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A Brief History of the Marque

Made in France 1928-1956 by Mestre & Blatgé
46, 48 avenue de la Grande-Armée, Paris (17e)

Also referred to as simply "Lucifer" (1925) these were built in France between 1925 and 1956 using 98cc to 246cc engines from Aubier Dunne, Chaise, MAG, Train and Sabb.

Models include:

    1925 Lucifer Motocyclette 175cc 2T
    1925 Lucifer "La Cyclette" 93cc 2T
    1925 Tri-Porteur 175cc
    1928 Lucifer 175cc & 250cc 2T
    1928 Lucifer 250cc 4T
    1928 Lucifer 350cc 4T Bloc-moteur
    1934 Genial-Lucifer GZ10
    1934-1939 GZ11 Velomoteur 3-speed
    1934 GZ12
    1934 G13 Sachs
    1934 G40 175cc
    1934 G45 LMP 3 speed
    1934 G46 Chaise
    1934 G59 Chaise 250cc
    1934 G51 La meme 350cc
    1935 GZ12 "La Motoreinette" BMA
    1937 Velomoteur GZ10 100cc Motorinette
    1937 Velomoteur GZ11 La meme
    1937 Velomoteur GZ12 La meme
    1937 Velomoteur GZ13 La meme
    1938-1939 GZ15 2T

Others: G6 100cc Chaise two-stroke, G7, G10, G11, G12, G13.

Around 1956 or 1957 Genial Lucifer joined the St Etienne firm Cocymo.

Sources: JLB Creations,, Tragatsch

Chrismannion1988 at
Genial lucifer g 6 100cc 2 stroke 1920's

Hi does anyone know if there are any timing marks anywhere to set the magneto ?
Christopher mannion
Stockton-on-tees uk

Sun Jul 02 2017
sleepnbeauty712 at<
genial-lucifer unknown
I have acquired one of these bikes and Im interested in the value and correct year of release I have a photo upon request Please advise

Thu Dec 08 2016
chiappa.gianni at
genial lucifer 1935
ciclomotore chiappa gianni
cerco gomme per il mio genial lucifer 1935 600x55

gomme trovate vorrei sapere se si trovano delle decalcomanie del ciclomotore genial lucifer 1935 grazie attendo risposta.

tires found I want to know if they are of the moped decals genial lucifer 1935 thanks await response.

Wed Nov 09 2016
bazcasade at
Genial Lucifer 172cc
Do you have any info on this model it is now complete and on the road

Sorry it has taken a long time frame No.4030 engine No.T2666 engine is a 172cc
twin port Villiers and here are some pictures
I am new to this so please excuse me two emails.

Can find no reference to this marque using Villiers engines. I suspect that the machine has been re-engined somewhere along the way.

Thanks for your reply i will put pics in the next email i have looked all over the net i have found lots of Genial Lucifer motorcycles all sizes from 50cc to 350cc but not the Villiers 172cc twin port that is fitted in this motorcycle it is registered in the UK as a 1932 but it could be as early as 1926 ?? thanks again and i will send you some more info
best regards
Devon, South West England

Sat Mar 04 2006
helen09 at
Genial Lucifer
je vends une moto genial lucifer année 1930
merci de me contacter
Tourcoing, France

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