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Triumph Trident

Triumph T150V Trident 750

Engine type: Transverse triple, four-stroke

Power: 60.00 h.p. (43.8kW) @ 7,250rpm

Top speed: 194 km/h (120.5 mph)

Compression ratio: 8.3:1

"Slippery Sam" Trident

The original Slippery Sam had been prepared at Meriden, using a T150 as the basis, for use in the Production TT taking fourth place in the 1970 race before securing its first of five consecutive victories in 1971.

Replicas were built during the early eighties by Les Williams.

Triumph X75 Hurricane 1972-1973

Unveiled in November of 1972, the Hurricane had been commissioned by a BSA executive in the United States, Dan Brown. The youthful designer Craig Vetter employed to create a machine which became one of the most distinctive machines of the early 1970s.

The Hurricane entered production in June 1972 but as BSA was in dire straits, the tank badge was changed to Triumph. Vetter was due to be paid $12,000 for his work and reputedly had some difficulty collecting his dues.

Over 1100 Trident engines were allotted to the project, but the production figures for the the X75 are murky.

Triumph 1972-73 Hurricane Gallery

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