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A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured: 1913-1939

Société Anonyme des Etablissements Emile Train
9 rue Rouget-de-l'Isle

Louis Émile Train began his career as a mechanic in his father's workshops in Saint-Étienne and became familiar with the workings of sewing machines, bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles. He then began building and flying aeroplanes, but gave the new venture away after an accident in the Paris-Madrid race of May 1911 resulted in several injuries to his person and the death of the Minister of War, Maurice Berteaux. He resumed his motorcycling activities, and in 1914 purchased the Lurquin & Coudert firm.

Train built engines of many types including 173cc two-strokes which were popular in some Italian machines of the era, and fourstrokes from 250cc to 995cc in SV and OHV including 750 & 995cc V Twins.

In 1930 they introduced an in-line four cylinder OHC motorcycle with shaft drive. It had a 495cc engine with a bore/stroke of 50 x 63 mm, a three-speed gearbox, 19" wheels and dual drum brakes on the front.

Train Engines include:
98cc 2T 1928
125cc 2T 1928
175cc 2T 1928
1000 T 1 102cc 2T
1500 T 1 123cc 2T
800 T 1 345cc 2T
500 T 1 245cc 2T
2000 T 1 498cc SV
3000 T 1 748cc SV Twin
4000 T 1 998cc SV Twin

Manufacturers who used Train engines include:

Sources: JLB Creations, cyclememory.org, correspondence, period literature

Sat Dec 17 2016
vanhalle at kpnmail.nl
Train motorcarrier
1930 carrier
Hello , i aime loocking for info about this motocarrier
motor TRAIN / boite STAUB
Magneto Lavalette i need info about CC / year / enz..

As much of it appears home-made, it could be any number of marques. Suggest comparing steering mechanism with motocarri of various manufacturers. Are there any markings on the chassis?

Sat Jan 24 2015
Hitchhike3017 at gmail.com<
Would like info on Train Bike
We picked up a 1913 train at Mecum auction. We would love to know some history on it
Wisconsin, USA

Sun Apr 05 2009
slewfoot-signs at hotmaildot com
Train V-twin
Found in Iowa

Mon Aug 21 2006
handsomeherb at comcast.net
train water cooled motor
hi i have a water cooled train motor and would like to known something about it the engine numbers are E715E and it has a clover stamp at the end of the numbers it also has a bosch mag type zav and a zenith carb thanks billy campbell
massacusset usa

    More information on this engine here: Obscure Train at Auction
    (Cometa Restaurations says that it's a stationary engine.)

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