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A Brief History of the Marque

50, Av. Marceau, Courbevoie (Seine) France.
Manufactured 1923 1929
According to Tragatsch, the firm had limited production of a wide range of models. These included two strokes from 98cc to 174cc and sv and ohv versions with JAP engines from 248cc to 498cc. There was a 250cc Chaise fourstroke, a shaft-drive two-stroke single, and at least one model utilised the Aubier-Dunne 98cc engine.

Sources: Tragatsch, et al.

Tue Jul 19 2011
willserv<at>aoldot com
information needed
de de v-twin 2 speed belt drive
seeking any photos to identify
Cortland Ohio USA

Thu Nov 11 2010
willserv<at>aoldot com
de de v twin
2 speed belt drive, seeking photps

Fri Jun 05 2009
cresswelltom at hotmaildot com
De-De Motorcycle
Hi I have just bought this item,
[link to ebay]
your site is one of the only sites that references the name! I know that the engine is an Aubier-Dunn 98cc which you also reference under 'MR Motorcycles'

Do you know anything else? my bike has pieces missing and I would love to know where to look!!

Regards, Tom

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