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Williams were motorcycles produced in Warwickshire from 1976 to 1998, firstly by Les Williams, and then by Trevor Gleadall.

  • Williams had been the race shop manager at Triumph and, in 1975, by a circuitous route became the owner of Slippery Sam - the Trident that had won the Production TT five times. Williams eventually set himself up in business to produce replicas of Sam.
  • 1976 That business eventually led to the production of his own model, called the Legend, based on the last of the triples, the T160V. They were mainly sporting style and built to customer requirements, with short, flat handlebars and set-back footrests for fast and easy riding.
  • The supply of triple engines eventually began to dry up, so the 744cc twin engine unit was used in a machine that was to be called the Buccaneer.
  • Williams retired and part-exchanged his business. It eventually relocated and mainly dealt in spares and major work on the triples.
  • 1994 The final Williams creation appeared as the Renegade and was fitted with a triple engine, but retained the sixties style, with drum brakes and other features.
  • 1998 One more machine was built that year.

  • Note: Although they were Williams machines, the motorcycles were always called by their model names.

Source: Graces Guide

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