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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured in Povážska Bystrica, Czechoslovakia 1948-1967

Manet was part of the nationalized Czechoslovakian motorcycle industry. The company produced 125cc scooters, and a single motorcycle model.

Their first model, powered by their own 88cc two-stroke engine, was designed by Vincenz Sklenar, and this was the basis for the Manet 90, their most popular model. The Manet S 100 motor scooter achieved a remarkable 100 miles per gallon. This was followed by the Tatran 125, probably their last model before being taken over by Jawa.

The Manet S100 (50x50mm, 98cc, 4-speed) was sold in Great Britain as the Jawa Manet.

In 1966 the Tatran S125 was imported by IFA and sold in the DDR under the Tatran marque. It did relatively well as it was lighter and smaller than the other IFA scooters.

Sources: J. Wood & Co., The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library (ncsml.org), Bonhams, et al.

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