Triumph Motorcycles

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Triumph 1938 Models

2H De Luxe 250cc OHV
2HC De Luxe 250cc OHV
3S De Luxe 350cc SV
3SE 350cc SV
3SC De Luxe 350cc SV
3H De Luxe 350cc OHV
3SW 350cc SV Military, 1937-1941, based on the 3S
5H De Luxe 500cc OHV
6S De Luxe 600cc SV
Tiger 70 250cc OHV
Tiger 80 350cc OHV
Tiger 90 500cc OHV
Speed Twin 500cc OHV

3SE 350cc Sidevalve

Production Years: 1937 to 1940

Produced for the export market - E was for 'Export' - it was a cheaper version of the 3S. It had very basic specifications, no chrome, and no speedometer - ammeter only. It was exported to Australia and to several European markets.