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6th March 2023
safeblood at optusnet dot com au
Dear Sheldon's EMU
Was wondering if you could assist me with some information.
Have recently bought a Triumph CN 500 1929 to restore, currently a basket case, about 65% complete. Firstly do you know if it is only the CN and CSD that have interchangeable part with the exception of engine and gear box. Also are you able to tell me what type of carburetor is used on this bike.
Appreciate your time and any information you are able to provide.
Darryl Currently this is all we have: Triumph CN 500cc
Perhaps one of our readers can add more.

simon.bird at
I am writing in hope that you can assist me with tracking down a complete clutch/breakdown/parts list for a model H Sturmey Archer CS 3 speed gear box as this is the last component required for my restoration?
I believe that picture 2 are the components required?
Picture 3 is my current set up.

Images posted to Comments

nikgalua at
Triumph Tigress 250 (four stroke twin-electric start) 1960
Are you able to assist with specifications relating to the light bulbs used on this motor scooter? My Brother is preparing to return my Father's scooter (1960 Triumph Tigress - four stroke parallel twin with electric starter) to service and I am assisting in trying to source some of the consumables.
Hobart, Tasmania

There is information on light globes under Electrical Components
erik.elsen1 at
Hello, I have - what I think is - a reproduction of the poster you also show on your website.
Any idea about the value ?
Thanks for your kind reply.
Elsen Erik
Beringen, Belgium A secondhand reproduction would be worth perhaps half the price of a new one. Search on "Triumph Poster 1920s".
kieran.hatherly at
1925 Triumph P Series
Hi. I noticed one of your Triumph picture mentions it is believed to be a 1927 Triumph QA. It is in fact an early 1925 P Series Triumph. There are four giveaways.
1. The QA did not have inverted brake levers that fit in the ends of the handlebars, they instead had brakes levers that clamped to the handle bars.
2. The very early 1925 P Series had the external band brake, as seen in your picture, before moving to a drum brake later in 1925. The external band brake was no longer used after this.
3. The front forks are the Druid style typical of the P Series, as seen in your picture, before moving to the Webb style from the Model N onwards.
4. The P Series rear brake was a friction block that rubbed against a large rim attached to the wheel, as seen in your photo, the QA had a drum brake.
Kieran Hatherly

Many thanks, Keiran. The image (previously Triumph-1927-QA-500cc-SCA.jpg) has been renamed and moved to the 1925 gallery.
juergenpe at
Triumpf NSD 1931
Hello, I just got a Triumpf 550 NSD, built in 1931. A part is missing on the crankshaft in front of the oil pump drive. Presumably to get the oil into the crankshaft. How does it look like? And looking for the front and rear wheels for Triumpf 5/1, 1934.Tank and engine are available. Possibly for sale.
Greetings Jürgen

Some brief notes on the 550 NSD here: 1929 Triumph Models
Image posted to Comments

donconcho38 at
Triumph t15 1955
please advise where to get the aluminium rectifier located under the single spring seat.
What is its use.
Any other that will replace it?

    Try this:

sawoodford at
Triumph L2/1 1935
Hi. What is the colour code for the red on my bike. I have found a picture of a similar bike.
Simon Woodford
Isle of Wight
slamdunc62 at
triumph tigress 175cc 1959
Hi I would like to know what tool to use on the flywheel for taking it off to check the coils and points
duncan john lightbown
Blackburn Lancashire England

seanhldn at
1925 Triumph model P
Hi I’m looking for parts for my 1925 Triumph model p frame I have the frame/ engine / and seat but I’m looking for a tank, mudguards, with stand clips, rear stand handle bars if you have a lost can you send me please or let me know what you have
Sean Holden
slamdunc62 at
triumph tigress 175cc 1960
Hi can you still obtain parts for this Model and were can you buy them
duncan john lightbown
Blackburn Lancashire England
mimoose at
dear sir looking for red tires ! for triumph motorcycle . any ideas where i can get some ? regards
laurent MIMART

nesposito1919 at
2007 triumph thruxton
I'd like to purchase a decal sticker for my tail seat cowl. I saw the gold triumph logo and think this would be what I'm looking for. Where can I purchase this?
Nic Esposito
Glen Mills

enada at
NSD 550 1930
Please help to determine the dimensions of the Triumph 550 Model NSD 1930 front fork.I produce springs in addition to other components for cars and motorcycles and I am inquired by the owner of the machine, who is unable to provide the information.Thank you for your help.I can send a blind drawing and a plea for kind supplementation dimensions.
Miloslav Klouda
Czech republic
moreno.cavani at
triumph junior 250 1920
good morning
My name is MorenoCavani
I'm looking for chaincover for triumph junior and also gear set in motion
moreno cavani

