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Sun Nov 25 2012
electric scheme "Triumph ND 549 cc 1932 "
Angelo Triumph ND 549 cc 1932
Hi. Could you send me the electric schema of the Triumph ND 549 cc 1932 motocycle ?
I accept anything also others files of such model.

Thanks in advance.


Mon Sep 17 2012
triumph model x
I am restoring one of these .do you know of one I could get a look at. I believe the bike to have been manufactured in 1930/1931

Model X from the 1931 French catalogue

Tue May 01 2012
Paint Color
1970 Triumph Bonnieville T120R
I would like to know if Astral Red in Metallic Finish is available

Fri Apr 06 2012
Part wanted
Triumph TRW
Wanted: carberetter inlet hose, rubber.
Triumph part number, f3114 (87-3114)
Sydney, Niva scotia, Canada

Sun Feb 19 2012
1936 triumph piston
triumph 1936 single piston
need a piston where can i buy one

Thu Mar 15 2012
To buy
Triumph Silver jubilee
Want to buy Australian triumph
Silver jubilee

Fri Dec 16 2011
Bike wanted
Triumph Hurricane x75
I am looking for a Triumph Hurricane X75, preferably some form of restoration project but will consider other options. If you have something please com back to me.
Many thanks

Thu Dec 15 2011
triumph 1930 nsd combination
triumph 550cc sv engine no. g 2397 dgt
hi.i have this bike in a dismantled condition with sidecar frame.wanting to know what its worth thanks.regards trevor.

Sun Nov 20 2011
Paint Codes, Serach of.....
Triumph 1966 Bonneville T120R
1966 Triumph Bonneville T120R
I can't locate the paint code for the tank to repaint it. Can't find the exact color code for the Tank. Can anyone help?
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Wed Nov 09 2011
info on vehicle
triumph t65
hi guys i am after some info on my bike its got t65 on the engine and the engine and frame numbers are the same but i cannot find any information on it or model
eng:t65 jh15107

Thu Oct 06 2011
paint colour identification number
triumph tiger 100 1958
Iam restoring the above motor-cycle & would like to paint it in it's original color using a modern 2 pack paint.

Thu Sep 29 2011
rolandkubler<at>hotmaildot com
Triumph pre unit engine
Triumph T
Hi, i am looking for a pre unit triumph engine, complete and in correct conditions. Thanks a lot,


united states

Thu Nov 10 2011
jljavaloyes<at>hotmaildot com
 I have also a Triumph Bonny Special of the last series, with 13.000 original miles, which I want to sell for 4.000 €

Best Regards.


Fri Aug 26 2011
Vin location
Triumph bonneville
Where should I look for the vin on the bike? My dad gave me the bike but can not find the title.

As far as I'm aware, Meriden Triumphs did not have VIN plates. Ed.

Sun Jul 24 2011
Mohel et<at>
hurricane X75 for sale
Triumph hurricane
I have a Hurricane X75 1973 with 4627 original miles for sale. also a Tiger 1972 all original 6414 miles and a Bonneville 1972 recent engine resto 275 miles
New Hampshire USA

Sat May 07 2011
c.larkham<at>bigponddot com
paint code
triumph 1962 trophy TR6SS
can you tell me the company name and paint code for polychromatic burgundy used on the 1962 tr6ss thank you
NSW Australia

Sun Apr 17 2011
Stamping Query
Triumph 3TA
A friend has just aquired a 3TA from 1962 which is Stamped "& LOCK 3TA SPECIAL" on the top of crankcase above the gearbox section. Engine No. H29334.
Any idea what this refers to please?

Mon Mar 28 2011
paint for 1972 triamph
triamph bonneville
do you have gold color paint for 1972 triamph bonneville
arizona u.s.a.

Sat Mar 12 2011
Gearbox numbers
Triumph Preunit
I have a Triumph preunit gearbox with the numbers TE 91480 on it. Can anyboday date it please

Sat Mar 12 2011
Paint Colors
1968 Triumph TR6R Trophy 650cc
I am restoring a 1968 Triumph TR6R 650 Trophy and need to know what the original colors of this model bike were. A picture would be great.

Thu Mar 03 2011
rev.lewisbowman<at>ymaildot com
Split Case Triumph
Triumph Bonaville not sure of bonaville 1959
when i was just a kid bout 16 i had a 1959 split case triumph chopper i don't remember a whole lot about it, I would like info on what models and years did they separate the motor and tranny on. I have had an ongoing argument about the facts on this machine with a friend my memory is bad but not so bad i don't remember it being real

The first unit-construction Triumphs were the 3TA & 5TA of 1957.

Sat Feb 26 2011
Classic British Motorcycles
Triumph Bonneville T140 Custom Cafe Racer
Hello, I recently launched a website called & would love to swap links with you. Please check it out. It's growing fast & I need some good relevant sites to link to. Thanks, Andy

Sat Jan 22 2011
1961 Triumph Brochure
Triumph 1961
I just acquired this brochure and noticed you didn't have one on your website.
Alberta, Canada


Sat Jan 22 2011
1959 Triumph Brochure
Triumph 1959
Just picked this one up. 1959 - first year for the Bonny. I have several U.S. Triumph brochures if you're interested.
Alberta, Canada

Triumph 1959 Brochure-USA

and a 1960 brochure...

Triumph 1960 USA brochure

Tue Jan 04 2011
jharveyjames<AT> (jharveyjames
Triumph Tiger 90 Website
Triumph Tiger 90
I enjoyed reading the Triumph Information on your site, I have a website dedicated to the Tiger 90 at

Fri Dec 31 2010
samscuda<at>yahoodot com
sprung hub
triumph t6
for sale
Bunnlevel, NC, USA

Sun Oct 17 2010
Jinkceykitty<at>gmaildot com
Triumph 1976 Bonnieville
I can't find the vin # for my bike. I need a replacement title. I found some numbers U63379 and the rest looks like it is peeling away. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Mon Oct 04 2010
Tribsa 59
triumph tri/bsa
just found some pics of my Tribsa on you site just wonering if you want any more ?
 and yes , it is for Sale .

