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Velosolex was a motorised bicycle built in France from 1948 to 1957 and also made by Solex in North London.

Velosolex produced cyclemotors from 1946 to 1988 in Europe. Production began in both China and Hungary in 1988, but ceased in Hungary in 2002. French production resumed in 2005. The current VéloSolex is a replica of the historic model, but includes modern components which suit both European and North American requirements.

Velosolex America owns the trademark and markets the VéloSolex in the United States and in several other non-European countries.

VéloSolex mopeds were originally produced by the Parisienne manufacturer Solex. Founded at the turn of the 20th century, the company made centrifugal radiators, carburetors, and micrometers, before branching into bicycle motors and bicycles. The firm was owned successively by Dassault, Renault, and Motobécane MBK, who marketed the machines as Solex.

Solex mopeds were also produced by the Dutch ENAF factory owned by Van der Heem NV. Built under licence between 1948 and 1969 in Le Hague they were particularly popular with young women.

The pedal-assisted powered bicycle has a 49 cc engine which runs on 1.4 litres of two-stroke mixture which is good for 100 kilometres.

VéloSolex sold more than 7 million units worldwide. It was extremely popular, not only among high school students (who could ride it without a driver's license) but also among artists and movie stars. Both Brigitte Bardot and Steve McQueen ( rode Velosolex machines.
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chinh92683 at
I looking for the Old solex engine for my Velosolex 330 (Orbea)....
Willie Do
United States

  • Velosolex-330-WiD.jpg posted to Comments.

josef.damisch at
Solex 26 FIP
How much the Solex Carburetor 26 FIP are cost?
Josef Damisch

    This is a question for a Solex parts supplier. Try searching on "Solex Teile Österreich"

Uh i thirth time dissebler my solex 3800 hungury product engine. Yes i can t affort new one that two parts so i seek good used parts form y engine. I need good Crankshaft and flayweel microbeald parts. I got some crankshaft steel need good flyweel (have alredy two bed) Is any change you have find get and send me for some normal price. I live Slovenia Europa
Ales Drobnic
Brezovica pri Ljubljani

Sorry, we do not sell parts. Ed.

wessel at
Velosolex 1967
Hi I Need parts or a complete Velosolex for sale in South Africa. Got a 1967 3800 solex and two spare engines. 2200 and 3800. Needs rims, tubes, tyres and cables etc.
Wessel Van Zyl
South Africa

    Velosolex-1967-Wessel.jpg posted to comments, above.

asmith at
velosolex 3800 1966
I am unable to find the frame number. It isn't on the tag on the steering column and it isn't where the square section frame meets the column. Any ideas please
niort, france

    A page of resources which includes further information on frame number locations has been added to menu, above.

Sat Jan 17 2015
moosiefalls at

3800 3800
looking for someone in canada who could refurbish a velosolex 3800 engine(engine runs needs to be gone through) 1972,and a 1974 engine also
newfoundland canada

Wed Sep 10 2014
briansolex at<
Velosolex Solex technical help
Velosolex Solex
I am happy to help people with Velosolex Solex historical and technical questions. Just email me. Google BrianSolex.

Sat Aug 31 2013
Velo Solex for sale
Velo Solex 3800 3800 (50's/60's?)
Hi, I am wanting to sell my vintage Velo Solex and am not sure how or where I would get a good deal in South Africa! Could anyone please assist,? Thanks
South African

Mon Jul 29 2013
i need velosolex full engine unit
atlas solex 1960
hi my name is faheem i required solex engine unit pls mail me some idea how i can get it thank u

Wed May 01 2013
what model have i bought.
solex number 136990
can you please tell me the year and where can I get parts.

Wed Dec 12 2012
bearing/connecting rod
Velo solex 3800 3800
I have installed a new crank bushing into the roller bearing. It is very tight and does not rotate freely. Is this normal. Thanks for your time

Fri Aug 24 2012
Velo solex cycle model
velo solex collector model
I am looking fo miture model of the velo solex

IXO-Altaya does one of these in 1/24th scale. There is also a Peugeot J7 Van with Velosolex advertsing. Ed.

Sat Nov 10 2012
Velosolex Solex
could you put a Link of my Website?
Velosolex Fische

Sat Oct 20 2012
engine parts needed
velosolex 3800
i have a velosolex 3800 and i need to restore it and need to get some engine parts can you offer me a part seller

Fri Oct 05 2012
velosolex condenser
Solex 1972 . 3800
Looking to purchase a couple of good condensers

Fri Jul 27 2012
new near new solex
velo solex s4800
Does anyone Know if you can still buy a new solex?has anyone got one as new condition to sell

Try the Solex Directory

Tue Sep 11 2012
Service and Restoration
Velosolex S3800
Do YOU know of a service company in the Midlands that can look at, repair and re-invigorate my velosolex?