  • Triumph-1920-Junior image posted to Comments.

mrhalekmarek at
Hello, I have this engine and I would like to learn more about it. All I found was that it was 348cc. Please for more information. Thank you very much. Sincerely Mrhalek Marek - Czech Republic
Marek Mrhalek
Czech Republic

  • The engine appears to be a Triumph CTT 500cc c.1929. A clear image showing the engine number prefix may help to pin it down.
    Triumph-1920s-OHV-Engine images posted to Comments.

pplatanos at
Forgive my bad English.I bought this bike 2 weeks ago. The bike was in the Greek army until 1951. In the photo you can see the owners father. Its in Africa in the war.The bike is the only left in Greece with registration.Except the rear light and the tachometer there is no missing parts.I would like to ask you about the value of this bike.
I also have 2 boxes with parts. Cylinders,gearbox and many others.
I am waiting for your reply.
Thank you.

david.helenwallis at
1936 T100
I have just purchased the above and the corks are missing from the clutch, can anyone advise their original thickness please ?
David Wallis
alberto_draghi at
Triumph model nt 500 1932
Hi, I need your help ! I have some problems in running the phase of the engine. Ho can I contact you ? Thanks regards
  • Understand this means problems with ignition timing or possibly cam timing.

mark at
triumph tessy scooter 1957
I am interested in doing up or selling my scooter. Are you interested or can you help?
mark eaton
United Kingdom

Sat, 03 Feb 2018
r.arena2003 at
Reimmatricolazione 1932 CDS 549.c.c.

Buongiorno gradirei capire che moto e inoltre vorrei fare una reimmatricolazione grazie
Marino Europe

Good morning I would like to understand that bike and also I would like to do a re-registration thank you

  • The model is a CSD. Triumph-1932-549cc-CSD-RAr-01.jpg posted to Comments.

Fri, 13 Oct 2017
nicolaalessio.colombo at<
Triumph TR250 1969

HI, I am looking for engine spare parts or possibly and entire engine as my crankshaft is broken, can you help?
Gallarate Italy

Sat, 07 Oct 2017
kristjanlaarin at<
triunph B125 40y

HI, have b125, year 40, have question, gear shift and rear footpegs? sorry about my english, i m from estonia.
best regards.Kristjan
tallinn Estonia

Sat, 05 Aug 2017
knightd at
Triumph 1949 Speed Twin

I have been told that it is possible to get information about the original buyer of a motorcycle. Mine came to the US from Egypt where it is rumored, it was used by the Egyptian Postal Service. Would their be records of a purchase such as this?
David Knight
Collinsville, Ohio

  • That could possibly be answered by a Triumph marque specialist. Suggest contacting one of the clubs.

Mon Jul 03 2017
info at
350ccm 3H or 3HW
Dear Sir or Madam,

I have bought a Triumpf to 3H or 3HW from England.
This has no papers.

Can they say me about this machine what?

The engine number is 62497
The chassis number is 52457

The machine is built presumably between 1939 and 1946.
On the Internet none of these numbers is to be found.

Maybe they have also a contact for me

Many thanks for your help (aid).

With friendly ones

  • Are your rocker boxes separate, or integral with the cylinder head casting? This will help identify the model.
    Images showing the cylinder head area, along with shots of the frame and engine numbers will also help.
    Serial Numbers: Engine Numbers and Frame Numbers
    The machine is most likely a 3HW from the war years. The engine and frame numbers do not match any found. The engine and frame numbers need careful study, and may not be original. Clearer images of both will possibly reveal more. Did you buy it privately, or from a dealer?
    More information at Triumph 3HW 350cc