Sun Jul 11 2010
Triumph T100sr Serial No H42432 any info anyones got Austraila

Sun Jul 04 2010
fajames<at>btinternetdot com
Tiger Cub standar colours
Triumph 1961 Tiger Cub
Restoring 1961 Tiger Cub
Checking on colours (at present blue/white tank
and mudguards ,black frame and oil tank)

Fri Jun 11 2010
dfcunningham2003<at>yahoodot com
kick start grinds/ tries to catch
1971 triumph t 100 c
kick starter grinds tries to catch  but wont return spring ok what could  it be
pennsylvania, usa

Mon May 31 2010
bridges53<at>hotmaildot com
battery not charging
triumph 1968 tr6c
The battery has gone flat-apparently not charging-any suggestions?

update-lights still on even though battery flat

Sounds as if you have a battery problem, not a charging problem. If the lights are ok wiht the engine running but the battery won't take a charge then either the connections to the battery are faulty or the battery is dead. May be some clues here: electrics

Wed May 26 2010
bike color
triumph 1971 t100r
please tell me the correct tank & fender & tank pattern for my project t100r 71

Vintage & Classic Paint Information

Wed May 26 2010
Paint Color Code or Name
Triumph 2001
I am trying to find out what the color code numbers or exact color name of for my yellow TT600 Triumph. The Triumph site is no help because it does not say for what bike the color code/name is correlated to.

Sun May 23 2010
pepinperojo<at>hotmaildot com
original parts requiered
Triumph 1977 bonneville silver jubilee
Ineed a catalog for trhiumph 1977 silver jubilee (bonneville)
mexico d.f.

Sat Apr 24 2010
speed twin mystery
Triumph 1939 - 1949
has sprung hub have browsed all models on web but no match possibly custom racer engine no. T00 8750 NA Frame no. 8830 NA

Quite possibly one here: Books and Manuals - Resources

Wed Apr 21 2010
kingofaholes1982<at>yahoodot com
60 650 triumph motor (tiger)
1960 triumph
I am trying to figure out if this 1960 650 triumph motor is worth anything to any one, it has been sitting in my garage for  several yrs and i just need to get rid of it so any information would be helpfull, thanks
topeka, Ks

Sat Apr 17 2010
jtujtu<at>csdot com
Wiring Harness Diagram
1969 Triumph Motorcycle TR6C
I am looking for a 69 TR6C wiring diagram. I am having a little trouble with the new harness.

Sun Feb 21 2010
dbick1 at hotmaildot com
paint scheme
Triumph t-100 R
I am resatoring a 1960 Triumph T-100R, I want to bring it back in original colors. Is there a way to trace original paint thru the frame numbers.
New Orleans

Sun Feb 07 2010
richsherman at
Triumph T120C or TT
Triumph TT
I'm looking for a 1966 or 1967 Triumph T120c or T120TT. Can you help?

Try the classifieds section at Bikelinks:

Fri Feb 05 2010
phillantikbike at hotmaildot com

Triumph 61839
Hi, my name is Filipe and I'm from Portugal, and I got a Triumph motorcycle, and I need some help from you, but I don't know exactly the model. I know that is a 500cc from 1918 to 1926, engine number is 61839 UTO 390 390 and the gear box ( separate from the engine) number is CS31179, and the make is Sturmey Archer.

I appreciate if you have any book that match with that numbers pls emails me so that I can order to you.

Thanks for your help, Filipe Cardoso

Thu Dec 31 2009
glenn at
paint code
triumph speed twin
can anyone tell me if there is a car colour equivelent for amaranth red or a pantone code?

Vintage & Classic Paint Information

Mon Dec 07 2009
divco50 at yahoodot com
193? Triumph
triumph not sure
I have a what I believe to be a 1930s triumph but am having problems using the serial numbers to make sure whar bike it is and would like to know if you could help it is a single cylinder with two exhaust,,the frame number is FI 240 the motor block is 2 s6 3673 the rear gears are s6 3989 ...thank tyou for your help.

Sat Oct 17 2009
eddie2007 at
paint match
triumph 1958 350 twentyone
could you please tell me the colour of paint for a 350 triumph twenty one bathtub blue thanks

Sun Oct 18 2009
Fork stantions
triumph T120R
Would anybody know where i can get 6inch over fork stantions for my T120R Bonneville?
Wirral UK

Fri Oct 02 2009
egsjo at
Framenumber DU89733
Triumph Bonneville T 120 R 1969
I wonder if anyone can tell me the month this bike was made in 1969, the collor this year vas Olympic flame and silver .Is there any one so have a colorcode that is similar to that color?

Mon Sep 21 2009
aurora-trance at
percy flook tt racing champ 1913
triumph 2.75
if anyone knows of any info on my great uncle percy flook who spent much of his life insouth Africa but was born in Uk and had a sister called Annie Muriel.pls contact me by email -thank you Dawn - Portsmouth Uk

Fri Sep 18 2009
bdvp75 at gmaildot com

Triumph "Twenty-One" 1959 bathtub Twenty-One 1959 350cc 4 stroke bicylinder
I'm from Paris-France & I'm
looking for a complete new distributor for my Triumph 21.the bike is flocked up no right ignition as it's too loose under the rotor arm.I have bought new coil,new condenser & new contact breakers but the shape of the points is wrong,probably chinese or
taïwan made. I bought it at in England
if ever you classic bike garages got one it would be great to buy it from you, I need the all set but as well the piece which is under the rotor arm.Thank you
my email is bdvp75 at gmail dot com
or mobile 0033 685633592
fix 0033 180508283

Stunning pics of a Triumph 21 in Paris

Thu Aug 13 2009
temajiin48 at gmaildot com
Nine days Nine Nights
1939 6s Triumph 19396s
Has any one read the story of the 6s going nine days/nights non stop with a side car between Sydney GPO & Melbourne GPO [Australia} does the record still stand
Sydney Aystralia

Mon Aug 10 2009
johnnybgood42 at hotmaildot com
pre unit triumph electronic igniton
tribsa 59
gday, I have special built 59 pre unit tribsa that is only 120 kilos.
running a bth mag and sparx box at the moment,
I want to convert it to electronic igntion
and still run with no battery was looking at your systems and just wondering wot you would suggest.
regards ......johnny.

