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A Brief History of the Marque

Made in France from 1931 to 1956
P. P. Roussey Frères
15-17 quai de Belfort
DIJON (Côte-d'Or)

Pierre and Paul Roussey built sophisticated machines powered by Chaise, Staub and Aubier-Dunne engines of 100cc to 500cc capacity.

1930 Models

Type E 250cc Chaise
Type C 350ccc Chaise
Type C2 350cc Chaise OHV
Type G 500cc Chaise Cardan
Type I 500cc Chaise

P.P. Roussey Scooters

At the 1948 Paris Salon the FL22 Comdinus scooter appeared with a P.P. Roussey engine. Then in 1952 Roussey presented their own lightweight scooter with a 3-speed water-cooled engine of 125cc or 170cc. It reappeared at the 1953 Salon with changes, and finally entered production in 1955, albiet briefly and in low numbers.

Pierre Ducloux raced a water-coooled P.P. Roussey scooter in the 1958 Bol d'Or 175 class and was apparently doing very well before a handlebar fell off, which slowed him down some but did not prevent him from finishing. Ducloux had a long career in aviation and was CTO for the Concorde. He was a passionate motorcyclist, a restorer and historian, and wrote many articles for the French motorcycling press. He died early in 2017.

The scooter was apparently also raced under name of Frères Terrioux at the 1958 Bol d'Or.


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