Triumph Motorcycles

1939 Triumph Competition Models

THE three Tigers. 250 c.c., 350 c.c., and 500 c.c., and the 500 c.c. model 5H are available to competition specification. These machines are specially prepared, and equipped with all those modifications and variations from standard which have gained Triumph so many successes in open competition and which enable the individual rider to do justice to his own ability.

The engines are specially tuned to give off high power at low speeds and a wide ratio gearbox is fitted. Choice of ratios as table below.

Dunlop Universal tyres (front: 27 x 3; rear: 27 x 4) are standardised, knobbly competition tyres being available on request.

Amongst the other modifications are : increased mudguard clearance : fitment of nail catches ; stiff front fork spring ; quickly detachable headlamp; crankcase and oil pipe shield and quickly detachable rear wheel.

TIGER "70" 63 mm x 80 mm (250 c.c.) O.H.V. £59
TIGER "80" 70 mm x 69 mm (350 c.c.) O.H.V. £65
TIGER "100" 63 mm x 80 mm (500 c.c.) O.H.V. Twin - £85
MODEL 5H 84 mm x 39 mm (500 c.c.) O.H.V. £67

A Smith Chronometric Trip Speedometer will be supplied with every machine unless otherwise ordered. Tiger "100" (120 m.p.h.) £2-15-0 extra. Tiger "70", Tiger "80" and 5H Models (80 m.p.h.) £2-10-0 extra.

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