Tribsa 59

Wed Jul 29 2009
pwvhb at yahoodot com
Dimensions Needed
Triumph 1957 Tiger 110
I am rebuilding a Tiger 110 from a matching numbers engine and transmission on a frame. I was able to obtain a front fork assembly, but the threaded rods seem to be too long. I need the length of these treaded rods for a 1957 Tiger 110.
West Virginia, USA

Thu Jun 18 2009
blackbilly at bigponddot com
Triumph scooter
There's a tessy for sale in Australia on ebay
I've never seen one before, gorgeous looking scoot. I own several lambrettas vespas but this is seriously tempting. What do you think. Are they easy restorations?.It seems a bit pricy for a �barn Find� but I don't know there restored value. I got your email off a website when I did a google search
Stuart in OZ

Tue Jun 02 2009
dmoore24 at macdot com
'67 TT Special ID
Triumph '67 T Special
Hello, Can you tell me if this number is a correct TT Special serial number? I do not have a photo of the frame ID number but will verify that they are the same.
Thank You,
San Diego

Tue May 19 2009
nightrain1198 at aoldot com
electronic conversion from points
Triumph Bonneville T-120
Tired of jacking with points want to convert to electronic ignition. What do I need and where do I get it?

Tue Apr 14 2009
jon.e at
Wiring for 1972 Tiger
Triumph Tiger TR6 1972
Hi, where can I find a wiring diagram for this bike, FOC if possible.
I did one on a 1967 Bonnie once but that was 20 years ago

Sat Mar 21 2009
clindhult at hotmaildot com
Paint code
Burnished Gold Triumph TR6 1965
I´m ongoing with repairing and repainting a gas tank, but I need the Triumph paint code for the colour "Burnished Gold" to make it possible to close this project.
Ystad, Sweden

Tue Mar 17 2009
maloneyracing at hotmaildot com
triumph 1953
wondering if anyone can help me with info for a 1953 triumph 500 cc looking for a generator or part # so i can find one  thank you kevin
new york

Mon Mar 09 2009
jimandsheryl A T livedot com
triumph motorcycle
1969 triumph tr 250
anyone intereseted in buying a 1969 triumph tr 250, in need of has been sitting too long
white haven pa.

Triumph TR250 1969

Wed Mar 04 2009
neal A T
need year for Triumph
I am trying to get all the info I can on this Triumph. My dad had it and has been sitting for a long time. The only numbers I am seeing right now are on a plate on the left side by the handlebars. DD48129 1100C can you give me any info on the machine by these numbers ? TYVM
New Milford, PA.

    There is an engine number on the crankcases just below the barrel on the left side. Please send a photo of that and one of the manufacturers plate from the steering head for identification.

Mon Mar 02 2009
honk45 A T
wassell air cleaner for 1969 bonneville
1969 triumph bonneville
i need one wassell airfilter air cleaner with the hump,the one i have has the wassell burntwood stick on it , i desparately need another

Wed Feb 25 2009
drice5 A T
For Sale
1961 Triumph Speed Twin
For Sale
One 1961 Triumph Speed Twin, fully restored, mostly
Ontario Canada

Here are pics of the Triumph for sale. Asking 14k or best offer. Thanks.

Triumph 1961 Speed Twin

Wed Feb 11 2009
me.cullen A T rogersdot com
paint codes
1970 triumph tiger 500 t100s
am currently restoring my triumph and cant find codes or colour names for this specific bike. any help appreciated. cheers

Sun Jan 25 2009
dshaws A T
original paint colours
Triumph T100S 1970 500cc
Where can I find a site that will advise of original colours used on this model? I have the serial number. Thanks
Ontario, Canada

Mon Jan 12 2009
hoops A T
motorcycle model
triumph bonneville 1/9 scale
Does anyone have model kit or diecast 1/9 scale triumph twin?

More information under Scale Models

Mon Jan 12 2009
rp1974fl A T yahoodot com
triumph t100 ?
Hello, iam trying to figure out what bike i have. frame = 1100ch51084. engine =ND29535, help please.
ct. usa

Tue Dec 16 2008
stephen-lake A T skydot com
Tiger Gold Paint
Triumph Bonneville 650 1972
I am looking for the paint codes for Tiger Gold and Cold white that was used on the 1972 models along with details of the pin strips and coach lines for the tank and mudguards. Many Thanks
South Wales

Sun Nov 23 2008
brownclan1 A T
Engine number puzzle
Triumph T140V
I have just purchased a 1979 T140V imported from America to NZ back in 1991/2. It looks like a 1979 with eletronic ignition,MK11 Amals, Left gear shift and a rear disc brake with the caliper mounted on top. However the matching engine number and frame is T140VEH59733 which if the book is correct says it was built in May of 1973. Any ideas? Thankyou.
Auckland NZ

Something appears amiss. This site confirms your your assessment.

Some photos . On closer inspection the numbers on the frame appear to have been rubbed even though the numbers match the engines.What are your thoughts now. Thanks Dave.

Triumph T140V 1979 NZ

Crankcase looks ok. Frame looks very dodgy indeed, I'm sad to say. Recommend you have a word to the seller, first off. Also, perhaps try to find out who imported it.

Unless you get some sort of satisfaction - full refund, partial refund and keep the bike... - you may find that you're very much out of pocket later on. Is the bike on NZ plates? Has it been approved by the authorities? Can you get a police number for it (that's what we used to call it in Oz when a bike had been stolen and recovered, and a new number stamped on it by the authorities).

Sorry to be the bearer of ill tidings. Ed.

