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Motopedale Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Built by Ets. Motopedale from 1931 to 1939 in Courbevoie, Seine by the Eichel Brothers. These pedal-assisted single speed BMA lightweights were powered by 98cc Aubier-Dunne two-stroke engines which had a flywheel magneto providing both lighting and ignition.

The company was acquired in 1934 by Prester, who continued (it is believed) to produce this marque until 1939.

One source suggests that they may have used Python (Rudge) components, or perhaps built racing machines with these British engines. (Rudge-Whitworth: The Complete Story by Bryan Reynolds)


Python Four Valve Head

Rudge Python 250, 350 and 500cc engines were introduced in 1931. Borgo used 4V heads in 1920.

Models include M1 and R1, built in 1932.

Motopedale Models

Sources: JLB Creations, correspondence.

Sat Sep 20 2014
funuk at
motopedale not known
do you have any in formation about pre war bikes from this manufacture
Blackpool UK

Sun Aug 07 2011
daveponting at
motopedale 98 cc aubier -dunne
hi could you tell me any information you have on motorpedale 98 cc 1933 thank you
1939 models only, all are 100cc or smaller

The French-built Motopedale was one of a profusion of lightweight machines catering for the first-time motorcycle buyer and targeted at the economy market. The lightweight machines were powered by 98cc and later 123cc Aubier-Dunne two-stroke units. They were single speed with pedal-assistance and the flywheel magneto provided both ignition and lighting power.

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