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Gloria were motorcycles produced from 1932 to 1933.
  • These machines were, in reality, a bottom end, cut price Triumph model, although the name had already been used on their bicycles, sidecars and even on one of their cars.
  • This very basic motorcycle model had a 98cc Villiers engine, two-speed Albion gearbox, open diamond frame and girder forks.
  • For their final year in 1933, the Gloria model had a 147cc Villiers engine. After that, Triumph sold their own brand of lightweights for that end of the market, before leaving it altogether.

Gloria were motorcycles produced circa 1924 to 1925. Gloria motorcycles were built by Triumph, small mopeds with Villiers and Train engines marketed by Triumph France.

One source says that they were manufactured by Triumph from 1932 to 1934, and one of Roy Bacon's books has an image of a Gloria of 1933 vintage.

There are also two Italian marques, Intramotor Gloria and Moto Gloria, and a British Gloria sidecar built in the years immediately prior to WWI.

Sources: Graces, Roy Bacon, Henshaw, period literature.

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villiers engine in a gloria
1933 gloria
roy bacons british motorcycles 1930, 1940, 1950. page 133 has a picture of a gloria with a v111 c 147cc villiers engine in it

Source: Graces Guide

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