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A Brief History of the Marque

Beginning in 1952, Manhurin produced the German DKW Hobby scooter by incorporating locally made components and rebranding it as the Manurhin MR75 in Europe and the Concord in the UK. According to Bonhams the MR 75 "was constructed to a high standard and must have been one of the first motorcycles to be painted electrostatically, a process commonly known as 'powder coating'". When DKW ceased production of the Hobby, Manurhin continued with its version, which in 1957 occupied third place in the European scooter sales chart behind Lambretta and Vespa. Both the Hobby and the MR75 adopted the Uher automatic transmission in '57 or 58, a system which became the norm on a great many scooters in later years.

Production continued at the French factory until 1962.
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tlanesmith at yahoo.com
Manurhin Hobby
We have a Manurhin Hobby Scooter Frame No: 002642 Engine No: 2754 can anyone tell us the year of manufacture please.
Terence Lane-Smith

Wed Apr 11 2012
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Manurhin Hobby Roller
You must also add Manurhin scooters to your list. Manurhin produced DKW scooters under licence from 1958

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