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A Brief History of Turner's Commercial Two- and Three-Wheelers

Manufactured: 1946 ~

In the late 1940s the company was formed by Turner Manufacturing Co which operated from Lever Street where the two wheeled Byvan, costing £120 and the three wheeled Trivan, costing £150 were produced. Both vehicles were powered by a 148cc (or 168cc Tiger) two stroke Turner engine mounted above the front wheel giving a top speed of 30mph. Pre-production models were powered by the Royal Enfield 125cc Flying Flea engine.

The Byvan was a motor tricycle equipped with a steel carrying box capable of a 1.5cwt load. In comparison the Trivan’ had two rear wheels with a 3cwt carrying capacity.

Another product was the Rixi which was seemingly derived from the Trivan and had a four person seat above the two rear wheels.

None of the vehicles achieved wide acceptance.

Sources: Graces Guide, History Website UK

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