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Triumph Motorcycles 1961

Information from the factory brochure.

Triumph 1961 3TA

Quiet, flexible and smooth yet with a sparkling performance, the Triumph Twenty-one is the most coveted 350 on the road. Every detail of its specification is up-to-the-minute - light alloy cylinder head, unit construction 4-speed gearbox, rear enclosure, and many other advanced features which mark this as an outstanding modern motorcycle.

Triumph 1961 6T Thunderbird

With a world-wide reputation for performance, stamina and complete dependability, the famous Triumph Thunderbird has for many years been first choice of the keen sidecar or hard-riding solo man. Now with a light alloy cylinder head, more powerful braking and many other new features it is one of the most attractive motorcycles available today.

Triumph 1961 6T Thunderbird

Triumph 650cc Specifications 1961



ENGINE 650 c.c. o.h.v., vertical twin with two gear-driven camshafts, Light alloy cylinder head, cast-iron barrel, high compression pistons, large bore carburetter. Splayed port head with two carburetters on T120, One-piece forged crankshaft with bolt on central flywheel. "Ef" section RB66 alloy connecting rods with plain big-ends. Dry sump lubrication with plunger type pump and pressure indicator. Gear-driven magneto with auto control. Thunderbird (6T) has A.G./D.G. lighting ignition system with emergency start circuit. Polished aluminium oil bath primary chain case. Air cleaner (not T120).

GEARBOX Triumph design and manufacture. Shafts and gears of hardened nickel and nickel-chrome steel - needle roller layshaft bearings. Positive stop footchange ("Slickshift" auto clutch operation on 6T and TUO). Multiplate clutch with indestructible cork sheet linings and rubber pad shock absorber. Accessible filler and level plugs and dual gearbox adjusters.

FRAME Brazed cradle type frame with twin front down tubes and swinging fork suspension, hydraulically damped and adjustable for varying loads. "Easylift" centre and prop stands (latter optional extra). Provision for anti-theft lock to steering head. -Front wheel stand.

FORKS Triumph design telescopic pattern with hydraulic two-way damping and steering damper.

FUEL TANKS Handsome large capacity all-steel welded petrol tank mounted on rubber and easily detached. Quick release fillers and plated parcel grid. Froth tower on oil tanks.

NACELLE 6T and T110 only (Patent No. $42670). Triumph design integral with top of forks enclosing headlamp, instruments and switchgear. Instruments internally illuminated,

Front:    Full width hub, heavily finned, with efficient 8-in, diameter brake.
Rear: 7-in. diameter with cast-iron drum integral with chain sprocket. Fully floating shoes.

WHEELS AND MUDGUARDS Triumph design wheels with plated spokes and rims. Efficient front guard and stylish rear enclosure on 6T and T110.

LIGHTING EQUIPMENT Lucas alternator, crankshaft mounted, 12 a.h., battery, powerful headlamp (quickly detachable where nacelle not fitted) with combined reflector/front lens assembly, "pre-focus" bulb and adjustable rim. Wide angle rear/stop light with combined reflector.

SPEEDOMETER Smiths 120 m.p.h. (180 Km.p.h,) chronometric type with r.p.m., scale, internal illumination and trip recorder.

HANDLEBAR Chromium-plated with quick-action twist grip and adjustable friction control. Integral horn push Adjustable plated clutch and brake levers with built-in cable adjusters.

TWINSEAT Triumph design. Latex foam cushion covered in black waterproof "Vynide". Hinged on 6T and T110.

TOOLS Kit of good quality tools and tyre inflator, 192-page instruction Manual.

EXTRAS Prop stand all models. Pillion footrests all models. Quickly detachable rear wheel. (Wheel can be removed leaving brake, chain, etc. undisturbed.) Steering lock all models.

Triumph 1961 Specifications C


"C" RANGE MODELS 350 c.c. and 500 c.c.

ENGINE Advanced design vertical twin cylinder o.h.v., with two camshafts driven by gears. Pushrod operated overhead valves in a light alloy cylinder head. High duty iron cylinder block. Dry sump lubrication with plunger type pump. Steel connecting rods with plain big-ends. A.C./D.C. lighting-ignition system with crankshaft-mounted alternator and emergency start circuit. T100A has energy transfer ignition which enables the battery to be dispersed with if desired. Oil pressure indicator. Silent Duplex primary chain in polished aluminium oil-bath with tensioner. Efficient air cleaner, quickly detachable for servicing.

GEARBOX Four speeds with positive foot operation and gear-position indicator. Built in unit with engine. Heavy duty shafts and gears of hardened nickel and nickel-chrome steel. Multiplate clutch with cork sheet linings and rubber block shock absorber. Folding kickstarter.

FUEL TANKS All steel welded tank with parcel grid and chrome motif. Oil tank under twinseat. Quick release filler caps. Rubber knee grips. FORKS Telescopic pattern with two-way hydraulic damping. Steering damper. Front wheel stand.