P.S. The forks look to be extended. New stanchions should not be hard to find, and will restore the bike's fine handling and looks. After spending all day on the phone the seller says he knows nothing about the numbers. The importer sold his bike shop 10 years ago and now has a fish and chip shop and has no record of the bike. He assured me he would try and dig through his records and try to help out as far as import papers went.

It has never been vinned or registered in NZ but sat in a shed for some 17 years with a broken crank. As one door shuts another closes as they say.
Its a mystery to me if the crankcase is ok then its 1973 how does it come to have a left hand gear lever The good thing at this stage is the Police when I quizzed them on it have no record of it.
Cheers Dave.

Sun Nov 16 2008
hank.lalonde A T
Paint Scheme
Triumph T100S
I am starting to restore a 1969 500 Tiger basket case and would like to find out the paint scheme for this bike as well as a jpg photo if possible.
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

Sat Nov 15 2008
vtc400 A T gmaildot com
colour code (number )
triumph 3ta 21
HI i have a triumph 3ta (21) i am restoring my bike and i don't have it's original colour code, i would like to spray it blue as it's original colour was blue please help me if someone know the code, thanks

Vintage & Classic Paint Information

Wed Nov 05 2008
max512 A T
triumph 3TA twenty one bathup
Can somebody give me the code number to spray my triumph 3TA twenty one bathup model 1959 in it's original SILVER BEIGE please.

Wed Oct 29 2008
nbaratella A T
sidecar Triumph 3hw 350 1941
Triumph 3hw 350
Where can i find sidecar for my Triumph 3hw 350 1941?

Fri Oct 24 2008
Alanrspence A T aoldot com
Harris Bonneville Brake Disc
Triumph Harris Bonneville
I am assisting Damian from NZ to track down where he can obtain a Harris Bonneville Brake Disc,they are Not compatable with other T140V discs and were bought by Harris as a job lot of forks,bembro brakes and included the brake disc.they are most likely Italian and have the number TS-0179 stamped on them 260mm dia 23mm thich including offset. any Ideas. alan

Tue Oct 07 2008
hank.lalonde A T
Year of manufacture
Triumph T100S
I recently aquired a triumph 500cc basket case. The serial number on the frame and engine is EC18494. Can you tell me what year this bike was manufactured in? It looks like a late 60's.



Serial Number Information

Sat Oct 04 2008
rob A T
Paint scheme
Triumph Bonneville 1968
Could you please advise the colours and detail of the above Bonne?
Many thanks

Fri Sep 19 2008
phil.corluka A T
71 Bonneville
Triumph Bonneville
I would like to find paint schme for 71 Bonneville. Showing tank and guard details

Wed Sep 03 2008
mgpezzana A T hotmaildot com
Factory Colours in 1972
Triumph Bonneville T120R
Irecently bought a T120R of the 1st July 1972. I would like to know if original colour was either just Gold Yellow and White or other colours were produced. What about a simple black?
Geneva Switzerland

Vintage & Classic Paint Information

Sun Jul 27 2008
unclebrianb A T hotmaildot com
Triumph x75 hurricane
My dad is selling his one owner 1973 Triumph on ebay the current bid is 12,200. Go to ebay and type x75 triumph hurricane. Thanks, Brian

Sun Jun 15 2008
bobbini A T
front mudguard pin stripes
triumph T100 500cc
I wish some info about how to sprsy my front mudguard. I have done my fuel tank in silver and am going to do the mudguards silver also,with the centre part black and blue pin stripes on either side. My mudguard ends with a lip that looks sort of like an "anchor", do the line keep on going straight till the end or follow the pressed "anchor" design?  Thanks, bobby

Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2008
From: jeanwhisker A T
subject: restoration
message: looking for jpeg photos of 1968 triumph 500cc tiger 100c. original factory pacific blue paint pattern made for the united states market.
can you help?
thank you,
d. sedlock

Page on motorcycle paint here

Tue Apr 15 2008
burgesswl A T
Paint Scheme for 1969 TR6R Tiger
Triumph 1969 TR6R Tiger 650cc
How and where would I find the red/silver & gold piping paint scheme for my 1969 TR6R Tiger. Thanks for any direction.
Pennsylvania, USA

Fledgling page on motorcycle paint here

Fri Apr 04 2008
bigwhoa A T
sell or part out
triumph datona 500
i am looking to sell or part out a 1972 triumph motorcycle any advise or contacts
new york u.s.a

Fri Jul 11 2008
spider77 A T europedot com
Triumph T120R
Looking for push rod sleeve seals and push rods for my 1970 Triumph.

Sun Mar 09 2008
mckelvie A T
Classic Bike Web Site
Triumph T140 for info and help with your classic British motorcycle.

Tue Mar 04 2008
chimdoc A T
1967 Daytona 500cc
Triumph Daytona
I am acquiring a 1967 500cc model that has been in dry storage for at least 15 years . All original except sustitution of single mikuni carb . Looking for a very reputable mechanic familiar with this machine to look in over and help with restoration?
Vermont , USA

Mon Feb 25 2008
krod2000 A T gmaildot com
l973 triumph
triumph ?
I have a 1973 triumph 3 cyl sn TR7RVXH21698. Where can I find info on it ?

Mon Feb 18 2008
kmccann A T nycap.rrdot com
1968 triumph bonneville gas tank
Anyone tell me which other years (if any) can be used for an exact replacement for a 68' bonneville t120r gas tank? thank you,
albany, NY Triumph-1968-T120R-Bonneville-NY

Fri Feb 15 2008
waldenrj A T gmaildot com
Triumph Engine Identification
Triumph Twin
I bought a Triumph Engine(in two pices) The only numbers I can find on the engine are:
AD 36958
Can you tell me anything about this engine, specs,shop manuals, or etc.
Oklahoma City, OK

Tue Jan 22 2008
dkpeltz A T gmaildot com
Tank Stripes
1973 Triumph Tiger 750
Greetings, Do you know where I can get directions or drawings of the tank stripes for my Tiger. The previous owner painted the tank black and I want to restore the oricional color and stripes.
Palm Harbor Florida, USA

Mon Jan 07 2008
rmi51 A T yahoodot com
Paint colors and where to get
1971 Triumph Bonneville T120R
I need to repaint my tank and can't find the exact color code for the Gold and Black paint on the Tank. Can anyone help?

