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San-Sou-Pap Motorcycles

Manufactured: 1923 to 1936 1

Pantin (to 1930)
114 boulevard de Valmy COLOMBES (Seine) (1930 on)

Under the direction of Henri May, the firm was initially at 212 Boulevard Péire, Paris where they were associated with Motax. They later moved to Pantin.

The first machines were built using DMD twostroke engines, with JAP fourstrokes appearing in 1928.

During the course of production SSP used engines from Train, Stainless, Aubier-Dunne, JAP, Velocette, Triumph (modified), MAG and possibly others.

According to Bonhams:
"...the San-Sou-Pap factory - the distinctive name meaning 'without valves' - was established in 1923, later moving to Pantin where it established a reputation as a good-quality maker of small two-strokes in what was an era of increasing post-war demand for economical transport. Originally using engine units by Ets. Train of Courbevoie, the range expanded with other power-plants, including four-stroke ones, when San-Sou-Pap became part of the Rovin concern based at Colombes. Both San-Sou-Pap and Rovin closed their doors in 1932."

San Sou Pap Models

  • 1933-1934 AD 2

    D1 1933-1934 BMA

    D2 1933-1934 BMA

    E1 1933-1934 BMA

    BV2 Luxe 175cc 1928-1932

    EMMAG 50 500cc MAG 1931-1934

    EMS 25 1931-1932

    EMS V7 350cc Velocette OHC KTP 1931-1934

    S 92 1930-1932

    SB 35 1929-1934

    SBJA 25 1936

    SBJA 35 1936

    SBJA 50 1936

    SJA 25 1929-1932 250cc OHV JAP (62.5 x 80mm)

    SJA 35 350cc JAP OHV 1929-1934

    SL 25 250cc SV JAP 1929-1934

    SL 35 350cc 4T SSP Sidevalve 1929-1934 (or '32)

    Sport 1928-1932

    SS 17 175cc SSP Twostroke 1930-1934

    SS 25 250cc 3 speed 2-stroke SSP engine 1933-1934

    SS 25 A 1928-1932

    ST 50 500cc SSP sidevalve 1929-1930

    STO 17 1928-1932

    1933-1934 VEL 7

    Sources: Cycle Memory, JLB Creations, Bonhams.

    1. Sources vary: 1923-1932, 1926-1947, 1926-mid 1930s, 1926-1934.

    renato.legenda at
    1927 SAN SOU PAP
    Im asking for help my motorcycle san sou pap ?
    I buyed a motor in parts and assemble it according to the picture that is the only on the web. I am interested if there is any more pictures or any information about this motorcycle. Numbers on the engine are attached, but I can't find numbers on the frame. Please for any information or where I can find it.
    Renato K.

    Wed Oct 16 2013
    Information please
    san sou pap ss25
    I am trying to find more information on this bike that one of our customers has bought. Please can you take a look and let us know your thoughts?
    The numbers are as follows.
    Frame no. 10307
    Engine no. CX 10371
    All the best and many thanx
    Richard Vaudin (Turk)

    According to Bonhams:
    "1931 SanSouPap 247cc Model SS25A 'Coursifiée'.
    Frame no. 10307
    Engine no. CX 10371

    This machine is a rare example of the SS25A, San-Sou-Pap's last two-stroke model..."

    I would like to find out more information on its pedigree and wether or not it was ever raced.

    I would also like to find out the correct paint scheme for it as the customer may want it restored in the future.San-Sou-Pap-1933-SS25-250cc.


    Sun Nov 27 2005
    robert.finkeldey at
    San-Sou-Pap 1926
    Hi. I have a wonderfully restored San-Sou-Pap built in 1926. Unfortunately, I have to sell it because I moved to Australia. The bike resides currently in Germany. Can you recommend a forum / classifieds where I could sell it? To my knowledge, there are only two of this bike remaining worldwide... I look forward to your feedback. Kind regards, Robert

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