Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Motorcycles 1903

Triumph Cycle Co. are exhibiting their speedy 2½ h.p. motor bicycle fitted with the new type of Longuemare carburetter and many little details which add to the comfort of motor cycling, such as a very substantial lamp bracket clamped to the duplex fork stays, a two-way switch with two sets pf batteries, a striker for freeing the inlet valve, and a really good vacuum valve. The 3 h.p. motor bicycle has an exhaust throttle control and a very accessible wipe contact. The forecarriage shown on this stand is one well worth seeing. The engine is completely water-cooled, the cooling water is circulated by a belt-driven pump, and cooled in a honeycomb radiator carried below the forecar frame. On the longitudinal members connecting the forecar body to the back axle are swinging legs, which can be used as jacks to raise the back wheel. The steering gear of this machine looks particularly substantial. (Stand 141.)

Stanley Show, The Motor Cycle, Nov 25th 1903

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