Mon Jan 07 2008
ivnsch A T yahoodot com
Triumph TT600 2000
Please can any1 tell me how can i lower the bike .Thanks

Sun Dec 30 2007
ianjohnsty A T hotmaildot com
wiring diagram
Triumph T120 BONIEVILL 1972
new zealand

Dec 2007
Greatest Motorcycles Ever Made: Triumph T100
YouTube Video in Forums

Sat Nov 17 2007
s.s.walker A T
Registration Number
Triumph Bonneville 1962 pre-unit duplex
I am in the process of restoring a 1962 Duplex Bonneville. I have owned it for 9 years but have no reg, docs. It has got the original registration which i want to keep. But is not registered at Swansea. The DVLA want proof that the reg number goes with the bike so i can keep the number, but will be non-transferable. Can you help please?

Tue Nov 06 2007
nataliecini A T yahoodot com
Triumph Classic Motorcycle
Triumph Thunderbird
To whom it may concern.

My father-in-law owns a triumph motorcycle with frame number MP35048MP and engine number 6T16542NA. We would please like to know their exact match and year of manufacture. Also we would like to know where we could obtain its parts list catalogue.

Thanks in advance.
Natalie Cini

Serial Number Information
Books and Manuals - Resources

Wed Aug 15 2007
kenmacdonald A T
Triumph Tiger Cub T20
Am planning to rebuild the above but need a workshop manual & parts book can anybody help,please.
East Kilbride, Scotland .

Thu Aug 09 2007
sld5151 A T
69 triumph bonneville wiring diagram
i need complet wiring diagram and point and plugs gap setting please help

Try under Books and Manuals - Resources

Thu Jul 12 2007
fastal A T
1961 Triumph
We have recently inherited a Triumph, we believe a 1961 .? Where can we find additional information on this for value and restoration part availability.

subject: Thruxton Bonneville 1962
Email: PSigournay A T aol dot com
message: Hello,

My brother recently died and left his pride and joy, a Thruxton Bonneville. T120
Frame number is D117531 and engine the same.

It was all in pieces but I know he had all the parts. His son is now rebuilding. Due to family difficulties the carburettors are missing. Also it has an aluminium tank which I don't think was standard. There was a certificate issued garenteeing this bikes authenticity but his wfe destroyed this. I understand a copy can be issued when the bike has been restored and checked.
It was made 19th Feb 1962 and was first registered 26th April 1963

Can you advise me where I can obtain a full specification, or where I can obtain the carbs?

Your advice would be appreciated.

Peter Sigournay

Sat Jun 23 2007
cididnot A T
parts fich
triumph t120r
I'm looking for a parts schematic for my 67 bike

Try under Books and Manuals - Resources

Sun Jun 17 2007
hodkinson7 A T bigponddot com
misfiring at top end speed
1972 T120 Bonneville 650
Just wondering if any one can help.have rebuilt my triumph and is starting first kick
I've tried all the obvious, points ,plugs carbys resleeved and carby o/haul kits and it still misfires at topend speed anyone gotany ideas.thanks Ian

Sun May 06 2007
snadden A T
Information & parts being sought
1923 249cc Triumph Junior
I have inherited an engine & gearbox from a Triumph Junior. I am led to believe that it is from a 1923 model Triumph Junior as it is fitted with a kickstart gear & clutch. I would very much like to obtain any info relating to this model. I am also considering building up a complete bike in time if I can find enough parts.
Melbourne Triumph 1923 Junior 249cc engine

Fri May 04 2007
brian A T ericroad.plusdot com
Find old Triumph Tiger 110
I would appreciate any information about the history of the Triumph T110 that I sold in 1970.
The registration number was YTR 535.
Any information appreciated

Thu Apr 26 2007
jan.verhoeven A T hotmaildot com
Triumph 1952 Speed Twin
An original restored speedtwin with maroon painted handlebars due to the nickle shortage caused by the Korean war
Amersfoort the Netherlands
I can make some nice pictures of 1952 details, like the underslung pilot light, a D shaped vokes airfilter, it has an original installed sprung hub wheel and matching frame/enginenumbers, even the gearbox is the one originally assembled. The rims are chromed, because they simply are, but in 1952 they were painted silver with an amaranth red striping. I have covered over 20,000km since restoration without any major problems, some oil or petrol leaks being the worst trouble.
Triumph Speed Twin 1952 NL

Tue Apr 24 2007
Just bought a TR6-R basket case and I'm trying to find out what made the TR6R different than the other Triumph models. What's the "R" stand for and when did Triumph start using the oil frame? I just bought this last night and have not picked it up yet so I'm sure I'll be contacting you again.
Thank you for your help.
Florida, USA

Fri Apr 20 2007
55triumphchopperguy A T
choppers ?
1955 T-110
just thought I'd share a pic or two of my pre unit. It still gets more looks than a lot of $25,000 + bikes. Hope you enjoy it.
Salem county New Jersey NJ USA
  Triumph T110 1955 Chopper

Wed Apr 11 2007
cowboymckee A T yahoodot com

For valuations try this page.

Fri Apr 06 2007
mhindom A T
gear change
68 T120 bonneville
I have placed the outer cover on the gearbox and found that gear selection is one up - three down. Is this how they were manufactured or have things been altered,or am i doing something wrong in assembly.
Pomona, Australia

Most British bikes of that era had a four-speed box with one up three down shifting pattern, with the gear lever on the right. Ed.