Tue Sep 11 2012
Tyres required
Velosolex powercycle
Dear Sir, Where can I buy new tyres for my Velosolex powercycle. Thanks. Regards Mike Gray
Blenheim, New Zealand

Wed Sep 19 2012
Velosolex 4800
Velosolex 4800
Hi I have an intermittent misfire and need a new chain , can you please point me in the right direction for a supplier ?
Barry UK

Tue Jun 19 2012
problem and spare parts
Velo solex 3800
hallo, I need an advise (problem with carburator) and need to order some spare parts. Can you help me, are you the right contact? Thank you Ricardo

Sat Jun 09 2012
purchase of velosolex
Velosolex any
I am looking to purchase a velosolex in good working order. Can collect from anywhere in east midlands, midlands or London areas

Wed May 30 2012
Solex 5000
Do you reccomend anywhere I can purchase spares, i'm looking for gaskets, engine bits, tyres etc. Thanks for your help. Mark

Mon May 28 2012
contact breaker
velosolex 600
hi there, i have a solex which is need of a new set of points/contact points would his be something you could help me with?

Sun May 20 2012
what year is this bike
made in france velosolex vin 8069265
i would like to know what year this bike is

Sun May 20 2012
Top steering head bearing
Velo solex 2200
Hi can you help with this. Needs to be 25mm to fit this model not 1 inch or25.4 mm. Many thanks
New Zealand

Tue Apr 03 2012
Poor rear brake.
Velosolex 3800 1967
Fitted with new brake shoes the performance is minimal (would not stop the roller on MOT test.
The sweep of the activating lever seems excessive. any suggestions welcomed.
Bike and engine perfect otherwise.
Cumbria UK

Sat Jan 07 2012
veolsolex tires
velosolex 1971 4000
I need tires front and rear. This model takes 2:00 x 16 Anyone know who sells them?

Mon Oct 17 2011<at>
Chassis number
Solex S3800
For DVLA registration i need the chassis number and can only find engine number (3967967)

Sat Aug 27 2011
weezy11<at>hotmaildot com
1966 velo solex moped
velo solex moped
i bought a 1966 solex moped at a yardsale a few weeks ago for $100. i just got a fuel line for it,the top one that goes to air filter? im a woman..and i have to bend the new line but i cant tell where it goes,does it go so close to the muffler? can u please send me an email with some sort of discription of where it goes,or maybe send me a picture of an engine showing the feul lines. thank you..monica in canada thank u

Thu Jun 23 2011
year of bike
S3800 Solex
I purchased a Solex S3800 can you tell me where on the bike I can find whar year it is?
Warren MI

Is it not on the VIN plate?

Sat Jul 09 2011
Brake adjustment
Velosolex 3800
I'm looking for instructions on how to adjust the brakes, my instruction manual shows newer brake handles, I have the older traditional ones hinged at the back.

Sat Jun 04 2011
velo solex
S380 S380
Hi. I have just aquired a S3800 and the engine seriel number is 695781 with TUM 80A and an addition after "reception paris " of 15 03 1966. It is in full working order but shows it age. Before I do any changes Is there anything I should be aware of or do they all have a date stamp?

Fri Jun 03 2011
jon7cda<at>gmaildot com

Velosolex 49cc
I have a 1998 R registered Velosolex for sale. Never used, 10km from new and is as new, complete with baguette basket at rear. Tools included. Selling for £550. Taxed and MOT Brand new matching helmet £50
York, England

Sat May 07 2011
elie.kamdem<at>gmaildot com
Velosolex for sale
Black & Roll Velosolex S4800
New Velosolex acquired in February for sale. Done 56 miles only. Registered and taxed for use in the UK

Thu Apr 28 2011
npapadimitrios<at>yahoodot com
1972 velo solex 6000
velo solex 6000
Does anyone know where I can buy a fuelpump membrane and gasket ??
toronto,ON Canada

Sun Apr 10 2011
moosiefalls<at>hotmaildot com
velosolex parts
velosolex 4600 (1974)
looking to buy two 19 inch tires, rims,and pedaling system and pedal cranks for my solex wondering about prices and shipping any parts or help would be great thank you
nl canada

Sat Mar 12 2011
johndishman<at>hotmaildot com
solex 3800
I have a solex 3800 i just bought that has not been run in years. It does turn over where can i send the engine to get it rebuilt

Fri Feb 04 2011
cooperhawaii<at>aoldot com
mfg. date ?
velosolex 3800
vin number stamped on frame
Hawaii, 96743

