Type 100 D
  • Type 100 DX
  • Type 100 F
  • Type 100 BX
  • Type 100 K
  • Type 125 AH
  • Type 125 BD
  • Type 125 AK
  • Type 125 AL
  • Type 125 AM
  • Type 125 R
  • Type 125 RS
  • 175 cc
  • Type 175 TS

Sources: Cycle Memory, JLB Creations, et al

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Aubier-Dunne engines
I am attempting to produce a series of write ups for VMCC but am not much good at web etc! I can not find pictures of engines or better still an exploded view of drawings to help me make comments such as chain or gears for primary drive? Can you help?
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Sorry, none at present. Ed.

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identificacion moto aubier et dunne
moto peregrine desconocido
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motopedale 98 cc aubier -dunne
hi could you tell me any information you have on motorpedale 98 cc 1933 thank you

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