Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Motorcycles 1905

Triumph 3 h.p. for 1906

The 1906 pattern 3 h.p. Triumph Motor Bicycle with magneto ignition and spring forks.

It will be remembered that in last season's Triumph motor bicycle the silencer was carried in an upward position, which was somewhat of a departure from standard practice. Now, however, it is placed between the magneto and the crank case, and is almost invisible. The clip which holds the engine sides together helps to form the bracket on which the magneto is carried. The rearmost end of this clip is held on to the crank case and fastened by nuts screwing on to the bolts which hold the crank case together. The silencer in question is fitted with a cut-out which can be put in or out of action by the rider's foot. The down tube, which in last year's model was divided into two portions, is now one tube. The rear bracket rod has also been considerably strengthened.

Needless to say, the finish on these machines is beyond compare, and their general excellence is shown by the manner in which they performed in the hands of amateurs and professionals during last season. The toolbag, which we referred to in the last issue, is fitted with a lid which opens longitudinally, and thus renders anything in the toolbag easily accessible. A special compartment is also provided for the repair outfit. An ingenious arrangement is fixed upon the top of the connecting rod of the Triumph engine just underneath the gudgeon pin bearing. Two short pieces of spring, which project like an inverted V, serving as baffle plates and catch the oil which is being spread all over the inside of the crank case, and cause it to run down the inside of the connecting rod through two small holes into the bearing itself.

The Stanley Show 1905