Sat Jan 14 2017
guzzi.tonutti at<
Triumph 1925
retauracion LS 350cc
buenas tardes estamos en udine restaurando una triumph ls 350cc pero estamos buscando el tubo de escape para continuar restaurando esta hermosa moto si nos pueden colaborar con información de donde podemos encontrar este múltiple le agradecemos para su colaboración
Italia Udine
English translation:
Retauracion LS 350cc
Good afternoon we are in udine restoring a triumph ls 350cc but we are looking for the exhaust pipe to continue restoring this beautiful bike if we can collaborate with information where we can find this multiple thank you for your collaboration

Fri Aug 12 2016
dugg1935 at
Available to buy
Triumph 3T (Bathtub)
Availability in Australia only. Please provide picture and details
Sydney Australia

Wed May 25 2016
andyjames1970 at
Fuel Tank
Triumph unknown
My dad passed away recently and i have this fuel tank he found years ago in an old warehouse .he thought it was a rare find and it does look early,posibly hand change model as there some mounts on the side of the tank.can anyone tell me what model it is off. thanks

  • Triumph-1929c-Tank images posted to Comments.

Wed Apr 27 2016

axel_1956 at
triumph tank
vendita LS 346cc
I sell tank mod. LS 346cc

Ed: Tank appears sound but no image of base was supplied.

Fri Dec 18 2015
HeckYes at<
I believe that the term "Daudel" is a slang and somewhat affectionate term for Warren Lewis's Triumph.
Austin, Texas

Warren was C.S's brother. More information on "Daudel"

Sun May 03 2015
jjbeaulieu01 at<
wiring harness color code diagram<
Triumph T100S
wiring harness color code

Mon Mar 23 2015
gillesduguey at
triumph 3hw
Hi do anybody knows where i can find parts for this engine

Wed Dec 24 2014
igor.czernotta at

Hello I am looking for manual, parts catalog for Triumph motorcycle NT 1929 about it for my grandfather, I thank Igor
czech republic

Tue Nov 11 2014
po at
colour codes
Triumph Triumph Speed Twen 1954 red
Do you know what color cod my Speed Tween has? Its the same color as the picture (its not my bike on the picture).

Wed Aug 27 2014
sean05 at<
Paint code 1957 T110
Triumph T110 1957
Hi I'm chasing paint codes for blue and ivory on a 1957 T110
Can you please help
Western Australia

Sun Aug 31 2014
krzysieksalach at
Sprzedam Triumph
Pozdrawiam Krzysiek

Sun Jul 20 2014
robertdixon731 at<
Triumph LS 350cc
Hi I have attached two pictures of my latest restoration it is a 1925 Triumph LS 350cc. It is unit construction, about 350 were only made. It is my bike. There is not a picture of on on your web page. Thought you may like the pictures
Northern Ireland

Triumph 1925 Gallery

Tue Apr 22 2014
velofello at
Bonneville 1974 O.I.F wiring
Triumph Bonneville 650 O.I.F
Could anyone tell me if this model is+ or- earth and is it 4 or 5 speed thank you

Sun Feb 16 2014
markyboy64 at<
Triumph Query
Triumph 1936 550 Sidevalve
Hello, just regarding your article about 1936 sidevalve 5/1. My crankcase is stamped s6 like your photo, but you deciphered it to be a 5/1. What did I miss in the engine no? Cheers, Mark K

Gallery: triumph-1936

Mon Feb 10 2014
Triumph tank
Triumph junior baby 225cc
S.o.S. I search for buy a triumph junior baby 225cc tank
Arezzo Italy

Sun Jun 30 2013
Oil tank mounting
triumph 1959 t20
Can anyone help with pics of the oil tank mounting on a 59 cub with side panels are there extra brackets I am restoring a basket case need under the panels reference pics

Tue Feb 05 2013
Wanted 1936 triumph 5/1 tank
triumph 5/1
looking for a tank to suit 1936 triumph 5/1 550 side valve single

Tue Feb 05 2013
Transmission Badges
'67 T100C '67 T100C

Please could you let me know of a supplier for the transmission badges, I believe there are two types, the one states the patents and the second "Made in Great Britain" or something similar.
Johannesburg South Africa

Sat Feb 02 2013
leaking primary case behind clutch
Triumph TRW 1956
what can I do to stop oil coming out of the spring controlled steel washer?
Surrey B.C.Canada

Wed Jan 30 2013
Triumph fips motor scooter
Fips /Sachs pedal engine 1950
Hello I would like to the value of this bike.

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