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A Brief History of the Marque

Eichel Frères
50 av. Marceau

Made in France from 1926 into the late 1950s, earlier machines were made with Aubiere & Dunne, Vog, Train and Chaise engines. In 1936 they merged with Jonghi and began producing a range of racing machines with double overhead cam engines of 175 to 348cc designed by Remondini. Following WWII production resumed with 98cc to 250cc twostroke engines and ohv fourstrokes fitted to motorcycles and a scooter.

The history of the company begins in Italy with the firm Nagas & Ray which built 350cc SV engines. In 1932 Argentinian industrialist Tito Jonghi purchased the company, relocated to France and renamed the product to Jonghi.

The following year, in 1933, the company went bankrupt and merged with Prester, owned by the Eichel brothers who were deported by the Nazis in 1940. The Prester company was absorbed by S.A.T.A.M.

Mon Aug 24 2015
parts at
age of prester moto with aubier & dunne motor
aubier & dunne motor, aubier & dunne
my prester moto has aubier & dunne motor, typeAB1 number 2520.I believe it is 1928, 1929. Can you please confirm so I can register the bike
Manchester UK

Tue May 17 2011
pa-hermosillo<at>yahoo dot com
prester jonghi cj4 photos
Prester-Jonghi 1936
Hello sirs, I have pictures about the Prester Jonghi of 1936 350 c.c because my father has one , Do you have interest on it?
Guadalajara Mexico

Wed Aug 18 2010
prester moped
Can anyone tell me where E. Prester began producing motorcycles? Does anyone know what model bike this is? Thanks
Bergen op Zoom, Holland

  • Troyes, I believe. Ed.

Wed Feb 21 2007
james.dennison at
Prester Jonghi

Hi, I have recently acquired this bike. Can you please tell me what year and model it might be? Thanks, James
Worcester, UK

Tue Aug 15 2006
emailglenn at
Old Prester motorcycle
Hello, I have an old Prester motorcycle. I bought it from the estate of a gentleman here in Santa Barbara. It is completely original and with a little effort runs me around the block a time or two. I have a lot of questions regarding the bike and would welcome any and all assistance. One more thing, the last time it was registered it was in China so it still carries Diplomatic plates as the owners father was the American Ambassador at the time. Pretty cool. I'll send off some photos soon if you wish.
Santa Barbara, California

The bike appears to be a Prester B1 of about 1936 vintage. Ed.

Fri Jan 20 2006
singin.squid at
prester tank logo
Hello there
I am restoring a b1.
There's the remains of a logo just under the petrol filler hole. Do you have any images of this.I'd much appreciate any info. I've been given just the petrol tank,mudguards,rear rack and the two diddie fish tail silencers to sort out, the frame and forks are being tinkered with by a guy in Marseille.

Sun Nov 06 2005
naro at
hi there i restore a prester maybe you have more info for me we don't know if we doing it the right way. There are not any pictures on the internet from this type.
info aubier dunne
type b1 prester No 1035

November 20, 2000
I'm Harry van den Boogaard and I have lot of info of Prester. I restored a 1934 model and I've met 2 other Presters -- haj.vandeboogaard at

April 27, 2000
My Father is in the process of putting together a Prester, which he recently brought back from France. As yet I have not been able to find him any information on the web but if you know what a good starting point may be, it would be really useful :-)
If I find anything in the meantime, I'll drop you a line....
Kindest regards.
Alastair Cox -- alastaircox at hotmail dot com

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