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Rolux and Rolux Baby by New-Map

The Rolux Baby was built by Ste. Rolux, Clermont-Ferrand.

Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum writes:

"In 1940, during a fiscal reorganization, New Map's founder Paul Martin found himself quietly sidelined by an ambitious Robert Robin. 1945 saw the return to small motor manufacturing, and the tiny utility truck, Solyto, put aside in favour of a reintroduction of the Baby under the Rolux name.

A sister company in nearby Clermont-Ferrand assembled the redesigned VB-60. It was now powered by an Ydral 125cc two-stroke, but the pretty body style remained essentially the same."

New-Map Baby Voiturette 1938

Moteur I C V, 2 temps. — 3 litres aux 100 km.
Carrosserie "Tout Acier", 2 places confortables
Mise en marche la main de l'intérieur de la voiture
Moteur l'arriere. — Freins sur les 4 roues
Roues indépendantes et interchangeables
Une roue de secours garnie. Pneus superconfort 270 X 90
Eclairage électrique phares code et route feu AR
Klaxon Pare brise sécurit. — Coffre bagages

Engine 1 h.p. 2 stroke. - 3 litres per 100 km.
Body: All Steel 2-seater comfort.
Power controlled from the inside the car
Engine at rear. Brakes on all 4 wheels
Wheels: independent and interchangeable, spare wheel included.
Tyres: superconfort 270 X 90
Lighting electrical, AR Horn
Windshield shatterproof. Luggage compartment

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