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Triumph CSD 550cc 1929

Triumph CSD 550cc Specifications

POWER UNIT.-ENGINE. 5.49 h.p. Triumph, single cylinder, 84x99 mm. bore and stroke, capacity 548.5 c.c., side by side valves, adjustable tappets, decompressor (Patent No. 2S1104) and exhaust lifter, aluminium piston, full floating gudgeon pin, roller bearing big end with pressure oil feed. Semi-dry sump lubrication, integral spur gear delivery and scavenging oil pumps, oil feed indicator and regulator with bye-pass to cam gear.

SILENCER. Single pipe, 1 i in. diameter, 35 in. long, leading into a large-sized expansion chamber, fishtail outlet.

CARBURETTER. Amal, adjustable throttle and air slides, and device for starting and slow running.

IGNITION. High-tension magneto.

TRANSMISSION. - CHAINS. Front, 1 in. pitch x .305 in. wide; rear, 1 in. pitch x 378 in. wide. Cover to front chain, guard to rear chain. Shock absorber in rear wheel. Front and magneto chains lubricated by engine breather, rear chain lubricated by oil tank release pipe.
CLUTCH. Hand controlled, ball thrust operation, dry multi-friction disc type with six springs.

GEARBOX. Three speeds, hand-controlled gear operating mechanism with quadrant location on frame, giving definite middle gear position. Combined oil filler and oil level. Main and layshafts supported on roller bearings. Enclosed kickstarter mechanism. (Patent Nos. 237461, 249972 and 243S51.) Standard Ratios: Solo, 4.56; 7.3S; 12.70 to I. Combination, 5.46; 8.86; 15.22 to r.

FRAME.-Cradle shape, straight tubular type, incorporated sidecar lugs; low saddle position. Complete loop formed by extended base stays, straight triangulated top and bottom stays.

FOOTRESTS. Adjustable, sixteen positions, detachable rubber pads.

REAR STAND. Spring-up type, fitted with anti-rattle device.

CARRIER. Tubular construction.

TANKS. Petrol tank extra strong, welded steel construction. saddle pattern, capacity 2! gallons. Oil tank welded steel construction, separately attached to scat tube, oil return sight feed, capacity 4 pints.

STEERING.-FORKS. Triumph pattern, single tension spring, bridged links, independent girder construction, fitted with steering damper, adjustable stabiliser, lock and depression stops; lamp attachment lugs to fork crown.

HANDLEBAR. Adjustable sports pattern. Raised handle-bar to order and for sidecar machines.

CONTROLS. Substantial straight-pull front brake, clutch and exhaust lifter levers and independently adjustable ignition, air and throttle levers.

FRONT STAND. Light tubular construction.

WHEELS. 9 G. spokes throughout.

TYRES. Dunlop, 26 in. x 3.25 in. wired type.

MUDGUARDS. Domed section, 6 in. wide.

BRAKES. Both front and rear internal expanding double pivot-shoe type, with special tangential brake anchorages to relieve stresses on front girder tube and back stays.

HUBS. Taper roller bearings, large diameter spindles. Locked adjuster nuts.

FITTINGS.-Pannier bags, tool roll and complete kit of tools, tyre inflator, oil pressure gun, knee grips.

FINISH.-Frame coslettised and enamelled in black. Rims, hubs and spokes enamelled black, with gold lines to rims. Tank distinctively panelled.

WEIGHT.-(For registration purposes), without tools and accessories, approximately 310 lbs.