Triumph Motorcycles

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Triumph Motorcycles of the 1980s

1980 Models

Triumph T140E(S) Bonneville 1980 (European)
Triumph T140D Bonneville (Alloy wheels) 1980
Triumph T140V Bonneville 1980
Triumph TR140E 1980
Triumph TR7V Tiger 1980

1981 Models

Triumph TR65 Thunderbird 1981
Triumph T140E Bonneville 1981 (Spoked wheels)
Triumph T140LE Bonneville Royal Wedding 1981 (Alloy wheels)
Triumph TSS Bonneville T140W (8-valve) 1981
Triumph TSX Bonneville (Export) 1981
Triumph TR7T Tiger Trail (France) 1981

1982 Models

Triumph TR65 Thunderbird 1982
Triumph T140E Bonneville 1982 (Spoked wheels)
Triumph T140LE Bonneville Royal Wedding 1982
Triumph TSS Bonneville T140W (8-valve) 1982
Triumph TSX Bonneville (Export) 1981
Triumph TR7T Tiger Trail (France) 1982

1983 Models

Triumph TR65 Thunderbird 1983
Triumph Bonneville UK 1983
Triumph Bonneville USA 1983
Triumph TSS T140W (8-valve) 1983
Triumph 1983 Bonneville Executive
Triumph 1983 Thunderbird USA
Triumph 1983 Tiger Trail 850cc
Triumph TSX 1983
Triumph T140ES 1983

1983 Triumph TSX 750

The TSX 750 was essentially a restyled Triumph Bonneville, fitted with a lowered chassis and 16-inch-diameter rear wheel, with the engine offset in the frame.

371 were built - 100 for the US, 200 for the UK and 71 for the rest of the world.

Tiger Trail 850cc 1983

Tiger Trail

Built for rough riding. 850cc engine, flexible performance with standard features such as tachometer* twin mirrors* and pillion footrest. Now for extra protection there's the new leg guard on the exhaust. Engine in practical black finish, extended sump guard. modifled frame and swinging arm plus, new silencer. Tiger Trail at home where the going's roughest.

Triumph 1983 Catalogue

1984 Models

Triumph Bonneville (Harris) 1984
Triumph Trident Legend (Les Williams) 1984

1985 Models

Triumph Bonneville (Harris) 1985
Triumph Trident Legend (Les Williams) 1985

1986 Models

Triumph Bonneville (Harris) 1986
Triumph Trident Legend (Les Williams) 1986

1987 Models

Triumph Bonneville (Harris) 1987
Triumph Trident Legend (Les Williams) 1987

1988 Models

Triumph Bonneville (Harris) 1988
Triumph Trident Legend (Les Williams) 1988

1989 Models

Triumph Trident Legend (Les Williams) 1989

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