FRAME Heavy duty brazed cradle type frame with swinging fork rear suspension, hydraulically damped. "Easylift" centre stand. Provision for padlocking steering head against theft.

NACELLE (Patent No. 647670.) Integral with top of forks enclosing headlamp unit, 120 m.p.h. (180 Km.p.h.) speedometer, ammeter and switchgear. All instruments internally illuminated and rubber mounted.

BRAKES Full width front hub heavily finned, incorporating powerful 7-in. brake. Same diameter rear brake. New fully floating shoes, cast-iron drums, finger adjustment front and rear.


Wheels of Triumph design with plated rims and spokes. Front mudguard of generous proportions. Stylish rear enclosure, which incorporates provision for mounting panniers if required.


Powerful 7-in. headlamp has a combined reflector,'front lens assembly, "pre-focus" bulb and adjustable rim. Wide angle rear stop light with integral reflex reflector.

TWINSEAT ASSEMBLY Latex foam cushioned seat, covered in black "Vynide" completely waterproof. The seat is hinged and when lifted reveals the air cleaner, 12 a.h. battery, coil, rectifier, oil tank and filler, and tools in moulded compartments in rubber container. The seat release knob is removable as an anti-theft device.

HANDLEBAR Chrome-plated bar with, quick-action twistgrip adjustable for friction. Integral dipswitch horn button. Adjustable plated levers with built-in cable adjusters.

FINISH 3TA: Shell blue sheen with black frame. 5TA Ruby Red... T100A Black and Silver.

EXTRAS Pillion footrests. Prop stand. Quickly detachable rear wheel.

TR5A Specification as above but detachable headlamp replaces nacelle unit and standard sports mudguards are fitted front and rear.

Sleek, modern twin cylinder OHV Engine-gearbox unitas fitted to"C" range models (350 500 c.c.).

Raising the seat reveals the tool kit. oil tank and electrical equipment on "C" range models.

Triumph 1961 T100 5TA

T 100 A

A light, easily handled 500 twin bearing a name synonymous with high performance - the Triumph Tiger 100. High compression pistons, special camshafts and many unique features - allied to modern appearance and first class handling, underline the special appeal of this model to the sporting rider.

Stylishly modern in every detail and with an exciting performance, the famous Triumph Speed Twin is a firm favourite with discerning riders in every part of the world. Light in weight, easy to handle and with first-class brakes and roadholding it typifies the modern trend to refinement in motorcycling.

Triumph 1961 T110

The most popular of all fast 650's - the Tiger 110 offers tremendous performance with a host of features to appeal to the man who rides fast and far. The effortless power of the famous 40 B.H.P. twin cylinder alloy head unit is matched by superb roadholding and steering, making the Triumph Tiger 110 a thrilling pleasure to ride.

Triumph 1961 T120C

A new model incorporating the high performance of the two-carburetter Triumph Bonneville 120 engine with a general specification for cross-country competition. Upswept twin exhausts, detachable chromium plated headlamp, trials tyres and many specialised features to make this model a formidable competitor in any type of "off the road" event.

Triumph 1961 T120R Bonneville

With the highest performance available today from a standard fully equipped production motorcycle, the Triumph Bonneville 120 is intended primarily for the experienced rider. The two-carburetter engine with splayed port light alloy head, although tremendously powerful, is smooth and tractable at low speeds. The duplex frame provides handling of the highest order.

Triumph 1961 T20

The immense popularity of the Triumph Tiger Cub confirms the quality and performance of this O.H.V. lightweight. Plenty of power, a four-speed gearbox to take full advantage of it, and first-class steering and suspension are outstanding features of this model. As for economy, both in first cost and running expenses, it is unsurpassed.

Triumph T20 Cub 1961

Triumph 1961 TR5AC

A completely new competition model utilising the high performance of the T100A engine and a specification which includes all those items so essential to success in hard-fought cross-country events. High ground clearance, two-into-one exhaust, small fuel tank, detachable lighting - plus handling qualities ideal for the purpose.

Triumph 1961 TR6

The Triumph Trophy TR6R is a new high-performance 650 with twin downswept exhausts and engine details as the famous Tiger 110. Three-gallon fuel tank, detachable lighting, competition type forks and other features permit this model to be quickly adapted to most types of road competition where speed and stamina count.


(A.M.A. Confirmed) held by Triumph







650 c.c.


Jess Thomas

214.47 m.p.h.

500 c.c.



214.27 m.p.h.

200 c.c.


Bill Martin

139.82 m.p.h.

Standard with pump fuel

650 c.c.


Bill Johnson

147.42 m.p.h.

600 c.c.



133.40 m.p.h.

350 c.c.


Danny Macias

118.41 m.p.h.