Fri Apr 06 2007
lkrstn A T hotmaildot com
My Cutomized Triumph
Triumph T110 1961 Custom
Thought I'd share a picture of my Triumph T110.
Triumph 1961 T110 Custom

Mon Apr 02 2007
michael.turner at
Australian engine rebuilders
1995 Speed Triple
I'm looking for someone to to undertake a high level engine rebuild in Melbourne if possible but can freight within AUS. Want to stay standard but have it blue printed to within an inch of it's life.

Dynobike come highly recomended.

Mon Apr 02 2007
garr at
triumph engine numbers
I have just purchased a t100 and am confused on the engine number. It is 47-t100r-37 frame number tf14071. Its a 47 t100 but whats the rest? It has a rigid frame with girder forks and a 1 gal. oil tank. Any help would be appreciated. mike

Serial Number Information

Tue Mar 27 2007
rcr60185 at
engine number ?????
650 triumph 1968 ???
engine number is R360BMK motor seems to be worked, is it a rickman? if not can it be identified??

Tue Mar 27 2007
cheyenne at
1970 Triumph Bonneville T120
cannot sort out missfire when engine is hot.have fitted smaller main jets & lowered needle to bottom but still running too rich.plugs always sooted up but not wet.can anyone help .
  Triumph 1970 T120 Bonneville

Mon Mar 26 2007
costantinop at
triumph thunderbird sport mod. '98
Hi, I'm looking for original triumph mufflers for a thunderbird sport. Please tell me about price, and shipping cost to Italy. It's not very easy to find them, so give me some information about them and how can I find them. Thank you for now.

Triumph Thunderbird Sport 1998

Thu Mar 08 2007
rslpj at
triumph headlight
triumph t100c 1970
Hi I have a 1970 t100c triumph that has t100s type exhaust system fitted. I wanted to fit larger 7 inch? headlight and wondered if it fits my existing brackets. Being a 100c my bike has small light.
victoria australia
  Triumph 1970 T100C

Sun Feb 25 2007
eagleye at asisdot com
1967 triumph
Having a problem. Basket case when put together the pistons hit the head. We have right rods and all other items even the thicker head gasket. We need the overall height of the head. Maybe it was shaved. If so we need to make a plate. Any help would be appreciated.

Tue Feb 06 2007
satco107 at hotmaildot com
triumph T100
I found this bike in a basement of a building, it seems to have been there for a very long time What is it? VIN # T100EG57698
New York

Fri Feb 02 2007
zozooz at gmaildot com
The Great Escape - Paul Newman
1962 Triumph
Could any one tell me the model of Triumph Paul Newman road in that fabulous movie The Great Escape. Model number included please. Thanks

The bike is a plain jane 650 Triumph, stripped down and repainted but basically stock. Paul Newman did not act in that movie, and the rider was Bud Ekins. More information here:

Mon Jan 22 2007
jrl-61 at hotmaildot com
1967 TT Special
TT Special 1967
Im trying to find some information on the above bike. My father purchased this bike in early 68 at a So.CA. based dealer. The story was, this bike and another bike, were prepaired at the factory to race at the Lake Elsinor CA. TT race for 68. His bike was the back-up, never saw action, and was sold. These bikes, as the story goes, were designated as factory racers by their white color with orange stripes down the center of the tank. Im trying to find out some history on these bikes, to validate the story out of curiosity, and maybe some photos as well.

Jan 8th 2007
subject: The Motor Cycle Weekly Mag
 james.skillen at gmail dot com
message: Hi, I'm trying to find a publication with a colour photograph of a Triumph T20 Tiger Super Cub, this is for a restoration project. I have the main paint colour details but need colour pictures of the coach line details. The Motor Cycle Weekly 9th March 1967 issue 3325 Vol 118 had a road test feature, but not sure if it included any colour photos.
Any help you could provide would be most helpful in this restoration project. My bike is a 1968 model but the colours remained for the whole Super Cub range.
Thanking you.

Fri Jan 05 2007
alan.introna at rehaudot com
1968 Tiger Triumph
Eng No SGH 40752 ( Alternator )
Looking for Technical manual and info to restore and repair.
South Sfrica

Fri Dec 15 2006
hansson at
daytona 955i
hi there have a 05 daytona that i have put a power comander in,and i am having real trouble starting it when it is cold with high octane fuel, regular fuel it seems to start strait away.

Tue Dec 12 2006
dfearn at
1967 trophy tr6r
could you tell me why my tr6r starts misfiring when ridden about 5 ks . if i try opening up the throttle it starts labouring an misfiring even worse.the bike will rev when the clutch is disengaged but as soon as you engage again an load her up she starts to labour.could anyone put there thinking caps on and hopfully solve this or these problems.
cheers dan
Triumph 1967 TR6R Trophy

Mon Dec 04 2006
peer.buch at hotmaildot com
triumph med villersmotor?
i hav a triumph/villersmotor?200cc-histori?

Fri Dec 01 2006
dudley.johns at
1968 triumph trouphy
chasing a crankshaft rods and barrels.eng No is tr6r cc 14543.any idear where i might source these parts.
western australia

Thu Nov 30 2006
marg.geoff at
1952 or 1953 speedtwin
I am looking to buy a triumph speedtwin, must be sprung hub model, any condition would be welcome

Thu Nov 16 2006
tim2tim at hotmaildot com
triumph tiger 650
I have recently stmumbled across what i a lead to believe is a 1969 tiger.I know very little about the bike, how much i should be paying for it and how to tell what condition the engine is in. At the moment it's priced at $6500 Australian.There is no visble rust with all parts looking..well good to tell the truth..however would someone please help me with suggestions or helpful tips for a young guy starting out on a old beautiful bike.Know how is low , passion is high. thanks very much . tim

Sat Nov 11 2006
ajamesdean at
restoring a 1963 Triumph
1963 Triumph (Thunderbird?)
I've bought a basket case bike from my brother. I think it may be a Thunderbird. It has 6T forged on the block. I need help finding out what it is supposed to look like, and any books that would be beneficial.

