Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph 1939 De Luxe Models Specification

ENGINE : Models 6H; 3H; 2H and 2HC. Single port O.H.V., deeply finned cylinder barrel and head. Piston of special low expansion aluminium alloy. All-gear drive to magdyno. Coil ignition to Model 2HC.

Models 6S; 5S and 3S : Side valve units with quickly detachable cylinder head. Latest non-pinking internal formation to combustion chamber. All-gear drive to magdyno.

CONNECTING RODS : H Section. Nickel chrome stamping combining great strength with lightness. Double roller bearing big end.

CRANKCASE : Aluminium alloy heavily webbed internally, magneto platform cast integrally with timing case.

CRANKSHAFT ASSEMBLY : Crankshaft of substantial size mounted on large diameter nail bearings. High tensile forged steel flywheels.

VALVE SPRINGS : Aero quality. Duplex springs.

LUBRICATION : Full dry sump system. Valve gear fully enclosed and automatically lubricated. Plunger type oil pumps with positive feed to big end. Oil gauge in instrument panel.

CARBURETTER : Amal Triumph patented quick-action twist-grip throttle control.

PETROL TANK : All-steel welded, combining shapely streamline contour with large capacity. Die-cast all-metal permanent nameplate. Rubber mounted instrument panel of moulded construction carrying oil gauge, ammeter, switch and new, exclusive external panel light. Petrol capacities :

Models 6S and 5H...3¼ gallons.
Models 5S, 3H, 3S, 2H and 2HC...3 gallons

OIL TANK: All-steel welded with accessible filters, dram plug and separate vent. Capacity : ¾ gallon, all models.

FRAME : Full cradle type, with single large diameter front down tube. Soundly constructed from tubes of finest alloy steel. Great strength and torsional stiffness with low weight. Excellent weight distribution is afforded and the roadholding at speed is of the highest standard.

FRONT FORKS : Taper tube girder type, light but strong, with hand adjustable rebound dampers on lower bridge.

GEARBOX: Four-speed all-Triumph design and manufacture. Gears and shafts of hardened nickel chrome steel, finished to the highest possible standards of accuracy and precision. Patented positive stop foot-change fully enclosed. Short pedal movement ensuring delicacy of control with completely positive action. Large diameter multi-plate clutch with enclosed operating gear : light in operation with smooth engagement ; accessible adjustment. Lubrication by engine oil.

TRANSMISSION: Primary chain running in polished cast aluminium oil-bath chain case of streamline design. Rear chain positively lubricated by feed from primary chain case.

BRAKES : Triumph 7" diameter brakes with extra wide shoes. New brake lining material giving powerful and smooth braking with long life. Finger adjustment. From brake adjustment accessible from saddle.

SADDLE : De Luxe soft top type, adjustable for height.

HANDLEBAR : New Triumph design with modified bend, resiliently mounted, eliminating fatigue and shocks and giving great riding comfort and controllability. Control levers grouped and adjustable to suit individual requirements. Long type brake and clutch levers.

MUDGUARDS : " D " Section, and of adequate width. Detachable tail piece to rear guard to facilitate rear wheel removal. Streamline section stays. Valanced guards available on Models 5H, 6H at extra charge.

WHEELS AND TYRES : Latest Triumph wheels of improved design. Dunlop Tyres: Models 6H, 5H, 5S. 3H and 3S : Front and rear...26" x 3.25".

Models 2H and 2HC ; Front 26" x 3*. Rear 26" x 3.25".

TOOLBOX: Shapely all-steel construction, of large capacity, with rubber sealed lid ensuring protection against water. Complete set of good quality tools and grease gun.

FINISH AND EQUIPMENT : Petrol Tank in chromium plate, panelled in Black, lined out in Ivory. New design of knee grips combining maximum comfort with security at high speeds. All aluminium parts highly polished. Frame, forks and mudguards finished in three coats of the highest quality black enamel. Triple Ivory lines to mudguard centres. Wheel rims chromium plated, black centres, lined out in Ivory. All bolts Cadmium plated. Lucas 6-volt magdyno lighting with voltage control, large diameter Lucas headlamp and electric horn. Lucas coil ignition equipment on 2HC Model. All aluminium parts smooth and highly polished, and both chromium plate and enamel of the highest quality

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