Fri Dec 10 2010
hungarian velosolex
velosolex s3800
i am trying to get the year of manufacture of the velosolex.i have the engine and frame numbers,but i cannot find the required information

Tue Nov 02 2010
Headlight surround (Blue)
Velosolex 3800
My plastic headlight surround is broken It is off a deluxe model Blue with white walled tyres
Perth, Australia

Wed Jul 14 2010
gas tank for 1978 velosolex 4600
velosolex 4600
do you have a white plastic gas tank, used or new for sale? How much?
Portland, Oregon

Sat Feb 20 2010
jonhaddock at
VelosoleX (Motobecane) 3800 S
I've just acquired a SoleX 3800 S which was brought into the UK in 2006 from the estate of a chap living in Belgium. It appears never to have been registered. I need to date it before I can do so. The machine bears all the hallmarks of a late model with black plastic bicycle or motorcycle style conventional style brake levers, an 'M' on the seat post, a black plastic rear mirror is fitted which looks like OEM from later models. A plastic headlamp lens is fitted and no 'extra' lamp is on the headlight. It is in very 'unmolested condition and my feeling is it hasn't had anything done other than some decals removed...there are no stickers on the sides of the frame or on the motor for instance. What is strange, is that the matching numbers are 3870*** which seems to indicate it's a May '66 model...As engine covers are plastic, it carries a Motobecane decal and is generally very clean, including perfect chrome on the wheels, based on my bicycle restoration business, I'd guess at
 mid '80's or later but the engine/frame numbers are throwing me. I'd LIKE it to be '60's as the machine would be exempt from tax (or indeed post 2001 for that matter. I can't find much specific data about the later ones...Can you help at all?
Salisbury, UK

Re my previous...I have just found the engine number; 4662***
The headlamp is yellowed plastic and is in the engine body. ....
Salisbury, UK

Thu Feb 04 2010
iamcanadian-eh at hotmaildot com
Need Gas Tank
Velosolex 4600
Looking for a plastic gas tank for this moped. Canadian source is preferred, however will consider all other options.
Edmonton, AB

Thu Sep 17 2009
rwiley111 at
1949 Velo Solex
velo solex ? 45
I have a 1949 Velo Splex in 85%+ original condition and I am thring to figure out what to ask for it? Sincerely, Rocky Wiley

530 478-0866PST
519 Sacramento st
Nevada City CA 95959 USA

Sat Jun 06 2009
pethard at
throttle tube for 1966 velosolex
velosolex type 3800
where can i source a throttle tube and throttle cable for a type 3800 velosolex motobecane

Thu Jan 29 2009
pfsmith30 at
veloselex new
how easy to buy veloselex please thank you

Mon Dec 08 2008
velosolexmekaniker at
Velo-Solex parts for sale
all models all
I sell Velo-Solex parts, brand new and used.Ask for what you are looking for. I do not have or sende a list

Sat Nov 01 2008
david.hilgenberg at volvodot com
Tires for Solex 5000
Solex 5000
Hi Friend! My name is David and I am a brazilian guy. I am looking for a pair of tires for my Solex 5000. Could you help me, please? Do you some store in internet that sell this tires? Thanks Bro.

Tue Oct 21 2008
hrchu at aoldot com
velosolex to buy
S 3800 S3800
Hello i am living in america and would like to buy a velosolex can you send me a catalog which contains sizes & is my address , 170 Newyork avenue, Brooklyn ,New york ,11216,. My name is Horace Chung ,  thank you.
Brooklyn USA 11216

October 2008
Velosolex NOS parts
see forum post:

Sat Sep 27 2008
velosolex.america at gmaildot com
VeloSolex 3800/4600/4800/5000
Please update your database:
France, USA

Fri Sep 19 2008
edwarddove at
want to purchase a velosolex
velosolex any
coming up to my 40th birthday and have always wanted to have one. Any body got one for sale?

Sat Aug 09 2008
joe at
instruction manual
solex 3800
Can you advise I have an as new less than 1 hour use garaged 3800I am interested to sell this cycle I also need a instruction book any help thankyou Joe Case
southampton uk

subject: velosolex
 ppgilet at yahoodot com
message: do you stock solex motors, as for the french moped.? I live in WA.