Fri Nov 10 2006
scoobiac at hotmaildot com
Need help identifying this triumph motorcycle pls
These are the numbers I found on the bike:
TR7RV GH34635 located on the steering head.
GH34635 located on part of the engine.
Try this page on Triumph Serial Numbers

Tue Nov 07 2006
chifp at
Triumph tank badges
Hello, I am trying to find a source of information and pictures of all the Triumph tank badges over the years, Do you know where I can find anything?
Sydney Australia

Tue Nov 07 2006
sunshinyellow at yahoodot com
Courtney Hillegas
1968 Bonneville Triumph
My dad has had some guys work on his bike frame.He wanted me to weld on it and fix it, but now he wants me to rebuild it out of chrome moly.Can it be done and still function like it is supposed to?
Henderson, Ky

Yes, you could successfully build one from moly but it would be a lot easier to replace or fix the existing frame. Ed.

Tue Oct 31 2006
rosedall3386 at hotmaildot com
racing engine
tr6r chantland triumph
I purchased an old triumph motorcycle engine and the name chantland is embossed on the jugs, its a tr6r . can you tell me what chantland means and a tr6r, thanks for any help

Sun Oct 29 2006
r.e.brown at hotmaildot com
triumph motor bikes
what year and models and power were fitted with the bathtub

Early 60s 500 and/or 650 twins, from memory. Ed.

Mon Oct 16 2006
kntfoust at yahoodot com
Identifying ClassicTruimph?

This bike has numbers all over it. Where do I look for the vin. The back frame? Left Frame by triple tree? I was told it maybe a late 50's T120

The numbers you're looking for will be stamped in, not cast in. If you'd care to send me what you find, I'll attempt identification.

The numbers that are stamped in the left side of the frame are: 118614. All the other numbers are either casted or stamped into the joints. The brake lever has 029562 (casted), The forks have 030026 (stamped), the back of frame by mtr compartment has 022270 (casted). Pics attached. I hope this is enough information.

Difficult to say for sure from the photo of the steering head, but those numbers look rather suspicious. I think that if you were to sand it back to bare metal you would find evidence of tampering. As you will see from this page - the numbers on your frame do not correspond.

Triumph Frame mid60s

Wed Aug 23 2006
robert.todd at ap.csplcdot com
earls forks
54 Triumph racing sidecar
I wish to build a set of Earls Fork for my 1954 Road Racing Triumph powered sidecar. Do you have any information on how I could go about building a set.
Regards Robert Todd

    Try browsing the Suspension Directory at bikelinks:
    and also possibly the directory on Frames - use the search function, too.

August 2006
subject: 1958 TRIYMPH 650
Email: two25450 at aoldot com
message: I Aquired a Cyrcle track bike when I was in Japan and after I came to the states I inquired as to what year and size it was. I sent cerial numbers to TRYMPH and they said it was 1958 650. I have been looking on the internet to find some info as to the value, but have not been able to lacate any info. I am restoring it as it was built in JAPAN. any info on this bike would be greatly appreciated.

Sat Aug 12 2006
jbarnett at toucansurfdot com
I have a query re; frame & engine numbers,engine DE00886,frame BB12846,reg, no;BAB 906M,was registered on 07-06-74,the stamps are untampered,any idea on nothing ties up.

I agree, the numbers do not seem to tell the right story. Hopefully a reader will shed more light on this. Ed.

Sat Aug 12 2006
pdsbundela at rediffmaildot com
detils motorcycle
triumph 1914 coventry
may i have picture and technical details,maintenence manual

Sat Aug 05 2006
judien at
vin location
1975 Triumph
where would I find the VIN ?

Most likely on the steering head, but the location varies on some models. Ed.

Sun Jul 23 2006
staff8her at yahoodot com
intake manifolds
triumph t140 chopper
i have a 67 triumph motorcycle with a 77 rebuilt motor. i was wondering if there is a kit so that i could make it into a single instead of dual carb system. because my bike is making a popping sound and i think its because of the dual carbs. thank you for your time.
Washington, USA

Mon Jun 12 2006
mikeg7609 at
type of triumph
I was given a triumph motorcycle. I was told to look under the seat for the vin number. I can not find a vin number. And I am not sure what type of triumph it is. I want to restore it but not sure where to start. any help would be greatful. mike

Sat Jun 10 2006
aandamartin at
photo 1955 tiger 110
Hi,I was hoping that you may be able to send me a photo of a Triumph tiger 100.In full colour please.Either to this email site or to my home address
Albert Martin
89 Auklet Rd.
Mount.Hutton. 2290.
 nsw. Australia.
Thank you.I want it for my 70 year old brother it's his birthday June 11.He has had Triumphs since 1955, He had a tiger 110, back then but not now. I wanted to have on full A4 size I can frame it for him.he has a photo black and white.I want full colour.Please.
Thank you.

Sun May 28 2006
jashriner at
1977 Triumph Moped
I'm trying to find any information on this. My husband owns one & I been searching and haven't found anything. Please contact me with any information.
Thank You!

This is an Easy Rider Moped by NVT, 50cc, either ER1 or ER2. The engine appears to be by Minarelli. Haynes published a manual for it - NVT Easy Rider Mopeds 1976 on. There was also a 4 speed version with motorcycle styling. More information at the NACC archive. Ed.

Fri May 19 2006
frame number location
Triumph Bonneville Tiger TR6 1972
I have found the engine number on my friend's Triumph...
See the Triumph Forum

Fri May 12 2006
triumph tina (t10)...
See the Triumph Forum

Fri May 12 2006
catmando at
triumph bonneyville 1959
triumph bonneyville 26238
how many were made in 1959, how many exported to south africa, where can the correct colour samples be obtained, the bike is 95% complete, & has been completly rebuilt, what would the value be?

For valuations try this page.

Tue May 09 2006
nventwistle at
What Year?
T120 Chopper
I was told this chopper was either a 1959 or a 1962. T120 D7562 Can you tell me what year it is, It is a pre-unit in a hardtail frame.

That engine number appears to be for a 1960 model. Ed. 1960?
T120 D7562
Can you tell me what part of the serial number makes it a 1960 as opposed to a 1962? The man I bought it from also has another chopper with a TR6 D2759 Number, What year is that motor?

