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Léon Bollée Tri-Car

A Brief History of the Marque

More like a car than a motorcycle, Léon Bollée named his machine a Voiturette to distinguish it from his father Amedée Bollée's steam-powered vehicles. At the time, these diminutive 650cc tandem two-seaters were the fastest things on the road, winning a variety of French road races at speeds of up to 28mph. The 1897 Leon Bollee Tri-car had a top speed of over 60mph. At that time the speed limit in some countries was only 12mph.

Engine: Maybach Phoenix (?)
Carburettor: Spray type
Ignition: Hot tube ignition
Gearbox: Three speed
Starting: Hand crank
Tyres: 21 x 300 on beaded-edge rims


Fri Apr 21 2006
Email re Amédée Bollée & sons withheld at writer's request.

Thu Nov 17 2005
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Voiturette Léon Bollée
Le moteur de la voiturette Léon Bollée est une version monocylindre du moteur Bicylindre consu par son frère Amédée Bollée fils mon arrière-grand-père

Translation: The motor of the voiturette Léon Bollée is a version monocylindre of the motor Bicylindre consu by his brother Amédée Bollée sons my great-grandfather

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