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Triumph 1939 Introduction

FOR 1939 Triumph continues its successful policy of offering "beautifully made" motor cycles of advanced design. The past season has been a most eventful one in the history of motor cycle development, because it has witnessed the unprecedented success of the TRIUMPH "SPEED TWIN This model has conclusively proved the preference on the part of knowledgeable motor cyclists for the multi-cylinder machine, when a thoroughly satisfactory type became available at a moderate price.

Triumph have long held the view that for sports use the O.H.V. single of over 350 c.c. is an obsolete type, and the overwhelming endorsement of this view by the serious motor cyclist during 1938 has encouraged us to produce the multi-cylinder "TIGER 100" to replace the "TIGER 90" single. This super-tuned brother of the successful "SPEED TWIN" is a most impressive machine both in performance and appearance and will undoubtedly become a firm favourite.

There is also a new light touring 500 c.c. side-valve for the utility rider who requires moderate performance with extreme reliability at a popular price.

It is of interest that apart from such accessories as tyres and electrical equipment. Triumph motor cycles are designed and manufactured entirely " under one roof " at our Works in Coventry. Furthermore, the factory is exclusively devoted to the manufacture of motor cycles.

The foremost position Triumph holds to-day, as it did thirty years ago, is the outcome of an intensive study of the requirements of those sportsmen and enthusiasts to whom motor cycling is the breath of life.


Telephone: Coventry 60021 (7 lines). Telegrams & Cables "Trusty", Coventry.

Codes: A.B.C. 5th Edition. Bentleys. Marconi.

Contractor to the War Office, Government Departments, Crown Colonies, Overseas Governments and Municipal Authorities


Models & Prices

DE LUXE 2H 250 c.c. O.H.V. £50
DE LUXE 2HC 250 c.c. O.H.V. £47
DE LUXE 3H 350 c.c. O.H.V. £55
DE LUXE 3S 350 c.c. S.V. £52
DE LUXE 5S 500 c.c. S.V. £55
DE LUXE 5H 500 c.c. O.H.V. £62
DE LUXE 6S 600 c.c. S.V. £60
TIGER "70" 250 c.c. O.H.V. £54
TIGER "80" 350 c.c. O.H.V. £60
TIGER "100" 500 c.c. O.H.V. Twin £80
SPEED TWIN 500 c.c. O.H.V. £74

Competition Specification on Tiger Models and 5H, extra £5.

Lucas Magdyno Lighting and ignition equipment standardised on all models with the exception of the 2HC. which is supplied with cell ignition equipment. Automatically compensated voltage control is used throughout the range.