I'm not sure that that number is for a TR6 - is it a unit engine of the mid to late 70s?
Check this page:

They are both pre-units. the T120 is a two downtube frame with a single Amal. The TR6 is in a single down tube frame with two mikunis. The TR6 has a bolt on hardtail and the T120 has a hardtail welded on.

Then the TR6 also has a 1960 engine number.

Thu Apr 27 2006
bike for sale
1962 Triumph motor with springer front end...
See the Triumph Forum

Fri Apr 07 2006
rob.reid1 at bigponddot com
speedmaster cuctoms
05 speedmaster
have bought a new speedmaster, love the bike but would like to change a few things, firstly would like to change rear fender, something similar to a harley softail, like a dove tail, not sure what or if anything fits, and 2. mirrors would like to change.

There are numerous Triumph Dealers listed at Bikelinks:

Sat Mar 18 2006
1969 Triumph TR6R Tiger Color scheme...
See the Triumph Forum

Mon Mar 13 2006
Triumph Silver Jubilee
How can I get the issue number of my bike as it is one of a thousand only...
See the Triumph Forum

Mon Mar 13 2006
mdr693 at
Triumph T312
I'm about to buy this bike. Have there been any recalls or things i should look for 2002

Wed Feb 22 2006
Triumph Rocket III 2005
has anyone had problems with bike stalling at idle....
See the Triumph Forum

Sat Jan 21 2006
lauriestephenson at bigponddot com
1970 Triumph tiger 650cc
Is it possible to get a diecast model of a Triumph motorcycle around 1970 build date?

There used to be a Bonneville model available - try this page (404, removed). Ed.

Tue Dec 06 2005
arodansa at gmaildot com
Im from Saltillo Mexico I have a Triumph Trophy 1999, gray colour. If its possible, I need information about where can buy a battery, exhaust pipe and front mica. Thanks for all

Fri Oct 28 2005
orlin at oscdigitaldot com
BSA / Triumph Shop Wanted In Los Angeles Area!
Hello, I am looking for a reputable BSA / Triumph Shop or Mechanic to help rebuild motors. If anyone has any knowledge please email orlin at oscdigital dot com . Your help is greatly appreciated. Phone: 909-517-1100.

Sun Oct 02 2005
aj.edwards at
A bit of a cheek
It's a bit cheeky I know but I was hoping you could identify the manufacturer/model this diecast replica is of. Your website is fantastic and I have seen a lots of great stuff on British bikes - but still cannot identify this one. To be truthful it is only so I can sell it on ebay. Hope you can view pic. Many thanks. Alan Edwards
Triumph Don-R Model

Thu Sep 08 2005
triumph T100SCH
I am investigating the history of my Triumph T100. The frame and engine no are...
See the Triumph Forum

Sun Jul 24 2005
1967 Triumph T100R Daytona 500
See the Triumph Forum

Sat Jul 09 2005
catalogo Triumph 39 tiger 100
See the Triumph Forum

Thu Jul 07 2005
heather at heatherloneildot com
Vintage Triumph Artwork
My name is Heather L. O'Neil. I am an artist, and have made limited edition, signed prints of a classic Triumph Motorcycle. I was wondering if it would be possible to create a link to my site, or if you had any suggestions of possible markets. I am sending you a copy of my image. 404

Sun Apr 17 2005
shieldlock at yahoodot com
Triumph in a box
Engine # 6T6499N Cylinder #E2808 Frame # 1910+MB Trans # 18013NA and SMT910. I've got all of the pieces and parts I inheirited from a friend but don't know what I have. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks, Allan

subject: Classic Triumph-Spain
Email: abellarratibel at hotmail dot com
message: Hello:I have a classic motorcycle, mark Triumph, chassis no: x5089 and motor no : x4995. I need a service and parts manual of this motorcycle and all information about this Triumph.Thank you

Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005
subject: Triumph T120R repairs...
See the Triumph Forum

January 23rd 2005
subject: sprung hub frame...
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June 22, 2002
I have a 1972 daytona 500 am looking for a headlight shell....
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April 25, 2002
Hey, I'm looking to find and buy a 1954 or 1955 triumph 110...
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August 30,2001
Hi my name is Simon R Potter and I live in Western Australia. I have a 1962 Pre-Unit Bonneville which I want to sell.

It has matching engine and frame numbers, T120 D16707. This Bonnie has been owned by me for over ten years and its time for a change!

In 1994 I stripped it to a bare frame to powder coat the frame but it looked so good all shiny I just couldn't put paint over it!, so I had it chromed. I ended up chroming the Triple trees, Engine plates, Swing arm, Brake stays, Side stand, Headlight brackets, Fork sliders. About the only parts that are not chromed are The Tank and Guards which are in super high gloss black acrylic.

The motor and gear box have been completely rebuilt with less than 3000klms since. It has had a few concessions to make it more usable e.g.. T140 12volt alt, tapered roller bearing steering, Central battery type oil tank {chromed}, Twin 28mm PHBH Delorto Carbies, Factory Triumph 2into1 Exhaust. This Bonnie has 220psi in each Cylinder and E4134 Cams so goes LOTS FASTER than when new! {hence unstable idle!}

I could continue to make up grades on this Bonnie, But I feel that I'm taking it in the wrong direction for a bike of its age,{if you want the the power/brakes/ suspension and handling of a Ducati you should buy one, not try and turn a 40 year old bonnie into one!}. It comes with spares and all the original parts that I have removed. price is ..{UK 9000 Pounds}.{$12000.U.S}.or best cash offer!

I will package and pay freight world wide! E-Mail me at elitespares at

September 8, 2000
I am look to buy a book to restore a T-100C Triumph 1966 motorcycle....
See the Triumph Forum

Do you know of a Vintage Triumph mailing list or discussion group? I have a 1965 T120C in restored condition for sale & need to find the collectors. Thanks, Ken Adkins

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