Mon Mar 03 2008
thechases at btinternetdot com
Solex Spare Parts
Solex S 3800
Do you know where I can buy spare parts for this model in England. Otherwise anywhere in Europe other than ebay.
Norwich. UK

Recommend you try the Solex Directory

Thu Feb 14 2008
ray-edwards at
velosolex frame no
velosolex S3800
Could you please tell me where the frame no can be found?
Isle of Wight

Mon Dec 10 2007
info at
I am wondering where I can purchase a velosolex in South Africa and the cost.
South Africa

Fri Jun 29 2007
aleyte at hotmaildot com
1966 Velosolex
Hello, I have a 1966 Velosolex Moped. Engine Number: 7183610. It is Yellow & White in Color. I was wondering where I can get some Parts for it. Can you help me please.
Newfoundland, Canada

Sat Jun 23 2007
velo-solex at

Tue Feb 06 2007
vriell at
Workshop manual
1962 Solex
I am rebuilding a 1962 model Solex and need a workshop manual.
I will appreciate any help.
Regards...Len van Riel.
South Africa

Sat Jan 13 2007
grahaminthailand at hotmaildot com
No spark!
velosex 3800
Hello,I live in Thailand and I have a velosex 3800 in need of Medical attention.We have no spark!Can any of you point me to a page for a Maintenance Manuai in English.I really want to preserve this old bike,any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance Graham.

Mon Nov 06 2006
chris-Wheeler at hotmaildot com
Do I need to register my Velosolex in France?
I have bought a velosolex in the UK to take to France I will need insurance but will it need to be registered in France or require a Controlle technique?

Thu Oct 12 2006
quoctrangchuotbeo4 at gmaildot com
Velo-solex 1960
I would like to have the price list for Solex parts, what should I do? And by the way, do you have the gasoline reserve tank? The one they usually put at fronk fork, I need two of them (new or used is be ok.
Seattle, WA (USA)

Thu Aug 10 2006
elegutman at aoldot com
diagrams or manuals
1975 velosolex
I am restoring a velosolex that is at least 30 years old and would appreciate any information on where to find wire diagrams manuals and tires.
FtLauderdale Florida

VeloSolex Manuals

Velosolex serial numbers

Wed Aug 02 2006
miette234 at hotmaildot com
Register in the uk
Velo Solex 1960's
Please can some one advise me on registering my velo solex in the UK. I bought it in france and really want to use it here. Many Thanks

Wed Jul 05 2006
tonyc at grahams-ukdot com
VeloSolex 3800
Hi, Can anybody tell me what the alternator lighting circuit voltage is on these little machines. I have measured the output at 8 volts but am not sure if with all bulbs in circuit this will go down to a nominal 6v or if the field will be further excited and rise to 12v.
Need to buy new bulbs!
Clare, Suffolk

Wed Jun 21 2006
anthonymarston-2 at
Rear wheel
Solex 3800s
Have you any idea where I can buy a new back wheel from?

The bike is a solex 3800s - and I use it to go to work - it is only 4 years old - but I am desperate to get old of a new back wheel - if you want photos will supply - regards,


Great reading by the way.

Fri Jun 09 2006
rboyle at
velosolex 4600
can you tell me where to get 1 3/4" x 19" tires and tubes in Canada

Suggest you try this page: vintage tire specialists at Bikelinks

Tue Apr 11 2006
wveit at btinternetdot com

Hello, I would like to buy and new velosolex. Please advise who I could contact in the Uk or elsewhere please.
Wilfrid Veit

Suggest you try the Solex section at Bikelinks: Solex

Mon Jan 16 2006
brnmonks at aoldot com
can you tell me if able to purchase elctrics, pionts ect as no spark and location and price please

Thu Oct 13 2005
baronhardup.stoneybrokecastle at ntlworlddot com
Velosolex 3800
I have just purchased a Velosolex 3800, made 1999. Could you please tell me how to adjust the idling speed which, at the moment, is too fast,
Thanks for your assistance,
Paul Slater
Derby UK

30th Sept 2005
subject: Solex 'motor bicycle' tyres
Email: mailus2 at
message: I'm doing this on behalf of my retired neighbour who is completely computer illiterate, the query: any idea where he can get tyres for a Solex motorised bicycle circa 1960 -65 the tyre he showed me (which was extrememly perished) stated 'Hutchinson special cyclomoteur reinforced 600 x 43.
thanx, Jim

Thu Sep 15 2005
rdolan at waitrosedot com
solex 5000 brochure velosolex
how do I obtain brochure where can i purchase a velosolex machine in uk one and how much do they cost.

Mon Jul 18 2005
edteresa5 at aoldot com
fuel mix
what is the mix (gas and Oil, for a 1945 velosolex?

Tue Jun 21 2005
amg at
Do you know please if it is difficult to register a Velosolex for use on UK roads?
(Not a lot of point having one otherwise!).
Many thanks, Andy Gibbins.

If you have a query or information about Velosolex cyclemotors please contact us