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Fri Dec 18 2015
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I believe that the term "Daudel" is a slang and somewhat affectionate term for Warren Lewis's Triumph.
Austin, Texas

In "Conversations with C. S. Lewis - Imaginative Discussions About Life" by Robert Velarde, the author writes that Jack (C.S.) and his brother Warren, in conversation with Tolkien (Tollers):

"Jack," Tolkien said, greeting him with a smile. "It's so good to see you again. And Tom," he said, pausing briefly, perhaps taking in my oversized overalls, "I'm glad to see you again as well."

A large man sitting in a corner took what looked like a last drink from his mug, stood and came over to us.

Warnie, I'm glad you could join us," said Jack.

"You know I wouldn't miss an opportunity to visit the Bird and Baby," said Jack's brother, Warren Lewis. "Is the Daudel still in one piece?"
"Yes, Warnie, it's fine," said Jack, adding with, I thought, an expression of mock seriousness, "although we almost hit a bus and were bombed in London."

Thu Sep 18 2008
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Illustration needed for a sermon
Daudel Motorcycle & Sidecar
I should be so pleased to be able to show my congregation what a Daudel motorcycle looks like
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An unexpected Christmas present!
Thank you, most sincerely,
Stephen Williams.

Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005
subject: Daudel Motorcycle
Email: dhg at
message: My Uncle is said to have owned a 'Daudel Motorcycle' in 1930. I can find no history of such a machine can you help?
Thanks. Douglas Gresham.

A: My ancient copy of Tragatsch does not list such a machine, but I found a reference to them here which reads: "[C.S.] Lewis's conversion to Christianity was powered by the internal combustion engine. He made the voyage from atheism to theism on the upper deck of the Headington bus in 1929, and completed his journey to Christianity in the sidecar of his brother's Daudel motorcycle en route to Whipsnade zoo."

Can anyone enlarge upon this - is there such a motorcycle, or is this a furphy? Ed.

Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005
subject: Daudel Motorcycles
Email: dhg at
message: Sir,
Your quote outlines the reason I am asking. C.S.Lewis was my stepfather and his brother my uncle.

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